Silent Love(Episode 12)

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Maheshwari mansion:

Sanskaar got up and went to take shower.As the water trickled down his face and body,he saw Swara standing at a distance nd smiling at him.Of course we know that he was dreaming,but he was too dumb to understand that.He was simply smiling nd looking at her.Then he realised he was n***d.He started freaking out but Swara came close to him,under the water nd placed his hand on her waist nd kept hers on his shoulders.Now they both were wet nd were having a deep eyelock.Swasan then got closer for a kiss.OBviosly they both will close their eyes.Sanskar kissed but suddenly felt a weird taste in his mouth nd realised he kissed his own soapy hand instead.He washed his mouth nd looked into the mirror.
Sanskaar(To his reflection):U r definitely gone sanky.U r seeing her everywhere.Tu pagal ho chuka hai. He dresses up nd goes out to see his kumbhkaran brother sleeping in a weird angle while occupying the whole bed.Nd as usual with a smile on his face.Sujata knocks the door nd enters the room.
Sujata:Arre,he is still sleeping?Today is holiday for EID that doesn’t mean he will sleep till late.
Sanskaar:Sone do na maa.Waise bhi isko iss waqt uthana khatre ke barabar hai.
Sujata:What sone do?Nd what khatra?Leave it,i’ll only wake him.She goes near him nd tries waking him up.
Sanskaar:I wouldn’t do that if i….
Sujata:Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….Now i don’t need to say what happened.Sujata had to face the same thing,which Sanskaar faced.But her scream woke Laksh up nd he was hell-shocked nd extremely embarrased.
Sujata:What r u doing?Nd y were u smiling?
Laksh:Woh..uh..actually…He was struggling for words.Nd he couldn’t evn make proper eye contact.
Sujata:Leave it.I just want to say that today we r gonna meet ur dad’s business partner cum childhood friend.So u both better get ready,nd yeah for god sake both of u shave.I heard he has 2 beautiful daughters.Who knows u both might get ur life partners in the same house 😉 . She goes.
Sanlak(Looking at each other):Life partner?Someone other than Swaragini?No ways!!!

MAheshwari office:

Adarsh:Monica,cancel all meetings today.Nd if there is something extremely important,then please handle it.Me,papa and chachaji are goin to Shekhar uncle’s home.So we will be leaving office early.
Monica:Yes sir.But inside she was frustrated that he had to leave early.Aaryan enters his cabin.He nd Monica give wicked smile to each other.
Aaryan:Adarsh,actually I came because I needed the important documents(Some kind of document,idk 😛 ).
Adarsh:Is it really important?Monica signals Aaryan to say no.
Adarsh:Actually it is at home.Nd my wife will have to bring it.So if it is very important i will call her.
Aaryan(Happily):Yes please,I need it.Adarsh goes out to call Pari.
Monica:Bhai have gone mad?Now she will come nd their romance will start.U know i can’t see that behenji near him.
Aaryan:Monu,this is no way to talk bout ur to be bhabhi.Monica was shocked.
Monica:To be bhabhi?Bhai r u mad?She is married.
Aaryan:So?She is married to Adarsh.U want Adarsh,nd I want Pari.Since the day i saw her,i em not able to take her of my mind.Her simplicity,her charm,her smile,those wet hair on her face.When she fell in my arm,I just wanted to make her mine.I would have never left her if i was not in her in-laws house.But I want her.Though I love her nd want her happiness,which lies in Adarsh,but i love u more.Nd by giving u Adarsh,if i can make my way clear to get Pari,then y not 😉 .Monica smiled.
Monica:Sorry bhai.From now on I won’t insult my bhabhi. Adarsh comes in.
Adarsh:She will be here in sometime.Y don’t u have a seat.Aaryan sits nd they talk.

Gadodia Mansion:

