Shivika ss by nans (part 1)

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I will talk at end

So till now we have seen on ib tat ring finding ritual got completed.from there my imagination starts,

Anika is called for rasoii and she is left alone to prepare sweet dish but tia comes and taunts but anika ingnores her.when anika was busy at some other side tia tries add mirchi in ta dish but it falls and gets into her eyes.anika looks back at tia shouting and understands what she was going to do.
Anika: now u got it? Who is right who is wrong…
Tia fumes and leaves to her room to wash her face.

Here evryone assemble at dining table for ta ritual.
Dadi: as per ritual first anika has to make billu eat with her hands and then billu will .all couples should same.
Shivay is abt to say something but at very moment Mr and Mrs.shukla arrive.
Shivay goes and wish them.
Mrs.shukla: we couldn’t attend marriage so we came personally to wish u.where is ur wife?
Shivay: ha…anika…(and he realises what he was going to say)
All get surprised and smile.anika is also surprised but she knows this gesture is by mistake.
Tia comes and wishes them.saying “i am here “
Mrs.shukla: what’s this Mrs.oberoy u got married just 2 days back and u didn’t wear mangalsutra and sindoor?
All get tensed .
Tia mom(she came to stay there to make tia plan go smoothly): I think she came hurriedly to wish you ,I will get sindoor frm mandir.
Mrs.shukla: by the way who is she?(pointing at anika)
Shivay: she is my wi…..(all get surprised) I mean my wedding organiser.
Anika feels nothing.
Mrs shukla: I think she got recently married.see how beautiful she is with those bangles ,mangalsutra and bride should be like this.ur husband is so lucky to get a wife like you.
All smile at her.shivay gets mesmerised seeing anika wearing all those.
Tia mom comes with sindoor.and she is abt to give to shivay.anika is standing beside him and rudra beside her.rudra sees tia mom is abt to give he intentionally throws forks on table to floor and goes to tia mom showing fake love and makes her slip.anika was taking forks from floor and shivay who is abt to take sindoor bcoz of tia mom slipping the sindoor falls from his hand to anika maang.
Anika feels that by putting her hand over sindoor.she looks at shivay.shivay is also lost in her eyes.
Tia seeing tis fumes and pulls shivay towards her.
Tia: shivay baby make me wear all this when we r alone and kisses on his cheek.
Rudra fumes seeing n anika feel disgusted.
Later the couple guests leave giving gifts.

Dadi asks all of them to sit and do ritual.
Tia looks at shivay with fake sad expression and leaves with her mom to room with fake tears.but they hide and r watching ta scene.
Shivay: dadi I won’t do this ritual.I am sry but I can’t.I already said this marriage means nothing.its better u also get out of can u accept this road side girl as ur bahu.
Dadi: billu!!!!
Anika eyes become wet.
Anika: dadi I too can’t do this ritual.sry dadi and starts to leave.
But rudra stops her.
He drags anika.
Rudra: didi ! U can play with me atleast na?
Anika: rudra what r u saying?
Rudra holds her hands and starts thugdi forcefully.
As u all know anika was all depressed since 2 days how will she eat? And with this she got fainted.
Rudra intentionally leaves her towards shivay.shivay holds her and gets tensed seeing her unconscious.
Shivay: anika!! Wake up !! Rudra what’s tis.
Rudra signs om.
Om brings plate of food and says” shivay I think her bp gt low make her eat.”
Shivay: what?
Rudra: make her eat bhayya
Rudra taps anika cheek.” Anika didi !! Aaaaaaaaaa(indicating open her mouth)”
Anika : ha..
And shivay takes spoon with sweet with om insistence and makes her eat.
Omru smile.
Shivay makes her sit on chair.dadi makes her drink water.
Dadi: see that happened which god wanted.anika now u also make billu eat
Anika:no dadi.
Dadi: puttar cant u do this for me.
Anika couldn’t say no to dadi.
She looks at ta plate and takes spoonful of spicy food and puts ta spoon into shivay mouth forcefully.
Shivay couldn’t take tat much spice but he looks at dadi and calms himself looking angrily at anika.
Omru notice this and start giggling.
Later all disperse to their rooms.
Shivay: how dare u?( holding anika hand)
Anika: to feed u I need to dare?
Shivay: don’t take me lightly anika.u know what I can do.
Anika: I know Mr.shivay Singh oberoy what can u do, I exactly know u r an animal.
Shivay becomes furious and pins her to wall holding her hand more tightly.
Anika is getting hurt but she doesn’t makes a sound.
Shivay: u r right anika I am an animal and will go to any extent .don’t test my patients.and pushes her and leves from there.
Anika looks at her hand which got red marks.she goes and sits on couch near pool looking at water

