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Mastaangi 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer says to Anaita that it’s your new chance to fix everything, it’s easy to die like a coward but a true fighter is that who bears the loss and lives with it by facing it. Sohani is amazed while Jignesh drinks the coffee and Anaita takes it from him. Karan comes to Veer and says that he wants to talk to Ria as she is not answering his phone. Veer says that from where should I call her and Karan says that I know she is angry at me but call her. Veer says that she is not here with us, Karan says that Rajiv dropped her himself and there was a lock on her house so she must be here. Veer says that why would I lie to you and asks him to come inside and says that Anaita is here Ria isn’t.
Karan is shocked and asks where Ria is, Jignesh says that wasn’t she with Bhaya? Karan agrees and tells him

what he told Veer. Anaita comes forward and he tells her to stop and says that I am here with Ria and don’t want to talk to you. Veer gets a call and is told by the officer that Zubair is on the run and was talking about Ria the whole time. Karan asks if Zubair has kidnapped Ria while Veer tells him to relax. Bhaya also calls Karan and asks of where he is, Karan in return asks where he dropped Ria. Rajiv says that I dropped her home where else would I. Karan says that she didn’t reach home and isn’t at Veer’s house as well and tells her to inform him as soon as he gets any update. Bhabi gets worried and Rajiv tells her to calm down. Veer asks Karan to come with him and they go to where Rajiv dropped Ria.
He tells everyone to split and search for clues as this is the place where Rajiv dropped Ria. Anaita wants to talk to Karan but he says that he doesn’t want to talk to her about anything. Anaita looks down and sees a piece of paper, and its Euro’s poem and Veer says that it’s clear Zubair has kidnapped Ria. Karan gets worried and Veer ensures him that they will find her and go in the car.
Ria is tied up her face covered and on the ground, Zubair comes and takes the blind of her face and says welcome to operation tabahi. Back at the house Karan is calling Ria hoping she will answer and says that her phone was on silent. Anaita goes to him and asks him not to take tension and says that nothing will happen to her. Karan says that what do you meant that nothing will happen to her should we stop searching for her, Anatia says that I am not saying that. Karan says that two things don’t call me K and don’t talk to me. Anaita says that you must listen to me while Karan says that I don’t want to talk to someone selfish a person who could kill her best friends for her own interest. Veer scolds Karan to stop and says that what is this way to talk to someone, know that there are other in this room who care about Ria as well. Karan says that whoever feels bad ask if they know how it feels to have their trust broken.
Before Veer could answer he gets a call from the inspector and tells him that Ria is missing and I think that Zubair has kidnapped her. He asks the inspector if he has any leads on Zubair while the inspector says that we have no information about him. Veer says that how can you have no information about him, if he has kidnapped Ria than….. Karan takes the phone and yells at the policemen for being irresponsible as they already heard Zubair say that he was going after Ria when he gets out and if they understand everything than why are you not doing anything. The inspector says that we are trying our best and our force is after him but you know how sharp Zubair is.
Zubair says to Ria that today is a big day and I have been planning for it for a long time. He says I cant explain my happiness to you but do you know why this day is so important. He says you know there was something about your friend Euro and his real name is Younus Khan. He says that tomorrow is his birthday he will turn 21 tomorrow. But a few days ago he had his funeral and being his father I wasn’t there because someone took his life. Ria cries and he tells her not to and says that you did it very smartly and says that do you know the pain of the death of a son. He brings a pliers and says that if I know snatch your nails from it even than it’s not a match. He says that you made me kill my son by my own hand and now you must feel the same pain. You could have asked for my life instead I would have given it you but No. I would kill you after a lot of agony and that Karan as well, he will look for you all over the city and says that would he hear you scream and yells in her face as she lies in his lap. He says that you made a big mistake by killing Euro. Ria says that you killed him by giving him your name, he would be known as the child of a terrorist and you can’t place his death on me like this.
He tells her to shut up and says that you are very brave but stupid as well, You are in my custody and telling me what is right and wrong. He says that you will die but that Karan as well, Euro has a gift from me and that is your death and starts singing a happy birthday song to Euro. Leaving Ria tied and in a dark room he leaves.
Veer is trying to calm Karan down while Karan says that how can I, I will kill Zubair and don’t know what happened to me when Jignesh was telling me not to let Ria go alone. He says that it was my fault as Ria wanted to meet Anaita and I didn’t want it so I told Ria to go home with Rajiv. He blames Anaita and says that look what happened and asks her to stop ruining their lives.
Zubair comes and eats food from a plate and Ria says that you were joking about the nuke and there is no mission tabahbi. Zubair says that you think this is a joke, he takes out a knife and frees her hand and legs and tells her to go and says that the door is that way. As she takes steps he counts and stops her at the 5th. He opens her jacket and says that to what you are wearing is a nuclear bomb and if you take 6 steps than boom as it has motion sensors. He says that you, your friends and this whole city will turn to ashes and says to her to go and tell Karan that I am right here.

Precap: Ria calls Karan and says that I am fine while Zubair says that she is lying and I know why because he will see the pain in your voice and look for you everywhere but that is why I have kidnapped you, don’t you understand that. He slaps her and she turns and shows Karan a piece of paper on the ground.

Update Credit to: Sona

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