Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina gets 2 days to make a girls’ team

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Entire faculty is discussing the preps / sponsorships with Principal Ma’am for the upcoming events. Naina comes there.

All the students are outside. Kartik tells everyone that Naina wont last for 2 seconds. Munna is angry but Pundit tells him to let dogs bark. Munna calls him dog repeatedly. Sunaina stops Kartik from reacting. Priyam continues taunting / mocking Naina. Sameer warns him to keep his mouth shut or he wont spare him. You will become Late Priyam Gupta if you wont stop talking. Priyam stares at him angrily but Sameer tells him to look down. Kartik too gestures Priyam to calm down. Sunaina tells him to talk to her directly. He tells her she isn’t worth talking. She asks him if Naina is. What happened when the same Naina left him and she supported him? You had

turned all your attention and love to me then! Preeti tells her to stick to college matters. Don’t take it to personal level. Sunaina refuses to budge.

Principal Ma’am and other faculty members are against the idea of girls’ sports team. Naina reminds Principal Ma’am that she too heard this idea. JBR says such ideas look good till speeches only. Some promises are just words. Naina insists she always sticks to her words. Coach refuses this idea. Girls only spend time in getting ready and shopping. It will be a sheer waste of time and money. JBR seconds him. You can perform in Navratri function. Everyone is pretty much against the idea especially coach. Girls will forget everything after hearing about the Navratri function.

Everyone is waiting anxiously for Naina. Sunaina remarks that she will be thrown out of the room. She must be begging inside to let her fulfil her one promise. Kartik is positive no girls’ team will be made ever in this college. Sunaina nods. This is why I dint promise anything like that. Swati ends up saying that Naina always does what she says. Seeing Kartik and Sunaina stare in her direction, she covers up saying negative things about Naina. Munna taunts her back. Preeti too says Naina has always done what she has told. Sunaina is sure history will change today. Everyone will surely regret making Naina GS real soon.

Naina convinces faculty to make a girls team for sport. We can one day make everyone proud like PT Usha. Give me one chance to prove it is a stupidity to underestimate girls. Principal Ma’am gives in to her request but keeps a condition. You will have to make a group of 10 girls in 2 days who will take part in Inter College competition. You can forget your ideas if you fail. Naina assures her it will surely happen.

Naina steps out of the room.

(Background – Naina):
I feel proud knowing how the girls are making us proud today. I dint do anything in all that but I am still proud that girls are making the nation proud.

Naina shares the good news with everyone. Her friends are thrilled whereas Sunaina and her friends are shocked. Naina and Sameer smile at each other.

Munna compliments Naina for achieving the impossible. They all praise Naina calling her Bhabhi, friend and sister. Sameer excitedly talks about the girls sport team. Naina shares the condition with them to make the team. We have only 2 days. If we fail then entire fund will be directed to Navratri function. Preeti asked her if she accepted the condition. Naina points out that there was no other option. Girls feel she shouldn’t have accepted it. We will do Dandiya only. Sameer tells everyone not to be so negative. We will try to get some if not ten. Coach tells them that they have to be 10. Naina agrees with him once again. Coach tells her that he will give his best and train them if that happens. I will also request Ma’am to keep the Navtratri function low so we can use the budget for girls. She thanks him. He goes. Naina’s friends are already worried when Sunaina too tells her it will never happen. Naina tells them they will know after 2 days. Kartik refuses to let girls team up. Only Navratri function will happen in VJN. Naina says it happens every year. It will happen this year too but it will be a little low budget this time. Kartik challenges them to stop if they can. Munna says friends look good when they stand together and not behind. Sameer accepts the challenge.

Sameer and his friends are preparing the badminton net. Sameer gets lost looking at Naina. She smiles back at him. Dhal gaya Din plays in the background. Sameer imagines playing badminton with Naina. The shuttle gets stuck at the net. She tries taking it when he holds her hand from the other end of the net. He closes his eyes sweetly. Pundit watches Sameer hugging the pole tightly. He tries pulling him out of his imagination but in vain. Munna shouts in his ears to distract him. Everyone smiles. Sameer walks up to Naina. Someone teases Sameer to stop staring now.

Kartik laughs at the idea. It isn’t possible! Sunaina knows Sameer will try but Kartik refuses to let it happen.

Naina reasons that those who try succeed. Sameer calls it difficult.

Kartik calls it impossible. I wont let it happen! Sameer said no one can stop it from happening.

Sameer says I said that in excitement. Naina says I don’t say anything like that. I have checked facts. Some girls used to play sports before college.

Kartik inists now those girls will only do Dandiya.

Naina adds that they can be the rest of the group. Preeti, Kamya and Bela turn to go as they share that they came to college just to have fun. Plus, this isn’t cards or some random game that we can play. Someone suggests them to take part initially and withdraw later just to convince coach sir.

