Kumkum Bhagya 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi plans to steal the admission form

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The Episode starts with Tanu looking at Disha as the latter is going and recalls her words. Disha thinks something had happened. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Disha says I don’t know and says I am going to keep the clothes. Tanu takes clothes from her hand and throws it. Disha says yes I know, but I will not tell you. She asks her if you throw my clothes again then I will not reply with words only. Tanu gets angry and keeps her foot on the clothes. Disha gets up. Tanu says she will make her life difficult and says my time will change. Disha says time changes, but the person doesn’t change. She says I will stand fearless infront of you as I will unite di and jiju. Tanu fumes. Disha asks her to go to Aaliya and complain about her, and if possible then cry also. Tanu thinks your attitude make me angry

and I will break your attitude one day. Abhi sees Kiara’s pics on the projector screen while the song Pareshan hun main plays….He thinks of Pragya’s words that Kiara is Mr. Singh’s daughter. He gets Principal’s call and asks him to receive someone who came to meet him. Abhi says ok. Principal ends the call. Abhi thinks to send the form pic to Pragya and then talk to her. Pragya walks inside. Abhi says I was remembering you and says a teacher is going to come here with Kiara’s admission form. Pragya says it was me and asks him not to steal the thing which do not belong to him. She says I told truth to Principal, now she is very upset with you and locked the form in her locker. She says Principal Maam will not come in your talks. Abhi says you might be scared that you will lose if I get the form. Pragya asks him to do whatever he wants, but don’t use kiara. Abhi says we are related to each other like a family. Tera yaar hun main plays…both turn their face and get teary eyes. Pragya leaves. He sees her going and thinks she shall not go. Pragya also looks at him and leaves in her car.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and throws the things. She asks who is Kiara? Aaliya says Pragya’s daughter. Tanu tells her about Abhi’s toy having a doll like Kiara. Aaliya asks what are you saying? Tanu says if Kiara comes here, then Pragya will follow him. She says she won’t let Kiara come to this house and says she has to do something. Aaliya asks her to keep quiet for sometime. Tanu says Disha came as a storm in your life and ruined everything. She says they don’t have a baby and that doesn’t mean that Abhi gets someone else’s child. Aaliya says she is bhai’s daughter. Tanu says she is not my daughter and tells that she can’t bear. Aaliya asks her to wait for the right time and behave like a normal wife, and Abhi shall not feel the need of Pragya and says nobody will take your place, and I will make sure of that. She hugs Tanu.

Disha thinks she did a mistake and thinks Tanu shall not know that jiju knows that Kiara is his daughter. Abhi and Purab come there. Disha asks what happened? Purab and Abhi argue. Disha says my stress level is increasing. Purab says Abhi wants to do crime. Abhi says he is not courageous like before, who fought with goons for you. He tells that he is asking Purab’s permission to steal the form, but he is not agreeing. Disha says he will help you. Purab asks are you the same teacher who used to teach that stealing is bad. Disha says it is wrong to keep our safe keeping with others and says chori is the best option. Abhi says we went straight to Principal, but she refused and Pragya scolded her. Purab asks Disha what she will teach to his kids. Disha says I will make them fight for their rights. Abhi gets happy and praises Disha. He asks Purab to support him. Purab refuses. Disha tells Purab that she will go. Abhi goes, Purab also follows him.

Kiara asks Pragya to come with her and see magic. She takes Pragya to her room. Pragya sees the room decorated with balloons. Kiara asks if she likes the surprise. Pragya says yes. Abhi is in his room and tells himself if you can open the locker. He says yes. He gets Kiara’s call and says hi jaan to her.

Tanu comes to Pragya’s house and asks about Abhi. Pragya says he is not here. Tanu says he was in your bedroom last time and you used to call him often. She asks what you do with him alone. Pragya asks why shall I tell you. Tanu goes to the bedroom and pulls the blanket.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When this show will end?

