Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Dida forwards Kunal and Mauli’s Navratri photos to Nandini

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal and Mauli welcome the guests at Navratri function. Jaye comes there and asks Mauli about her friend. Mauli had no reply. Jaye gives the couple a gift from their side, it was a photo frame with Kunal, Mauli and Nandini. Mauli doesn’t hold the frame tightly, it falls down and the glass break. Jaye was apologetic and promises to get the glass fix. Kunal says he will fix it himself. Adiya comes to Mauli in the kitchen and asks if everything is fine? Mauli says sometimes one goes through something that has no explanations, one wonders how, when and why this happened. Adiya goes to meet Dida. Jaye greets Dida and was impressed by her technologically advanced nature. Mamma comes to call them for Pooja. Dida gives a task to Jaye related to photography.
Kunal and Mauli stand in

the Pooja together and perform the rituals. Afterwards they sat for the Aarti. Dida finds Mauli’s face completely expressionless. She whispers to Kunal that Mauli might have forgotten Sindoor, he must fill her hairline. Kunal looks around, Dida hurries Kunal as its not his first time. Kunal fills Mauli’s hairline. Jaye clicks the moment in his camera with Dida’s nod. Pandit asks them to throw the straws in Havan, Mauli reluctantly holds Kunal’s arm.
At home, Nandini sat in front of the mirror. She holds her bangles and recalls Jyoti’s blames for making herself up to get strange men entrapped. Jyoti wanted that Nandini’s face must be ruined, so that she can never attract other men. She wipes her tears and wears the bangles, earrings and bindi. She recalls Kunal’s promise that he will take her for Navratri Pooja, why he didn’t arrive yet.
Pandit covers Kunal and Mauli with red chunri for blessings. Both look at each other silently. Kunal and Mauli join their heads with each other ritualistically while the Pandit prays for the couple’s love, peace and progeny. They aarti was being finalized. Mauli’s earring stick to Kunal’s dress, he tries to remove it but Mauli stops him by raising her hand. Dida recalls when doctor came to the room as she fall unconscious, Mauli had walked out of the room for a call. Dida removed her oxygen mask and tells the doctor she is fine, she faked this drama to stop her son and daughter in law from divorcing. She wants them give another chance to their marriage. He is aware that both are doctors, she needs his help that he must make such reports which prove she shouldn’t be given any other trauma. The doctor smiled and promises Dida to help her for a good cause. Dida receives the photos from Jaye on her cell phone.
Nandini was praying in front of temple in her house when her cell phone rings. She thinks it must be Kunal was her smile vanishes watching Kunal and Mauli’s photos together. The cell phone drops her hand.

PRECAP: Nandini comes to the Navratri Dandia function. Mauli and played fierce Dandia. Mauli slips while Kunal holds her into his arms.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omggggg what’s wrong with Nandini’s character. Basically choosing a man over her best friend. And doing it so shamelessly and then crying when people says the truth to her. Ugh I can’t! This Kunal needs a trashing tho.

  2. Guys it’s better v stop watching the show they will focus only on these cheaters story, no hope for maulis journey am 100% sure in it, and also trp is so low dono y, one word from yesterday on am hating dida more

  3. Seeing husband and wife dancing her smile vanish Sooper right now also you guys tell that it’s love the love mauli shows they both can’t even come near her slippers. She is fully becaming a vamp. I think she would have learnt this from rajdeep altast whose wife she is right she knows what to do. While mauli was getting ready yesterday I felt like crying but today when I saw nandini getting ready really it’s was like spit of her face. I don’t care whether to criticize some one wrong or not but day by day she is doing too much first traget ur friend husband then react like he stolen ur husband and dancing with him after this much she is again coming back wat a shamless she is

  4. As much as I hate what dida is doing , I don’t think nandani have any right to be upset or angry about it. I mean few days ago she was doing the same thing with someone else’s husband. Plz don’t make mouli to take kunal back he don’t deserve her and after what they did mouli’s marriage can’t go back to the way it was before even if she forgives him.

    1. Hi Aashi.. I agree with you. Better they both get divorce . mauli deserves someone better than kunal

  5. I hope dida should understand that there is no love in kunal’s eyes. But l’m wondering is nandini really loves mouli?🤔 Bcz she is not having any guilt of betraying mouli… In the beginning this serial shows lots of love and affection btwn mould and nandini. I don’t know how kunal loves nandini . Is he really loves mouli?

  6. I am not able to understand the direction this story is going. First Nandini and Kunal’s love was proclaimed as true and pure and what not. But now Mauli’s dupatta, earrings all are getting stuck to Kunal. Why? Before they never showed it getting stuck. Why not just let Mauli have a clean and dignified exit from her cheater husband?
    Kunal doesn’t have phone? he couldn’t call Nandini and inform her? Hell he even could have gone to Nandini and told her. He came in the morning and the pooja was in night. Mauli said there will be no restriction on him. He could have gone with the excuse of getting his clothes at least. Where is his love for Nandini now? Not worried about her well-being or what she did the entire day? Seriously, Kunal is such a confused, directionless man. Neither he has a job, nor a sense of any responsibility towards anybody. Just hold his hand and make him sit anywhere, and he will stay there silently with a pitiful expression
    Nandini anyways doesnt have anything else to do. She is just so lonely and pathetic that i dont have anything else to add. Will she seriously sit in her empty house and do nothing for one whole month?
    I am completely against what Dida is doing. Even if she succeeds in pushing Nandini away, Mauli and Kunal wont be happy together. Mauli, Kunal, Nandini, everyone will suffer with that. I dont care abt Kunal/Nandini. But i have no wish to see Mauli having to do rituals with Kunal that she doesn’t want to. She needs to heal from this betrayal, but seeing that cheater’s face everyday wont help at all.

