Mere Sai 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Govinda’s Trust On Kulkarni Shatters

Mere Sai 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghu goes to Kulkarni and informs that Shirdi people did not buy water, so he could not earn any money. Anta trashes him. Raghu asks his money, but Kulkarni shouts it is his water and his money, why should he give it to him. Raghu cries that he is a wrong man, so Shirdi people hate him. Kulkarni orders Anta and Panta to teach him a lesson. They both brutally trash Raghu. Govinda watches via door hole and runs afraid to Rukmnini and pleads her to save Raghu from Anta and Panta, else they will kill him. Rukmini thinks Govinda is going through same problem which Keshav went through and prays god to protect Govinda.

Pari keeps water and grains for birds. Udhav asks what is she doing. Pari says keeping water for birds. Sai says she is doing a good deed; nobody cares for birds in summer and leave them thirsty. Birds and squirrels drink water and eat grains. Sai walks away smiling.

Injured Raghu sits under tree writhing in pain. Sai passes by and seeing his injuries cleans them with water. Raghu sees Sai and shouts at him to go away from him, his condition is because of Sai, first Sai gives problems and then acts as solving problems. He walks away yelling. Govinda comes crying and tightly hugs Sai. Sai asks what happened to him. He says he thought his uncle is helping villagers, but he is not and took advantage instead, he is really bad. Sai consoles him.

Raghu reaches home. His son runs to him crying and informs mother’s condition is really bad. Raghu rushes to hus wife and asks son why didn’t he take her to vaidya. Son says he called doctor here itself who gave medicines which did not work on mother. Wife continues coughing and her collapses. Raghu gets more worried. Sai notices from Dwarkamayi and says be patient Raghu and blesses him. Ash in Raghu’s kurta glows. Son notices that and asks Raghu what is that. Raghu takes ash, dissolves it in water and feeds his wife. Sai orders her to wake up. Wife wakes up healthy.

Precap: Sai tells Govinda he can get water in villager’s well if he gets water from his house’s well. Govinda says he cannot get so much water. Sai says he can draw line at least.

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