  2. It won’t end i really hate that dushrab seriously fed up of show i m honestly missing Prague very much in this mm how much she has done how much sacrifices she wasn’t even selfish she was alwz thinking for this disyrab and even her ungrateful husband but what these two irritated gi the core really i want this serial to finish in these things above is tanu all are united k. Mm but the main bahu before is now separated due t this man but he gave the garbage 6 yrs of his life car tolerate this shit

  3. Oh geez. Tuna fish and her face, first thing! The power, the sting of her rage, anger. Be scared. It’s just too bad that the performance is not convincing at all. Scared? Possibly. How much longer will she be included? Her strides were too long. Again she was very expressive with her face but it went too far. Her shoulders were too tight. The petulance on her face …is like a five year old scheming to find a way to get the piece of fudge candy that was denied by Mom. Mom needs punishment and clearly this little girl needs some attention to be taught some basic behaviours/manners of civilized people. This one does ‘Vogue’ poses, each time she needs to advertise her imagined superiority. Overacting I believe it’s called. We take note that the actress has worked hard to eliminate her verbal ‘screech’ habit. Good Effort. And then there is Abhi. Now out of nowhere he has photos of Kiara on the wall.
    Exactly the same way that purab had photo’s of BulBul, Neel the corporator had of BulBul, Aliyah had of Purab. See the theme here. Abhi is behaving like a pedophile. Too much touching and ‘love’ gazing. You do not treat your baby girl like you would a lover or your wife. When and if love turns to obsession then there is some internal sickness afloat. And come on, this is a Mehra. It’s automatic to expect some sickness to be percolating in the damaged vessel that once was a heart, maybe when the poor fool still didn’t have a psychopath directing his life. Aliyah was born after him, so he had a few years of freedom. But displaying pedophile behaviours should be censured by the govt. We know that will never happen. I wonder what Ekta’s ‘pay-off’ budget is annually? I do not understand the lyrics of the song/music. But the intensity of his ‘love’ is creepy. It is doubtful that this is ‘love’. Likely much more the actions of a desperately lonely man needing something/someone he can control in exactly the same way his life has been controlled. He doesn’t understand ‘love’. The one time he was offered honest love his slave-master wouldn’t allow him to have it. He should never be left alone with Kiara. This big brute has too many unresolved scary type issues. He married Tuna fish.
    She talks, walks and acts like a five year old princess. That is telling in itself. This man obsesses over little girls. Why doesn’t the actor protest? He has children in real life. What would the actor do if some adult was staring at his own children with similar gazes. I suspect he would put a stop to it. Damn fast. and never allow his children near that adult again. Unless of course pedophilia is a way of life in his family. I would think not. I would think this is his obedience to a sick script. Let’s hope so. I can’t imagine any parent allowing an outsider to have that many photo’s of a small child. This is called grooming the child. Pragya floats in, elegant and hopefully coming back to her senses. Maybe she’s getting over her sicko fascination with Tuna and will return to becoming that practical, intelligent and compassionate woman that she truly is. I know that being around Tuna fish would be demoralizing for anyone. Let’s hope Pragya gets rid of the fish smell and becomes her own person again instead of masquerading around like a stunned animal ready to be slaughtered. I am a vegan/vegetarian so that image is an image of brutal horror. Oh, oh. Abhi puts on his sucky, pity me, “I’m a harmless puppy dog” face. I’m personally not sucked in by the expression although I accept that many are. Personally, I don’t get it. To me, it is a predator setting up a trap for his prey. Abhi does not understand the meaning of love. His slave-masters don’t allow that. Will Abhi ever realize that he is not a man? You can’t be when you have slave masters running your life. Pragya knows this. Abhi is unavailable and will be unavailable until he resolves the leech problem in his home/murder and torture centre. The place where he intends to bring Kiara. Oh! Back to the 5 year old trainwreck. She throws something onto the floor, trying to convince herself that she still has some power. Aliyah… well the actress, loses her focus for a moment and then tries to calm down the orange tornado. Then Disha once again announces that Kiara is a daughter of the Mehra house, childishly forgetting that no… that may be her wish but it is not reality. Kiara is a daughter of the Pragya and King home. Like typical Mehra’s, the discussion of theft as an appropriate solution is discussed. Sane people of course know that if criminal behaviour is involved in an action it probably isn’t the right thing to do and helps no one in the end. The music director uses fun, happy music to accompany the planning. Likely, (no f%*&ing kidding!) this is done to normalize the behaviour. Disha in her blind selfishness is just fine with criminality. She’s definitely embraced the Mehra lifestyle. Why can’t someone just bomb the house at night time when they are all sleeping! Certainly not the act of a vegetarian but darn even a vegetarian knows when a damaging lifeform needs to be ended. Ants in your cupboards? Pick the house up, drop it in the ocean. Maybe if they know how to swim, they’ll survive. As Disha proclaims that fighting for your rights is just fine. All is fair in love and war. The words… excuses of non-adults. The words of people who only see a future for humanity that remains as it is, filled with war, theft and an Ekta Kapoor mentality. “I get what I want! The rest of you are dumb and here for my pleasure, only! Get used to it, you peon!” . “Family First”, reminds Disha. That’s frightening. We know what clannish Indian families are capable of doing. They run horror shows of slavery. But the whole family trained to complete obedience does as their told because the only things that matter in life are that you have more money and power than others. That’s the goal. Children and weaklings in the family are perpetually destroyed to meet those ends. The ego’s in an Indian family like this, are bigger and badder than the stupidity in this show. I say thank-you to the writers. There was some actual conversation today. The flashbacks and staring at each other have become abysmally tedious. Pragya! please start participating again! You are the star here. It is you that glues this show together. Not Abhi. That character is a thorough imbecile and is being shown to have similar attitudes to a pedophile. Regarding the written pre-cap: When will Pragya learn that she is every right to stop the orange tornado from entering her home. Keep a stick at the door. Hit the orange tornado! Hit her hard and often. Stop her from entering your home. This fish is an intruder, you have every right to stop the continued rape of your life. Allowing repeated rapes by the Mehra’s doesn’t make you look good, Pragya. It makes you appear to be infinitely stupid.