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Today I saw a film similar to show, ek hi bhool, where jitendra cheat with Rekha’s best friend and her family ask to forgive jitendra, he is man and they make mistakes but rekha divorce him and they both meet after many years with Rekha having their child and both living seperate lives and story turn that way… So I guess in future either kunal will stay with Nandini he will unite with Mouli and if he will be staying with Mouli he will be uniting with Nandini.. In short Kunal will be binpende ka loota (बिन पेंदा का लोटा)..

    2. Uncessary addition by writers as they are not able to decide at what point they need to take leap.

    3. Haddd hai yaar ab pura ek week fir se colors ke shows ke persons aayenge or drama krenge…
    Aarohi and Chakor marriage par advice denge, jabki dono ke husband se unki kud ladai rehti hai… Jai or adhaya pyar ke fayde bta rehe the apne andaz me (indirectly) jabki kud ko kuch samjg nahi aata or dida to try kr rehi hai ki kisi tarha mouli kunal ko maaf kr de, because she is woman and kunal has right to make mistake… I mean hadd hai writers ki bhi mera toh iss tym show me hue iss drame se interest hi haata diya hai, i just read updates.. Sare festivals bus yehi show celebrate krega, or baki shows wale aayenge or dragging dragging….

  8. Preethika

    Nice precap but Nandini….. as a business tycoon is unbelievable, how can she be a business women???? Diverting d story totally. They r planning to exchange d mauli nd Nandini character’s now.I’m little disappointed with diz point but kunal won’t forget Nandini after leap too. He is mad in Nandini love

  9. anjali sharma

    I thought nandini has some compassion towards mauli as kunal is mauli’s husband. And at heart she knows she has done wrong and wants kunal to be with mauli as well like whats the point of being sad and making faces and running to kunal just watching mauli kunal together. For God’s sake they are husband and wife and she is just a f**ked up wench!!! I am just hating nandini idk why!!! Jo uska nhi hai uspe itna haq kesse jama skti hai!!

  10. When Kunal had told Nandini that he will stay with her, at that time Nandini didnt know Mauli had already filed for divorce. Nandini got humiliated by those ‘activists’ and after that Kunal only got Rajdeep arrested, divorced and promised Nandini he will stay with her. Not once she asked what about Mauli? will he leave Mauli? will he divorce her? Who cares, right?
    And when she sees Mauli and Kunal’s pics, her smile vanishes. No one should get a friend like Nandini. She doesn’t have minimum consideration for her friend.
    Btw, i was thinking. Remember there was once this guy that met all of them at some restaurant? Mauli said the guy used to like Nandini in college and is well settled now. Nandini danced with him and the guy even gave his card to Nandini. But Kunal intentionally left the card behind. I was thinking, if Nandini had continued talking to that guy then maybe today at least she could have been happy. Maybe everyone could have been out of this mess. Kunal really messed up many lives.

  11. Seriously nandini feels bad seeing kunal with mauli did she ever thought what trauma mauli went trough seeing her husband with her friend. Just because she is not shivering, sitting in a corner doesn’t mean she is less shattered. If kunal could have broken his 7years of happy marital relation no guarantee he will not break up with her after few months or few years. If he get bored again he will ditch nandini and go after another bechari. She is so much obsessed getting a companion that she is not seeing kunal is no better than rajdeep, he is just using her to fufil his needs, she is just a toy doll for him. It is a pity that after finally getting out of an abusive relation she got herself another unhealthy relation. Gosh i want to see both mauli and nandini throws kunal in the bin and find themselves proper men who keeps them happy. Kunal deserves no one, he should live a monk life meditating on his sins

  12. Wth is with this show…dida is being stupid…and nandini doesnt view mouli anything else than a roadblock…how the hell mouli thought this was her bff i wonder! And lastly what is she doing by going to the function!! She could have just called up and asked Kunal about it! Why is she behaving like the innocent wife left behind*bleh*
    My heart goes out for Mouli

  13. It’s horrible this makers still not ready to accept what nandini did was wrong.that’s why many viewers hate that character.
    Kunal accpted that he hurt the family but it is also in a very light weighted way.

    Funny thing was I saw a article on india forums saying stop hating nandini.this is the first time I saw such an article asking audience to accept what ever the makers present as right.viewers should have the freedom to express their views.

    Last week trp is out and this show dropped in reason could be time slot change too.
    At this moment veiwers do not bother whether mouli or kunal unite or nandini unite with kunal.
    Audience need to see justice for mouli.
    Also audience do not want mouli to be with kunal.
    Let the lovebirds carry on as they moulis journey.

