Siddhi Vinayak 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin speaks to Manjari as Siddhi’s husband

Siddhi Vinayak 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari gives juice to Urvashi. It is good for that baby. Urvashi asks her about what she had told her yesterday. You promised that you and Gauri will apologize to me for cheating me. Manjari agrees. What do you want? Urvashi asks her to call Gauri here. She should lie down in my feet and seek forgiveness. Urvashi threatens to leave as Manjari rejects the idea. Manjari has to call out to Gauri. Gauri refuses to apologize but Manjari firmly tells her to apologize. She will leave the house otherwise. She pushes Gauri right in Urvashi’s feet. Urvashi taunts her that she is finally at her right place. Gauri looks at her pointedly. Prachi sees it from the window.

Siddhi wakes up hearing some strange sound. It must be Vin! She comes out thinking it is Vin. She does not see anyone there and demands

to know who is there. Vin wakes up hearing her voice. Open the door Siddhi. Are you fine? Vin knocks at the door asking her to open it. Siddhi notices a gun aimed at her from behind the bed.

Gauri is irked as Manjari tells her to make laddoo as per Urvashi’s liking. Gauri is irked. Chachi ji couldn’t apologize herself so she pushed me in Urvashi’s feet. Urvashi gets excited hearing about the laddoo. She leans closer to take in the fragrance but ends up vomiting. Manjari gets concerned. She throws the material in dustbin. Gauri reasons that she made that after so much difficulty. Manjari holds out her hand to stop her. Gauri leaves. Manjari gives water to Urvashi. Urvashi express her wish to have gajar ka halwa. No servant is available. Urvashi decides to make her work today. You (Manjari) have become too lazy. She pretends to get atop a stool to take out the ingredients but Manjari offers to do it instead. Urvashi smiles seeing her work. Manjari tells her to rest. I will make Gauri make it. Urvashi asks her to make it for her. I want to eat the halwa cooked by you. Can you not do this much for your grandson? Manjari gives in.

Siddhi panics seeing the gun. Who is it? Vin too gets tensed hearing her. Who is it? Open the door Siddhi. I am outside. Siddhi points a knife in the direction of the gun / bed. Who is it? Step out. Vin breaks open the door by pushing it. A reporter steps out from behind the bed. Vin slaps the guy. He begs him not to hit him. I only came to cover story. Vin asks him if this is how he will do it. The guy shares that he is new joinee. I thought I will cover the story and will get easily promoted. Vin makes him play the video that he has recorded Siddhi crying and talking to herself – Why is Vin doing all this; what does he want. It means Siddhi still loves me. Siddhi asks Vin what is in the footage. Vin does not tell her but makes the guy delete it. The guy apologizes to him. Vin warns him not to get inside anyone’s house ever again like this. Siddhi closes the door as soon as they step out.

The reporter requests Vin not to call police. Vin thanks him instead for helping him. The guy is confused but Vin does not explain. The guy leaves. Vin says the tear in Siddhi’s eyes proved that she still has feelings for me. I will hold onto this thread of hope and take my Siddhi with me at any cost.

Manjari comes to Urvashi’s room and finds her dancing on the bed. Urvashi pulls her too. Manjari makes her sit down. Urvashi tells her that she was feeling better that ways. Manjari is confused. Urvashi says I removed entire jewellery so I am bound to feel light. Manjari gets the hint.

Two kids knock at Siddhi’s door. She thinks it is Vin and is about to lash at him when she finds those kids there. They ask her to contribute for the Year End party. Siddhi and Vin recall their childhood. Both of them give some money to the kids. They invite him in the party too. Vin agrees to come with his wife. They ask about his wife. Vin points at Siddhi. She is angry with me. I will pacify her before New Year and come in the party with her. Siddhi tells him not to give false hopes to the kids. We are nothing to each other. We have been divorced. She goes quiet noticing the kids staring at her. I am sorry kids. I wont be able to come. Vin agrees to be in the party with his childhood friend Siddhi. I will see how she wont come. Siddhi looks at him.

The girl asks Vin why Didi said so. Vin tells them that Didi is short tempered. I will pacify her though and I will also bring her to the party. You both will have to promise me that you both will be together always. They promise him. They leave to order cake. Vin realises that Siddhi birthday is just 2 days away. He calls Prachi asking for her help. Prachi tells her that Siddhi wont return in the house till the time Urvashi is in the house. He gets angry. What is she doing there? Prachi does not tell him the details. Come home. I will tell you everything then.

Urvashi is heavily laden with jewellery as Manjari feeds her halwa herself. Vin enters and demands to know why she is still here. He scolds Urvashi again. Do you want me to hand you over to police? He pulls Urvashi by her hand. How can you forget that she disrespected Siddhi and made her leave the house while you are feeding her yourself? Manjari tells him to listen to her but he insists upon throwing her out of the house first. Manjari frees Urvashi’s hand. She is pregnant with Rudra’s kid. I have gotten her tests done. I am getting my Rudra back. He asks her what about what she did with Siddhi. Manjari retorts that she has forgotten everything. He asks her how she can forget what she has done to him and to entire family. Urvashi is worried that he might end up throwing her out of the house. Manjari tells him she does not care. She will return my Rudra to me. She wont go anywhere. This is my final decision! Vin says no loudly. She asks him if he will talk loudly to his mother. He replied that he knows she is his mother but he is Siddhi’s husband too. Today it is Siddhi’s husband who is talking to you. Urvashi wont stay in this house. This is my last decision!

Precap: Vin tells Urvashi that Siddhi’s birthday is due in two days. I plan to pacify her and bring her back in 2 days. You only have 2 days. Pack your bags and leave! Urvashi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Manjiri is so stupid. Even if it is Rudra’s child, he is dead, so the baby is ONLY gonna be Urvashi’s child, and Manjiri doesn’t have and won’t have ANY right over that child. She is not the one who is making it! What is she planning to do? Wait until he/she is born and take him away from the mother?
    Disgusting woman… first she was a serial killer and now she wants someone else’s baby.
    Shankar is right, but has no authority in his own house. Ridiculous…

    1. Right… completely agree with u…I loved Vinayak’s reply to Manjari… Only he can do anything now… first time he take the right decision…

    2. Rudra is not Shankar’s child and Manjari led him to believe, hence she volunteered her blood, so that the truth remains concealed!
      Hi Fs, Yes, about time Vin stood up for Siddhi and overuled his step-mother who has no interest in anyone other than herself. So nice to see Prachi and Rajbir supporting Siddhi! Nice to see Prachi for once being loyal and offering her genuine support to Siddhi. May it continue! 🙂 Shankar needs to grow a spine and put Manjari in her place rather than constantly let her stamp her thumb print on his forehead!

      1. Hi Summer 🙂. hope their support may continue like this… That Gauri should punish for her all wrong activities…I hope Manjari won’t play any foolish attempt to change Vin’s decision… 😯

  2. Only liked Siddhi and Vinayak scene…I thought it was Juhi, but a news reporter… waiting for Siddhi’s birthday celebration scene… so excited…

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