Siddhi Vinayak 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi suspects foul play behind Shankar’s disappearance

Siddhi Vinayak 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankar shouts for help. He manages to open the ties. Who can get me kidnapped? It must be some rival producer. I must get out of here anyhow. Siddhi must be alone. I have to reach there.

Lawyer tells Manjari that the charges levied against Urvashi are pretty big. She was caught stealing from your house. Plus, your family lawyer has a great reputation. It will be very difficult to get her out of jail. She asks him if they cannot bail her out on the basis of her pregnancy. He tells her it is going to be difficult owing to the charges. If her charges are proved right then she will be shifted to Arthur Road jail real soon. She can only come out if Shankar withdraws his charges. He takes his leave. Manjari decides to do anything to bring Urvashi back home. My son’s baby cannot be born in a


Siddhi enters just then with Vin on a wheelchair and nurse. Prachi and Rajvir are also with them. Manjari tells her to stay put. She looks at Vin and acts to be concerned. Only my son has a right to be here. The doors of this house are closed for you. Remember how you left the house? If you had not done that then my son would not have followed you and this would not have happened at all! Why did you come back after all that happened? Siddhi says I remember what I did. I do not need your permission to come back here. This house belongs to my husband and I have come with him. Manjari blocks her way. What right are you talking about? Why are you calling my son your husband? Did you forget about the divorce? She shows the divorce papers to Siddhi. Siddhi takes the papers and tears them in small pieces. She throws the pieces high in air shocking Manjari and Gauri. The papers dividing Vinayak from Siddhi are now in pieces. Let me tell you that no piece of paper can separate Siddhi from her Vinayak. This relation did not break when someone else came in Vin’s life so what value does these papers hold? My hairline was filled by my husband’s blood,. Even God gets afraid of breaking such relations. You should have understood it by now. Siddhi and Vinayak are one word, one person. No one can separate them. Manjari holds her hand. Do not force me to throw you out of the house! Siddhi too tells her not to force her so much that she has to send her husband’s mother to jail! She goes inside with Vin. Rajvir and Prachi follow her.

Nurse has fixed the machine next to Vin. Siddhi is sitting next to him. She looks at Bappa’s idol. You had seen my Baba’s condition so closely for years. Why did you put my husband in the same condition today? How will I bear it? She cries. I need you to do your miracle once again. It is only you who can bring my Vinu back. I have no one else but you. I don’t even need anyone else. She keeps a bowl of water and immerses the idol in the water. Till the time my Vinayak does not stand on his feet, till then everyone’s Vinayak (Bappa) will stay submerged in the water.

Manjari comes to her room and throws stuff angrily. I am tired of this Siddhi! She has gotten everything in her hand since Vin went in coma. She thinks I will just stand by and watch? I thought she will never return here and I will pacify Shankar and bring Urvashi home. Now it will never happen! She recalls what the lawyer had told her before leaving. What has never happened before will happen now! I know what I have to do now. She calls someone.

The goon throws water on Shankar to wake him up. He keeps a blank paper and pen in front of him and asks him to sign on it. Shankar refuses. One of the goons opens a knife. The main guy tells him not to act too smart or he will kill him and his son at the same time. Shankar tells him against it but the goon repeats his threat. Shankar signs on the paper. Main guy tells his men to fix Shankar’s appearance and give him food. Shankar shouts after him that he isn’t doing the right thing but the guy walks away.

Next morning, Siddhi is watching news. People are sending their good wishes for Vin. Siddhi smiles seeing everyone holding small prayers for Vin. She talks to Vin. Everyone loves you so much. Say something please. She looks at the idol. Rajvir and nurse come there. She asks about Shankar. He shares that he has been in touch with Commissioner but there is no news so far. Prachi asks them to come outside quickly. There is some news about Papa ji. Siddhi tells the nurse to take care of Vin as she goes out with Rajvir.

Manjari reads the fake letter. I, Shankar Kundra, is withdrawing all the charges levied against Urvashi. I will stay in London for a few more days. Siddhi is in disbelief. Papa ji cannot leave Vin in this condition. Manjari says he put Urvashi in jail for Siddhi’s sake but he was crying the other night as he sent a pregnant woman to jail. He is a very nice human being. Manjari notices Siddhi looking at the letter intently. Hope she does not find out the truth. Siddhi asks Manjari what proof they have that this letter was indeed sent by Papa ji. You used fake papers to get my sign. How can I trust you guys? Manjari asks her if she doubts her. Siddhi indeed is doubting Manjari. Did she got Papa ji kidnapped?

Precap: Siddhi asks Prachi to be with Vin. I will talk to Ma about Papa ji. Prachi shares that she isn’t at home. Manjari returns home with Urvashi. Siddhi checks Manjari’s room and finds Shankar’s passport in the drawer. It means I was right! Manjari enters in her room just then and is surprised to see Siddhi there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Good episode… Manjari again win the game and bring that stupid Urvashi in kundra mansion… Now Siddhi should take care of her Vinu…

  2. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode…🙂

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