Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh meets Himani Maasi

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajmata asking Vishesh the reason of his happiness. He says its nothing like that, why are you happy. Rajmata says congrats, your roka is fixed. He thinks whom did you talk to. Manika interrupts and says congrats. He thinks I didn’t propose yet. Rajmata says your bride will come on roka day. Manika says the girl and her family are great, I m really happy. Vishesh smiles. Manika says congrats, get ready to become the groom, we will also prepare for it. Rajmata says yes, its a big day for him, I want it to be memorable. Manika says yes, it will be memorable for all of us. Rajmata goes. Vishesh says Kanchan, we will unite now. Manika smiles and says I won’t let you two meet till roka, I m so sorry love birds.

Its morning, Kanchan greets Maasi. They drink tea.

Maasi says I m going to marry. Kanchan laughs. She says I thought you are joking. Maasi jokes. Kanchan says I m happy for you, I just got surprised, how did this miracle happen. Maasi says Pappi did this miracle, I never thought I will give another chance to life, Vishesh explained me not to care for world and listen to heart, unite if destiny wants, don’t fight, this is called life, we feel we are fine. Kanchan thinks of his words. Maasi asks her to have snacks. She asks what happened. Kanchan says nothing, does destiny really exist. Maasi says I left caring for world, even you can’t ignore destiny, have tea.

Vishesh gets ready. He sings Aaj unse….. He dances. Everyone smiles seeing him. He imagines Kanchan. Manika says I wanted your help, you know my property dispute, can you go there, I would have not told you if Shubham was not in this state. He says fine. She says you have to leave right now, its fine if you can’t go, I will go. He says no, I will go. She thanks him. He sees Kanchan’s anklet and says just one day more. Maasi says we will go out, I will cook food for you, go and rest. Kanchan thinks of her words.

Vishesh sees Kanchan’s pic and smiles. He sees Maasi’s pic and says she lives in Delhi, I will get her welfare, why isn’t she answering, she lives alone. He calls Manika and says your work is done. Manika thanks him and says you will get late while returning, try to come soon. She ends call and says you can’t meet Kanchan now. Ananya and Shivangi come home. Manika blesses them. She says Vishesh went out, he will come in evening, Bhabhi is in her room.

Vishesh comes to meet Maasi. Kanchan opens the door and gets a gift. Vishesh shouts surprise. They both get surprised seeing each other. He says this is game of fate, it got us closer. Maasi gets happy seeing him. He hugs her and says I came to surprise you and got a surprise. She says I made your fav daal. Kanchan says he would be busy, don’t trouble him, he would have to leave. He says no, I will have food. He asks them to serve food. Maasi asks Kanchan to serve food. Kanchan says I have to go market. Maasi says not now, we will talk to Pappi. Kanchan thinks I came here running away from him, how did he come here. He gets Rajmata’s call. Rajmata asks where are you. He says with your would be bahu. Rajmata sees Shivangi and thinks he is joking. She shows Shivangi to him. He says what a pleasant surprise, when did you come, you should have told me. She says I met your dad, don’t worry. The video call disconnects. Manika removes the net cable. Kanchan scolds Kirti on call. She says you told Vishesh that I m here, so he came here. Kirti asks what, he reached there, I swear I didn’t tell him anything. Kanchan asks how did he come here. Kirti says ask him or your fate, that’s planning all this.

Vishesh and Maasi have a talk. He says you can do anything but not doubt on my intentions. Maasi says yes, you are pure gold, you will make anyone’s life bright, you changed my life, did you forget…. I was worried that day, you called and asked me to think of happiness, so I agreed. He asks really, its amazing. They laugh.

Kanchan says I have work. Maasi says Vishesh will go till you return. Vishesh says its fine, we will keep meeting now. Kanchan goes out. He smiles. Maasi asks him did he come for work or… He says yes. He asks do you have to say something to Kanchan. He says no. She says I have to go market, stay here till I come back, take care of the house. He smiles. Its night, Kanchan comes home and calls out Maasi. Vishesh says Kanchan…. Kanchan means pure gold, you are also same, no impurity….She hears his voice and goes to see. He says you are pure for family, and tough for the world.

Vishesh says I love you a lot. He promises her for marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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