    1. You sum up KKB perfectly especially this Abhi obsession with Kiara this is over the top, the constant touching started before he suspected she’s is daughter but it taken way too far, no father that I know is that obsessive about a child regardless if you wasn’t in said child life or just found out. I can no longer watch Abhi and Kiara together yes its creepy and unnatural for a strange grown man and a little girl to be carrying like that. Some is blaming Pragya for not telling Abhi, does he really need the courtsey I say no, he kicked Pragya out in the most vicious manner and blamed her for everything that went wrong in his family knowing full well it was all Aliya and Tanu doing, he called his Dadi murderer and tel her she is dead for him etc, and know once again its all Pragya’s fault never his, he never acknowleged he did her wrong these day he’s saying she went away no loser Abhi you kicked her out like a dog. I am disappointed in Pragya for not telling King about Abhi that shows disrespect to him, this the man who give her respect, a job and a home to her and child love he loves that child unconditionly but to put him in that degrading position is just ridiculous. I keep saying Pragya is sufferring from Stockholm syndrome she’s been tortured from the first day of her marriage to now and she cannot get it in her thick skull that Abhi is really the loser King said he is for treating Pragya the way he did.

      1. Thanks Carol, I am so glad that someone else sees the strange pedophile like behaviour of Abhi. And I agree regarding King.

