Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini and Mauli meet in the mall

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli calls Kunal that she is done with shopping. Kunal asks her to wait in food court, he still has to find something. Mauli was about to come across Nandini when a sales girl come and take Nandini along. Mauli comes to same shop looking for saree for Nandini. Nandini tried to work as the sales girl. A client ruins a saree by spilling coffee over it but instead of accepting her mistake she creates a drama. Nandini was fired by the manager. Mauli couldn’t see the face of Nandini amidst crowd. Nandini was fired and walks out of the shop. Another sales girl come to take Nandini for the promotion of a ladies brand, she might get the job there.
Nandini comes outside after a makeover. She covers her face with a veil. The manager says she will get a commission of 300 per bottle she sells.

Nandini tries to market the fragrances but gets no customers. She prays God to get something. Someone calls from behind, it was Kunal. He was there to buy a gift for his wife and asks suggestion about some fragrances. Nandini was shocked to see Kunal for a while, then controls herself behind the veil and shows the fragrances to Kunal. He was opting for rose. Nandini recalls Mauli always considered rose as over rated. She suggests him to buy jasmine. Kunal was unsure but Nandini was sure his wife would love it. Kunal compliments the packing as well and purchases two bottles. Nandini gets Rs. 600 for the sale and happily leaves.
Downstairs in the mall, Rajdeep gives his number to a sales girl he liked. The sales girl was happy to get the reference. Rajdeep turns around to see Mauli coming from the corridor. Nandini also appears from somewhere and happily headed towards Rajdeep. Rajdeep decides to stop Nandini and calls Mauli out loud, waving at her. Mauli happily comes to Nandini and doesn’t recognize her in a changed attire. Nandini hides her face. Rajdeep greets Mauli and says his wife is busy shopping somewhere. He boasts that she shops a lot. Kunal comes from behind with Mauli’s gift. Kunal and Rajdeep go together while Mauli goes towards the washroom.
In the washroom, Nandini puked locked inside. The ladies outside discuss that she has been in for quite long and seems unwell. Mauli calls inside if she is fine. Nandini opens the door. Mauli was at once concerned watching here there. She helps Nandini wash her face.
There, Rajdeep speaks to Kunal about what’s he upto. Kunal says he is joining a doctor from tomorrow in a new job. Rajdeep offers to open a Path Lab just outside the clinic and they can comply with the contract. Kunal clarifies to Rajdeep that he isn’t much convinced with the proposal, he wants to give patients the freedom that they might get themselves tested from any economical lab. They are doctors and not business men to loot on patients. Rajdeep considers himself a fool to be bearing these husband-wife.
There, Mauli brings Nandini to a bench in the corridor and asks what has happened to her. She was even unwell when she came to her house. Nandini places Mauli’s hand over her belly. Mauli realizes the signal at once and cheers that she is going to be an aunt. She was excited and hugs Nandini tightly. Nandini breaks into tears. Mauli was concerned and says this is what she always wanted, a husband and a baby. She decides that she will be the doctor to Nandini’s child and couldn’t hold her excitement back to be the first one to know about the baby. As they walk down the corridor, Mauli gives Nandini tips about exercise and how to take care of herself. She stops by a minor’s shop. Nandini says she wants a daughter just like Mauli, educated, confident and fearless. Mauli looks at her for a while, then confirms if everything is fine? She gets a call from Kunal and tells Nandini that Kunal and Rajdeep are together; they must go and give them the good news. Nandini thinks she must stop Mauli from sharing the news with Rajdeep. Mauli gets a call from Dida.

PRECAP: Mauli was excited about Nandini’s pregnancy and shares the news with Kunal in the car. There, Rajdeep throws Nandini out of the car after slapping her hard as he had clarified he didn’t want a baby. Nandini calls Mauli’s number for help, it was taken by Kunal. He reaches to help Nandini was lay on a road side.

Update Credit to: Sona

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