“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-9


Hey guys..thank you for liking the twist.. By today’s episode the misunderstanding would be cleared..

Precap: all 2 pairs love each other , not confessed. Lovely proposes to shravan.. Preeti is missing.

Shravan: umm…
sumo: let’s go find preeti..

All 4 get up n leave…

They search the whole campus..
Pushkar: sab jagah dhund liya! Kaha hai ye?
Sumo: calm down pushkar!
Pushkar: terrace! She’s at the terrace..

All 4 rush there..

They find preeti sitting there and doing her hw..

Sumo: preeti! Pagal hai kyaa?
Preeti: kyu?
Sumo: hum tumhe kab se dhund rahe hai…

Lovely: I think I should leave.. Meine tum log ki life mei bohot saaraa interfere kiya hai..

Bye pushkar! Bye sumo! Bye preeti! Bye shravan!

Before she leaves.. Pushkar holds her hand..
Preeti’s jaw drops…

Pushkar: tum aise kaise jaa sakti ho?? I mean you toh love shravan naa.. Tune hi toh kaha tha…
Lovely:haan.. But he does not love me..
Shravan: I do… I do….
Sumo: whatt??
Shravan: I do love you , but.. As a friend…
Sumo: oh..
Lovely: tumhari aankhon mei dikhta hai tum kisse pyaar karte ho
She smiles and looks at Sumo… And leaves
(Sorry lovely di..your character might not return now)

Preeti: tumhari aankhon mei bhi pushkar…
Pushkar: whatt??
Sumo: dikhta hi hoga.. (Whispers:preeti na)
Preeti: haan.. Tumhari aankhon mei sumo jo dikhti hai..
Pushkar: whatt??? Kab ? Kaha ? Kaise?
Shravan: oh pls! We know! You n sumo love each other..
Sumo: kuch bhi.. Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho tum sab?

Shravan explains what he saw..

Sumo n pushkar understand why they were ignoring them n why they never met each other last night…

They look at each other.. Then give out a laugh…

Preevan are standing in shock!!

Sumo: arre.. Woh mei pushkar ko sikha rahi thi ki propose kaise karte hai..
Shravan: whatt??
Sumo: haan.. Woh use kisi ko propose karna tha..
Preeti: kisko?
Pushkar: arre.. Nothing… Forget it..!tumlog bhi kitne pagal ho!

Shravan”mei janta tha.. Sumo sirf meri hai.. Sirf meri.. I love her n so does she.”

(Guys whenever I use “….” It means that the person’s thinking that)

Sumo”shravan.. Mei sirf tumhari hoon.. Tumne aisa soch bhi kaise liya??”

Preeti”I’m so stupid.. I doubted pushkar! My pushkar!”

Pushkar” meri pretty-preeti.. How could you? Anyways.. Fine.. Atleast… Hum dono alag to nahi hue”

All 4 patch up….

All of them had decided that they would confess,but after building up the same 4 bond they shared before…

One day..

All 4 were standing in the chemistry lab and suddenly…. BLAST… Their experiments were wrong… Everyone was shouting… And coughing.. After some time they noticed that sumo had burnt her hand.. All get concerned and go to the hospital..


Doctor: she’s fine now.. You can take her home.. But she must not lift heavy things.. And if she’s a righty then there might be a problem as she has burnt her right hand..

Shravan: shitt…
Pushkar: shravan… Ab kya?
Shravan: dekhenge…

Precap: sumo is not able to eat.. Shravan feeds her…

How was it guys?? And yea.. Here’s the name for a new character for the further story:
Dhruv-Khushi.. Will be entering their lives in e-11 or e-12…( I did not know any guy here on TU so here’s one from my colony.. )

Character Sketch:

Dhruv: a handsome guy, loves to play prank and has a good humour.
Khushi: dhruv’s best friend, both come together and make fun of ppl.. Fun-loving girl..

And yes.. Khuruv are from Sumo’s old school…

Some comedy to come up guys.. PlZ comment..


  1. LovelyLady


    |Registered Member

    woowww cnfsns got cleared….
    awww my character ended 😉 bt happy for shraman n preeker…….
    post nxt prt soon…..

  2. sona

    Oh..means 3 pairs gng to bbonbond..I liked it..and ha..uff..Sara tension clear hogaya..

  3. Perry

    Amazing ep and thank God k misunderstanding khatam ho gyiii …plzzzz post next part soon ???

  4. maria

    Wow yr nikki (may i call u nikki?) dis ep is amazing!! I loved it!!
    D way u cleared all misunderstandings was awesome !!
    Lov u yr!! 😀

  5. Naina

    Wow nice epi……finally sab confussion door ho gaye i m so happy bcz i hate confussions now no more confussions plz

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.