    2. Do u compare bulbul to disha Dr it’s like many comments that dusha is 2 nf bulbul and pragya to abhi what even shit annoying

      1. Hey Ishu, personally I see BulBul and Disha as being very separate. BulBul was about love, for Purab. Disha was about convenience and pleasing the family. Purab fought for her for the sake of humanity, not personal love. BulBul fought back against the crazy Mehras. Disha is a total wimp and is currently now interfering, trying to feel powerful, by working in the background. she uses the same method… brainwashing as the corrupt members of the family. She is becoming like the Mehra’s . Bulbul and Pragya would have changed the Mehra’s. So,t hey needed to be destroyed. Disha is not changing the Mehra’s she’s becoming one of them. I would likely have her join the piranha club alongside Mithali. Disha and now Purab are working against Pragya and like all Mehra’s without any thought regarding possible consequences. They want their childish dreams to be fulfilled and people being destroyed or murdered is simply not an issue.

  4. I can’t even be bothered to try to understand this game. What file is Abhi trying to get a hold of illegally, and do what with it, illegally???? So stupid.

    1. Hey there Tango. It is Kiara’s school registration form which would have her birthdate recorded. he wants to know her birthdate. Usually, the rich just call their lawyer and the job is handled. But not the Mehra’s! They would miss out on a crime field trip or expedition!

  5. Wow @ akituster you’re so right,that witch getting angry does not even suit her,its like she’s forcing herself to do it and that alia too knows that kiara is abhi ,s daughter,but still she isn’t saying anything to him.what a sister who claims to love your brother ,she just doesn’t love anyone,always dressing up.Your Comment

    1. Hey Comfort, good to see you here! Personally I believe that Ekta chose this actress (replacing original Tanu) very purposefully. She was likely very happy to find this particular actress. I think that Ekta was clear that the actress was not up for the part but chose her specifically to make a fool out of the character as well as the actress. That way the viewers would have more complaining to occupy their minds. It is Ekta’s job to make sure that we keep talking, keep participating. That translates into more money, in her pockets. I believe that Ekta loves to belittle others personally and professionally. She doesn’t understand that it is possible to fulfill those goals and not be a monster. I see Alia being hired for exactly the same reasons. Ekta took full advantage of these two actresses appearance and general body movements and presence. Ekta is not a stupid woman. Dangerous and sick, yes. Stupid, no. It would have been easy to lure an actress into the role. Especially someone like Leena Jumani who wants to move her career forward so desperately. Miss Jumani forgot or wasn’t warned that the ‘Devil’ always collects a payment. Your credibility/reputation dies. Perhaps Sriti Jha has understood this and thus has become protective towards Leena Jumani. It’s all conjecture, discussion and possibility. We would only know the truth after this production is ended, because ALL the public appearances, news etc are designed to keep Ekta’s narrative upfront, strong and ongoing. Ekta has to keep interest in the show going. It’s about money.

  6. Hey Naz, I didn’t mean that we would get our orgasm by Tuesday…just another minor climax. I don’t believe that Ekta allows actual completion. So, no fulfillment, ever. Just diddling around and another minor climax in the story line. About 20 years ago I was informed by a client that people who use electric devices basically end up ruining their ability to have normal human s*xual experience. I don’t know. This is anecdotal, not science. But based on that one person’s testimony I wonder if Ekta’s personal experience is what is limiting the creativity. You can learn a lot from clients, with whatever they bring up. This was a very, very experienced man who was describing the things he had learned about women. I remember the session very well, because it sure opened my mind to a variety of information about control. I did have to work to keep my personal reactions quiet, to the new, surprising information. And no, I was unsuccessful with helping him. He was convinced that he was ‘teaching’/ ‘helping’ women everywhere become s*xually whole. Personally…well the story is 20 years old and forgotten… I thought, “gee, the excuses a sl*t comes up with, whether they are male or female!… leaving so many broken hearts behind them” Transfer this possible line of thinking to the producer. You understand my meaning, right?

