shivika ss – SE MIO part 11

Part 11

In my FF rumya are not married

Shivay: anika may I know where r u going?

Anika: even I don’t know shivay

Shivay: but what’s the need to go with him.

Anika: he is my friend shivay. How can I deny him.

Shivay: but when did you become friends?

Anika: oh shivay stop it. Now wear your shirt and leave from here. I can’t take risk anymore.

Shivay: but u still didn’t answer my question.

Anika: he is just a friend shivay. He never treated me as an employee.
He is very good.

Shivay: I want to spend some time with u.

Anika: shivay please understand. I also want to be with u. But I do pinky promise once I am back we will go out.

Shivay: hmm okay

Anika: now please leave

Shivay: par aise kaise (how can I)

Anika: what do u want now?

Shivay: that sound like Mrs. SSO. Now give me a kiss I will leave.

Anika: shivay r u drunk or took some painkillers. I think u r intoxicated.

She tried to move away from him. But he pulled her towards him. She collided on his chest.

Shivay: don’t u know anika I never compromise when it comes to deal. U have only one choice either give me a kiss nor let’s sleep on the bed.

Anika: r u mad shivay I’m not going to kiss u.

Shivay: I’ll give u 1 min. If u didn’t choose any one option then I will not leave your room.

Anika’s POV
What if someone see us together? I can’t let this happen. It’s just a kiss anika u can do anything. After all he is your husband not any random guy. Come on take a deep breath and do this.

Shivay: have u decided anika

Anika: hmm okay. But I will kiss only one time. U should close your eyes.

Shivay’s happiness had no bounds. He closed his eyes and was waiting for her. Anika leaned on him. He was waiting and suddenly felt some wetness on his cheek. He opened his eyes and looked at anika with disappointment. She sensed this and asked him.

Anika: now u got what u wanted so please leave from here.

Shivay: do u think I am a kid anika.

Anika: why u r asking such kind of weird and stupid questions.

Shivay: I asked u for a kiss.

Anika: I already did it.

Shivay: u didn’t anika. Let me show u what kiss means.

He pulled her closer and smashed his lips on her. He was exploring her every corner. Anika was too numb to react. She wanted answer for her questions. She wanted to know why her heart beat faster when he is near? Why she get butterfly in her stomach on his mere touch.

Once they felt need for oxygen they parted away from each other. Anika felt shy she blushed like a tomato.

Shivay: isse kehte Hain kiss Anika. (This is called as kiss Anika).
He don’t want to embarrass her more. He silently bid good night to her and left her room.

Anika was still not able to register what happened? She for a second thought shivay loved her. But again she feared of losing him. She thought that he still believe in khoon, khandhan and will never accept her love.

At morning

Shivay was setting his hair for 10th time.

Rudra: bhaiya I think u r a girl.

Shivay: shut up rudra. What r u saying?

Rudra: shivay bhaiya I am telling correctly.Look at yourself u r checking your self in the mirror continuously for a hour. By the way why r u getting ready so soon? R we going out?

Shivay: unless you complete your college project we r not going anywhere.

Rudra: but bhaiya

Shivay: no if’s or but

Rudra: ok bhaiya

Shivay’s pov
Now I have to find where arnav is going to take Anika?

He called Khanna and asked him to collect information about their whereabouts.

After ౩5 minutes Khanna informed him about their whereabouts. After getting information about their location he left from there.

On reaching the location he reminisced his past. Arnav had a beach bungalow in Singapore. During one of their vacation arnav and shivay visited this bungalow. They had lot of fun. He always shared all his secret with arnav. He wanted to say he liked Mallika but he didn’t say it to him. His one mistake changed their lives. He wished to be his friend again. But past cannot be changed and his ego will never let him to that. He brushed away his thoughts.
He entered the bungalow. He was surprised to see the arrangements.

The entire place was decorated. He knew that arnav was a romantic person. He is a one who follows brain when it comes to business and heart when it comes to relationships. He told to shivay many times he will marry a girl of his choice and will love her unconditionally. He will make her feel special and will bring entire world before her knees.

He moved towards the balcony and witnessed something which increased his rage.

He saw the entire garden was decorated with light, flowers and many more. He witnessed arnav bending on his knees before anika.

Arnav said this to anika

After meeting u…I think
My life is only for u,
My heart is only beating for u,
My ears is only hear u,
And I feel I am alive only for u
I lo…

But before he could complete shivay punched his face. Arnav wiped blood from his face. Shivay held arnav’s collar

Shivay: how dare u arnav? How can u propose Anika? I will not leave u today.

Anika: shivay please stop it.

Shivay: don’t say anything in between Anika.

He started to punch arnav.

Shivay: how dare you do this? She is my

Arnav: wife

Shivay stood in shock. He left his collar.

Shivay: how do you know this?

Arnav: u know what shivay u r a stupid. U don’t know how to value your relationship. She already told me
U r her husband.

Shivay: if u know she is married to me then why did you propose her?

Arnav: I was just taking a trail shivay. I want to propose a girl and Anika was helping me. As usual u misunderstood everything.

Shivay: I am sorry arnav I thought u want to win your challenge. So I just over reacted. 

Arnav: as expected shivay u can never control your anger. But if I met Anika in other circumstances I would have definitely chose her. U r so lucky to have her.

Shivay: I am sorry arnav

Arnav: no thanks or sorry between friends.

Shivay; friends?

Arnav: yes friends do u have any doubt.

Shivay: no I don’t have any doubt

He hugged arnav tightly and he too reciprocated.

AN: there is more to come. U will definitely see more jalkukda version of shivay.

Hi Everyone I am back with another update. I was planning to update after few days but your immense support and love made me to update immediately. Guys thanks for your support. If u want next update soon like and comment because I’M BAD NOT VERY BAD.

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