  14. Now I am hoping the stories writes will take a new approach. I wish they would show a leap where Mauli & Kunal have divorced and moved on with their lives. They should show Mauli finding someone else who loves her and having her dreams fulfilled. Kunal & Mauli should meet years later where Mauli has remarried to a wonderful person and has children. Just wishful thinking.

    So far, I can’t understand Nandhini’s character, and Kunal’s also for that matter. He is spineless and has absolutely no idea what commitment is! Does he ever go to the hospital?? He is supposed to be a pediatrician. No regrets no shame for their actions. The icing on the cake is Nandhini, acting like the wronged wounded victim.

    Anyway, i like Mauli’s character and Aditi’s superb acting has made me love this character.

  15. In this episode, I don’t understand Kunal feelings, sometimes he is very concerned, sometimes not…
    mauli loves him a lot… that’s why she don’t want to look into his eyes.. n still she loves him…

    Dida’s plan is good; she want to unite both of them wants to recollect there sweet memories which Kunal felt the happy moments spend with mauli… he might be understand still he loves mauli

    It seems that; nandini will watch Kunal & mauli’s closness and moves to Lucknow.. later she becomes successful businesswoman in 2 years, she want to take revenge from Kunal… now Kunal Will understand maul’s importance… how caring, lovely she is.. she never let him down in front of others.. never told to any one that Kunal cheated her..

  16. Anjali Sharma

    upcoming spolier ##Silsila: Nandini to restore Mauli’s happiness… Nandini faces the truth once again. Chakor shows the reality to Nandini. She tells Nandini that Mauli is still Kunal’s wife, Mauli is getting all the respect because of the legitimate relation. Nandini finds Kunal and Mauli dancing and gets hurt. She feels terrible. Chakor asks her to think how Mauli would have felt when she has seen Kunal with Nandini. She explains Nandini that she should leave Kunal, since Kunal and Mauli’s family is shattering because of her. She says you would be truly loving Kunal, but for the sake of his happiness, you have to leave him. She gives her a Mata Rani idol and asks her to seek guidance from Mata to decide the right thing. She asks Nandini to sacrifice her love if she truly respected Mauli before.

    Chakor meets Mauli and gives her courage. She gives Mata Rani idol to Mauli as well, and tells her that Mata will give her courage. She tells Mauli that she has warned her before about Kunal and Nandini.

    She asks Mauli not to leave her rights on her marriage, she should try even if there is a little hope left. Mauli tells Chakor that she is with Kunal just for Dida’s sake. Mauli didn’t expect Kunal will still be protective of her. Kunal apologizes to Mauli from heart. Dida wishes the Navratri solves Mauli’s problems and fixes her marriage. Nandini decides to leave from Kunal’s life, and end ties with him. She wants to gift happiness to Mauli on Navratri.

    Kunal saves Mauli from Tara’s evil plans. He learns that Mauli’s dupatta caught fire by Virat and Tara’s planning. He blows off the fire. He supports Mauli. Tara blames Mauli for the breakup. Kunal stops Tara from insulting Mauli. He defends his wife. He tells Tara that he has done wrong, he isn’t an ideal man, he is at fault, but he can’t hear anything against Mauli. He shows his respect for Mauli. He tells them that he really respects Mauli from his heart, he won’t tolerate anyone behaving wrong with Mauli. Mauli didn’t expect Kunal to say such big things. Tara and Virat angrily leave.

    1. But again he will go to nandini.. and they hug each other.. nandini is selfish.. she want kunal.. and let trouble on her best freind marriage.. she didnt think about mouli.. she didnt know the feelings and rights of mouli… she want kunal eveey time.. i cant see nandinis face.. when i saw her i change the channel😂

      1. Anjali Sharma

        same man!! she is just tooo annoying to be seen!!

    2. Kunal has only respect for Mauli and no love after Nandhini came into his life,, that’s the problem 😞

  17. Dida better go to hospital and check ur brain.. Stupid

  18. According to me just to make sure that Nandini suffers because of her Karma, Mouli should hold on her marriage because indirectly she is giving a chance to Kunal to move on in his life and stay with Nandini. And I do not like that crap. Mouli is suffering anyway.
    I am very sure that at some point the makers will turn Moulis character into a negative one just to justify the pretty face of Nandini. And I would really be on Moulis side at that time also. Hence Mouli should hold onto to this marriage because even if its divorce, she will be disturbed anyway.

  19. Wt d hell..Y nandhini smile vanish on her face while seeing Mauli ND kunal together….If she is feeling like this then how should Mauli feel fr wt this so called best friend did WTH her husband…think once nandhini wt Mauli did fr u…u shud at least think of her once…u want Kunal s love which is worst expectation over maulis friendship….I feeel shame on u..and this Kunal..he don’t have a percent of love for Mauli in her heart itseems infront of this nandhini…only fr few days of grl he wants to leave Mauli…don’t you think this is unfare…

  20. Fan of YUDKBH

    I guses writer of this serial has lost her mental balance. Does he really know what story he wants to write ?

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