    1. Akituster… Just like how we reflect on our faces what we feel on the inside, it’s the same fricking thing with this Ekta woman…she translates her life’s frustrations into this serial, her sole intention is to torture her viewers by taking them up on a high plateau and then throwing them from that ecstatic height hoping that a climax is achieved at the very moment but wait…why not wait a little longer, it’ll be a more powerful climax when it reaches its peak… Do you know that there’s a sadistic school of thought out there that says there are instances where criminals who are so messed up, that the prelude to a murder is just as s*xually stimulating as actually committing the crime? This is what is happening here.. Every fricking time when we think that now Kiara’s secret would be exposed, comes a bullshit scenario that deprives the audience of that satisfying feeling of a “yesssssssss….ooooooo….yesssssssss!!….but you know what, the one who receives the most pleasure out of this, is Ms Ekta Kapoor!! This is her way of sticking it to us, to keep us on the brink, denying the inevitable… I got the message in your comment BTW…and I can imagine how much you had to stiffle your vocerious line of thinking just so that you could keep your personal reactions in line… I’ve now read the update, had a busy weekend, let me process all comments and the update till later…I’ll give my feedback in a bit…

      1. teasing, never delivering. similar to fisherman ‘reeling’ in a fish. thus, diddling.

  7. The woman who playing tanu(Leena) played a better lesbian on the web series than the character she’s playing now I’m fed up of her role is high time her character is eliminated and they bring in new blood hell I’m all for a leap where there is an adult kiara sunny and what other child character in this show get rid of everyone because no one is using their brain…there is no loyalty towards pragya from disha and purab anymore i thought them of all people knowing what she went through won’t encourage abhi in his crap but i was wrong they have become two of the worst characters along side tanu….how this show maintaining its trp is beyond me….great actors portraying dumb characters bravo ekta you pulled off having sriti and shabir look like an ass on a daily basis…smh i use to hope for the best but now i don’t even read updates just comments and i know this show is still stuck i enjoy everyone comments especially @naz and @Akituster alot….oh well lets see what 2019 brings

    1. Thank-you Sam! And I do agree with you…see my reply to Comfort, today. I too love all the aspects of this production being brought out in the open. Together we are all learning what Ekta meant by her “stupid little show” and the true message of her ‘grinning little face’. Full Moon is tomorrow and see how the uptick in action on the comments side…just like there was more action in today’s show? This is all about programming viewers. It’s ‘educating’ the viewers. Our conversations, I hope, are going in a direction that Miss Ekta’s team was not expecting. I believe that’s why I honestly remain here. I want my voice to help change the direction of the viewers attention. Ekta is capable of producing significantly good entertainment. She prefers ego/control games and emotional hate. I would venture that she honestly believes that she is hiding her frail insecurities behind her veil of power. She does not understand how transparent she is. I am convinced that people around her see and know. Why should the general public/viewers be fooled to her ill-begotten intentions. People should know what they are really ‘buying’ into versus being fooled by the advertised horsesh*t of a product that hurts them. Just like all the fake olive oil, out there. Right Geeta? It was Geeta who liked the olive oil info, I think.

  8. In one of the series pragya grandma said three things make a love story, hope, integrity and belief. Well all hope that the writers will come to their senses and end this excruciating series is lost. No one has integrity in the methra house. The writers don’t as the continue to promote the evil of Tanu and Ahlia. All their scenes are becoming more and more unbelievable and unrealistic. I conclude this is not a love story but a very annoying torture and hate story. I love Abhi and pragya as great actors and wish they will leave the series for greener pastures.

  9. Hey this serial is getting wierder day by day . Not sure what Abhi wants his obsession is somewhat creepy like the one of child abuser. No father has this kind of a physical contact all the time this is ridiculous.. Also all the evil people feel that they own the entire world they walk in and out of any place like they own it , be it the prison , hospital, or the kings mansion. Last two times aliya and tanu went to kings house they just bullied and pushed everyone and walk straight in the house God damnit they also know the way around in the house now tell me which person would allow anyone to bully him so much that they are actually pushed and let others barge in their house. Everyday Abhi is becoming a villain and losing his charm and grace in fact now the entirety Mehra mansion is full of criminals and evil minded people . Pragya please get away from these leeches ASAP AND MOVE ON WITH KING BECOS IF YOU GO WITH this spineless and ungrateful Abhi it won’t be long before he gets influenced by Tanu and aliya again and throw you out and then you may not find another king to take care of you . Also fight back damnit why are you being portrayed as a weak and a meek person where is that Pragya who was strong and would fight all evil alone . In fact now you need to be more strong becos your daughter is going to be victimised Incase you don’t stand up for all the nonsenses of aliya Tanu And mithali