Swati and Sunaina try to make Kartik understand but he stays put. Priyam adds that it is no fun seeing girls play.

Munna says I like it when girls play lawn tennis. Mom switches off every time. She does not like their clothes. Everyone smiles.

Kartik vows to teach them a lesson. Swati counts the girls in Naina’s group. There are 4 already. Sameer can easily get 6 more. A girl asks her whose side she is on. Sunaina says she is on our side but she is also making sense. She knows them too. Kartik stays put.

Preeti ends up counting the girls of their group and adds Swati’s name but stops. Naina tells her that Swati is still her friend. Count her. Preeti gives an idea.

When I go to malls these days, I feel pity for sales boys and sales girls. If they will in back then, then I would have asked them to come to our college to convince everyone to take part in sports. It was next to impossible!

Precap: All the girls close in on Sameer. Naina looks upset. Later, Sameer walks in followed by a lot many girls. Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi!! So Naina managed to covince Principal …
    Good to see that Swati still cares for Naina…She was smiling when Naina got permission for Girls Sports Team…😄..She was genuinely happy for her…
    What do you think is Sunaina’s plan??Will she again use Swati as her puppet?
    I liked Munna’s taunt on Swati..”Dost saath me khde hote hai piche nhi”👍👍
    I think Naina will manage to find 9 girls only till the ultimatum…And at last moment Swati will join the team hence again reviving their friendship…But what will make her to join can’t be guessed…For that we have to wait and watch 😅
    Precap: Sameer is spreading his “jadoo” among girls(they look more like aunties)😝 to convince them to join Girls Sports Team…
    Naina jealous 😅
    Come on guys … Just Comment whatever you think about episode…

  2. Oh no ! Sunaina aur Kartik jaise log kitne neeche gire hue hote hain , aur mai to yahi dekhti hoon ki unke sath Swati itne khush kaise hai..!

    1. No Swati is neither happy and nor comfortable with them…She haven’t even once smiled with them…Just following Sunaina like a “chamchi”😔
      And no option is left for her… Nobody in her previous group will accept her (except Naina and Sameer)…They saw only that Swati cheated on them but not even once tried to understand her feelings behind it…

  3. I just love this show n it should be aired on Friday too

  4. Hi guys, Sorry for not commenting in this forum for a long time,quite busy with my works still manage to read the comments in this forum unfortunately there were no comments for quite few episodes.

    Really start feeling that this serial loses his charm or wat???? after a long time reading Deb and Ashu’s comments makes me feel like refreshed………………..

    coming to prior episode – Good one but somewhere i feel that the intensity of expressing the feels between the characters are quite missing, as Ashu said no one cares to reunite Munna and Swati – Swati’s characterisation is nature (anybody will feel like that only) please note Sameer also used Sunaina for his own needs and he can’t even blame Sunaina for using Swati.

    even now swati feels for Naina and i really feel that Swati is waiting for chance to help Naina, she knows that everyone in their own team committed some mistakes in the past and regret for the same.Still I feels that Naina and Munna were not able to understand the real feel of Swati.
    if Swati got the same support from Munna just like sameer support naina then she would have not committed such mistake at all, it was equal mistake of Naina and Munna too….

    Even my assumption is also the same that Swati will be 10th person to join the sports team, which in turn makes Sunaina angry against her and Naina supports swati and they reunite again and hopefully this should happen next week track.

    about Navratri celebration – eargerly awating for the same.

    1. Hey Devi…long time no see…But really missing your comments…Happy to get you back😄

  5. i too love this show. missing episodes for 3 days is very sad. waiting for Monday. i m watching it tamil too.

  6. Ya I am too waiting for Navratri track… According to Spoilers Kumar Sanu will be chief guest…I just love his songs😍😍

  7. welcome back Devi and Ashu! Devi and Ashu, keep writing. Devi, your comments have become very descriptive. Early days they were short and crisp. I ended up writing huge comments. Nowadays, you, Ashu, and other previous commentators, have been so articulate. I simply enjoy reading your comments. Most of the time, you had expressed my views too. If my view differs, I comment on them. Thanks guys for Ashu and Devi to revive the forum. Thanks to Karishma and Ishu to join in. Keep commenting.
    Awaiting for the 5 day broadcast. 🙁

    1. Thanks to you too Deb for appreciating our comments…You too keep commenting…😄

  8. Heart felt thanks to Deb and Ashu, really guys i miss you both.
    i feel more comfortable in commenting in this forum because of you both.Always gets a constructive and positive feedback from you both in turns makes me to write more” many thanks guys” . Happy to have you both on my side and also I agree that you both reflects the actual feel of my mine.

    take care and keep rocking guys and makes it more active………

    Please AB,SID, SAN, Lokesh,Samaina …………………..share your comments pa………..eargerly waiting for your comments…………

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