Swara was helping Sumi nd Daadi in kitchen while Ragini was simply sitting there nd watching tv with dadaji as she didn’t know how to cook 😛 .
Dadi:This girl,she doesn’t know how to cook.Nd she doesn’t evn want to learn.She is topper in studies.Nd good in other things.But what is the use of studies when she doesn’t evn knoe how to light a match stick.Ragini hears this.Goes nd lights a match stick.
Ragini:See I know how to light a match stick.So stop exagerating.Dadaji claps.Daadi glares at him.
Dadi:Waah laado rani waah.U know how to light a match stick!!! What an achievement.Somebody give her a materchef’s award.Arre by lighting matchstick u don’t become a cook.For that u should on the gas with the lighted matchstick nd cook something.Which u don’t know.Y don’t u learn something from ur sister?
Ragini:Chill Dadi i don’t need to worry about that because i am damn sure we both r goin to get married in the same house(Swara giggles.Ragini realises what she said) or maybe not…but i don’t care.I’ll hire a maid.
Dadi:Nd who will pay the maid?Ur daadaji?
Dadaji:Y r u pulling me in between everything?
Dadi:Aap hi ne sir chada kar rakha hai.
Dadaji:So?If u can love Swara more for her perfection,y can’t i love Ragini more for her braveness.Both our granddaughters r unique nd special.None of them needs to change anything.
Dadi:Do whatever u want.But then don’t blame me if she doesn’t get a good groom.
Swara(In low voice):Don’t worry dadi,she has already got a perfect groom.Dadi didn’t hear,but Ragini and Sumi heard.Ragini gives her a death glare,while Sumi gives a confused expression.

Maheshwari office:

Pari comes into the cabin with Monica nd gives Adarsh the file.Aaryan is mesmarised seeing her while Monica giggles seeing her brother.
Adarsh:Thanks a lot PAri.
Parineeta:It is ok Adarsh.But u said u will cancel all meetings.This is not fair.Adarsh signals her that Aaryan is there.Aaryan comes back to his senses.
Parineeta:Aaryanji,please don’t make my husband work today.We r gonna meet papa’s childhood friend today.Atleast give him a break today.Pleaseeee. She pouts.Aaryan smiles seeing her childish side.
Aaryan:Ok,on the condition that u will call me Aaryan.Friends don’t need to give extra respect.Since Adarsh is my friend,evn u r my friend.He forwards his hand.Pari shakes it happily.
Pari:Ok done,Aaryan 😀 .She then leaves nd Aaryan smiles nd looks at the hand with which he gave her a handshake.

Shopping market:

Uttara had done a bit shopping nd was walking.While walking a guy accidently bumps into her nd they both fall down.That guy was Raj.She was instantly attracted to him.
Raj:I am sorry but i am in a hurry.So please pick all this urself.Nd he leaves leaving Uttara there.Shaurya was also present there nd he saw Uttara fallen with bags scattered nd her cursing someone.He goes to help her.
Uttara:Idiot,y r all hot guys soo rude and arrogant.
Shaurya:I am not 😉 .He helps her get up nd pics up the scattered bags.
Uttara:I said HOT GUYS.
Shaurya(pouting):U mean i am not hot?
Uttara:U r cute but not hot 😛 .
Shaurya:Uff xd . Since we met here,can we have coffee?
Uttara:U r asking me for a date?
Shaurya:Maybe yes,but yeah just a friendly coffee date 🙂 . Uttara laughs.
Uttara:I would love to but today we r going to Bade papa’s friends house.So i have to go.Maybe next time? Shaurya gets dissappointed.
Shaurya:Hmmm but next time pakka.Uttara smiles.

PRecap:Sanlak reach Swaragini’s house nd they are shocked to see eachother.

Toh abh sochne ki baat yeh hai,ki what impression will Sanlak and Swaragini leave on each other’s family?Nd will Aaryan really separate Parirsh?Or will he have a change in heart after seeing their love? Hope u guys liked it 🙂


  1. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb
    Some more Raglak scenes too
    Loved Ragini’s and Dada’s act very much
    Waiting for the next one……..

  2. little princess

    Nice episode… Waiting know what will happen when they meet at gadodia mansion…loved sanskar’s hallucination as well as lucky’s n sujatha’s part…both were so funny…even i loved ragini’s n dadi’s funny arguments…i used to do what ragini did when dadi told her abt her cooking skill…matchstick wala scene mein ne bhi kiya hai..when i read this here,i remind me of so many funny moments of me abt cooking…u r doing a amazing work..keep on doing it…love ur ff so much…swasan also love each eagerly waiting for their confession.. As i am a swasan fan,i would like to see their scenes ur ff u have given both swasan n raglak love story in a good way..good job… Update next part asap..

  3. Megha123


    |Registered Member

    Awww……really awsm loved today’s epi especially sanky’s daydreaming ❤❤❤
    Even more excited for nxt epi – the reaction when sanlak see swaragini???

  4. Fairy

    Awesome episode dear….jst loved rags a lotzzz….shez reallly funny??hahhaha…watng for precap..☺

  5. Ruhani


    |Registered Member

    Awesome epi dr… Hahaha sanky was hallucinating n lucky he was dreaming.. Both the brothers are madly in love with swaragini… Dadi n ragini’s fight was funny n cute

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