    1. Hi da I asked u a question did u saw that don’t know what to say about mehras y Alia not planning to separate disha and her annoying advive to her so called non blood did irriatting diaheab

  10. Cathy

    Okay so briefly one of the chief reasons i stopped watching this show was the increased story lines of elder abuse and targeting a young child Kiera and Sunny in physical abuse, kidnapping and murder plots…now i’m reading that Abhi has a pseudo s*xual attraction to his 7 year old daughter? WHAT?? has this show finally scraped the bottom of the proverbial barrel? or should i say “pervertial” barrel. How is this entertaining or even considered family viewing? there could have been so many positive spins to this tale, we could have written a better stories, dialoges, character profiles. There are so many talented people on this show that are totally wasted while the same shit is replayed over and over and over again this show is truly a embarrassment…why don’t the actors say enough!! have they no power on how they are portrayed on tv? clearly not because i could never see any of the leads as anything as tired, hopeless and helpless, Pragya looks ill, Abhi looks fat and fed up, Purab looks bored out of his mind, Disha looks frantic and King looks confused.

    1. Good to see you Cathy! It’s about control of course. Imagine a little person, who thinks, speaks and smiles just like Pragya. The child even has Pragya’s eyes! And you know how victims (Abhi) of control (abuse) generally develop the same behaviours unless they have recognized and actively worked to change their ‘injury’. The daughter is just too easy to make into a victim. A little Pragya to own and control who would never run away. Who knows if the script was ever meant to make this an issue. The scripted behaviour on screen sure is fishy. More than suggestive according to current cultural norms and the current level of exposure of child s*x trafficking, child brides and incestuous abuse. I would not believe that this is coincidental. Ekta works with purpose.
      One must remember that the child would have to survive her stepmother and her aunt. That’s doubtful. Or this child would be destroyed and grow up to be another Aliyah in the Mehra home, right in time to replace the original so that Abhi would feel safe forever, always being controlled by the woman he takes care of… first sister/wife then daughter/wife. That’s if Aliyah dies, otherwise by old age Aliyah would develop some charming speech habits so she could lovingly replace beloved Dadi who began the whole sordid mess.

      1. Tee Hee! “pervertial”!

  11. Cathy

    “Pervertial” My one moment of word genius..LOL, i have been absent, generally cranky but that’s my own fault..decided to enjoy holiday treats knowing it sends me into epic bad moods…so i’m not even watching much tv, mostly youtube and a few of my freaky favorite youtubers about as much attention span as i can deal with right now…and double downing with my favourite Christmas movies..just watched Polar Express, i just love that book and love the movie even more..I even harassed my little sister into watching it, shes not a huge fan and i was offended that she didn’t love it as much as i did. little sisters are so annoying. lol.

    1. Polar Express? So much that I have missed! Very glad to hear that you still drop by and likely, as many of us here in land of the crazy-long nights you are looking forward to the 2nd week of January when it’s bitterly cold but you can finally feel/see the days getting longer. Hopefully everybody cheats on their dietary restrictions. I know I do with sugar and carbs and I’d feel a lot less shameful ; ) , if I knew that others weren’t perfect either! So, thank-you. Gingerbreadmen and shortbread cookies, are too good to be ever ignored. Organic and Vegan, of course! And what the heck, de-toxing the body can begin as the light strengthens.

      1. Cathy

        I have cut out epic things from my diet, no more wheat or any grains, no sugar, no fruit and no root vegtables..i kinda cheat with the fruit, but i don’t eat nearly as much as i once did, i eat a Ketogenic diet now which has had an amazing effect on my body and my depression…did a lot of research and with support from my family DR. i even fast 7 days once a month..which is why i thought i would give myself a week to eat what i wanted. BAD IDEA and lesson learned. well by our standards it’s been a mild December HA!! and i don’t think it will be to bad in January, just long as we wait for the winter to break, March being our transitional month then April showers bring May flowers…can’t wait.

  12. Sigh… Sigh… Everyone has said what I wanted to say….my biggest gripe continues to be this perverted relationship Abhi has with the daughter he fathered with Pragya..he was the sperm donor, end of story…nevertheless, he continues to showcase his sickening facial expressions concerning his rights as a sperm donor cum father!! Pardon the pun…. Time and time again I beat the proverbial chant, why Pragya didn’t run from the Mehra family when she saw how close she was getting to them? If she was so worried about Kiara being murdered by the psycho sl*t, why did she allow the child into the Mehra’s house? Then I remember that it’s a fictional serial, based on Ekta Kapoor life, allegedly..how else would she know how to fashion her characters if she didn’t have some kinda exposure to what is happening here… Friends… It really is disturbing, disgusting and naseauating the way Abhi fawns over this little girl.. I swear to you all, that I’ve seen an uncomfortable look on the little actress’s facial expression and body language when she’s doing certain scenes with her TV dad… I know that I’m not wrong, I can pick up on the tiniest of nuances…in reality, she is still at an impressionable age and some feelings cannot be masked, one has to have damn good experience to not show consternation when doing certain scenes….and I firmly believe that writers have overdone the actions and portrayal of the feelings of a father who has now discovered the existence of his daughter… No mother gives so much liberty to her young daughter to interact with her estranged family and husband when she has so many fears and concerns for her safety.. The writers of some of these serials underestimate the intelligence of their viewership, they just write, leaving out important details and logical scenarios…. A normal man in a situation like Abhi won’t go looking for clues to his paternity so surreptitiously, he won’t go under pretense asking for school records, he won’t ask ppl to steal documents which can tell him who’s father or not….he’d fricking go take a paternity test…but you see, these characters only have life within the lines, it’s the sadistic mind of the writers, sanctioned by Ekta, who has kept Pragya enslaved within her own mind, Abhi the fully grown man child acting like a perverted lovesick man for his estranged daughter, Tanu the ghotic witch acting like she’s a princess in princess dresses strutting around in perpetual anger…and King, the rapper who hasn’t yet discovered he owns a pair of balls for he is incapable of feeling jealousy when Abhi is always sniffing around Pragya… I wish King could open his eyes and see what’s going on in front of him… I think when this Kiara secret comes out, King is going to wish he’d listen to his chachi….i wish to see a good tomcat fight between King and Abhi…soon.

    1. Cathy

      I think we need to see Jason Mamoa in Aquaman. the hell with King and Abhi.

      1. Cathy, Jason looks hott… 😍😍..Abhi and King pale in comparison….he kinda looks like Roman Reigns…the wrestler…. What a hunk…i like Jason Mamoa though.. Anyways, how’s your holiday shaping up? Enjoy the Christmas festivities, I will too, I love this time of the year.. I know I won’t see you here until days have passed so here’s wishing you a happy Christmas and all the best for the new year.. Lots of affection from me to you…🎁🎄🥂

      2. Are you being naughty? : )

    2. Well, especially since at that meeting where Abhi tried to end the music contract, Abhi said some very strong things about Pragya. Those statements of Abhi would send a normal man asking questions of well, gee who? He would have spoken with Pragya! He knows there is some history. But haven’t you noticed that there are good worker men (Akash, old Purab) who are o.k. with being told what to do. there are creepy sleazy men (Nikhil, goondas). Abhi should be included in the last category but he is also really dumb and easily controlled. Miss Ekta does not like men either. Straight men, anyway.

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