Shivay goes to talk to tia.
Shivay: tia!
Tia: pls shivay baby for ur love I am silent after what anika did.but u r not taking stand for me.
Shivay: wait ,what? What anika did?
Tia: I thought to make a dish for u but she throwed mirchi in my eyes(she starts shedding crocodile tears)
Shivay: what? Anika will not do such a thing.
Tia: don’t u trust me Shivay baby? These middle class girls can do anything for luxurious life.
Shivay gets falshes of daksh and leaves from there furiously.tia smirks.

Here omru go to dadi.
Dadi: today u both killed it.rudra truly u r a dramebaaz.
Rudra: how can I will make ritual incomplete tat too of my shivay bhayya and bhabi!!!
Om lost in thoughts.
Dadi : om what happened?
Om: dadi u talked with anika na , why did she agreed for this type of marriage.she is self respected girl.she will never think of cheating us like this.
Dadi gets sad.
Om goes and sits in front of her knees,rudra too joins.
Rudra: dadi what happened?
Dadi explains what shivay did with anika to make her agree.
Tears roll down from omru eyes.
Om: how can he do this with anika? How can he? She is tat girl who saved him by staining her character and he did this.
Rudra: sa…. Sahil!!! Bhayya kidnapped sahil??
Dadi nods.
Om: he knows sahil is anika world.and still?……….if his love for his brothers is true then how can he do this with anika brother? He need to answer us.
And he takes rudra.

Here anika was sitting on couch near pool.
Shivay comes n shouts: anika!!!!
Anika stands before him.
Shivay: u throwed mirchi in tia eyes.have you lost it?
Anika: what? Why will I throw…
Shivay holds her hand: enough !!! Come and apologise tia right now
Anika: why will I apologise? I did nothing.
Shivay : anika I said apologise.
Anika: I won’t.
Shivay: anika!!!!
Anika: don’t shout!! I will not apologise for a thing which I didn’t do.
Shivay leaves her and lifts her immediately and throws her into pool.
Anika gets up and looks angrily at shivay.
Shivay sits on couch watching her.
Anika tries to come out.
Shivay: don’t u dare step out.till u agree to apologise ,u will stay in pool.u know very well what will I do if u don’t obey my order.
Anika remembers his torture on marriage day.
Shivay sits there looking at her furiously.(rewinding daksh thing)
He himself don’t know for which he is punishing anika,for sleeping with daksh or throwing mirchi? Whatever be it is anika is suffering for doing nothing actually not, for loving him she is suffering.
Anika starts shivering.
Shivay looks at her shivering and leaves from there furiously.just then omru comes n sees him leaving and anika in pool.
As soon as shivay steps out tears start rolling down from anika eyes.
She closes her eyes and closes her mouth tightly and starts crying vigourously without making noise.omru witnessing this also gets tears.
Om: anika!!!
Anika looks omru and wipes tears and comes out of pool shivering very badly.rudra gets towel and drapes makes her sit.
Om: did shivay make u stand in pool?
Anika doesn’t answers.
Om shakes her.
Anika looks at him with teary eyes.
Anika: actually I slipped into pool (with shaky voice)
Rudra: bhabi y r u lying?
Om looks at rudra and they both hold hands in front of anika.
Omru: forgive us.
Anika: what r u doing?( holds their hands and gently pushes them back)
Om: shivay did very wrong with u.dadi told us how he married u.we wre so proud of shivay before.we knew that he is somewhat rude thinks with mind but never thought he will stoop sow low.
Anika: leave it om now everything is over.
Rudra: no bhabi!! He has to apologise to u.
Om: he has to otherwise we will break evry relation with him.
Anika gets shocked.
Anika: r u both mad? Just leave it .
Om: no anika he has to accept his mistake.
Anika: om please!!! Whatever be the way ur brother treats evryone else, the love he shows for his family is true.u both r his life plz don’t fight with him for me.plzz
Rudra: why r taking his side after all this?
Anika: I will never take his side rudra.I hate him I hate him to core but i know how much u love him.plzz promise me u will not ask him anything abt this.plzz
Om: no anika.
Anika takes their hands n keeps it on her head.
“ u will not ask anything regarding this marriage truth to him”
Omru have now no choice left.

Later in night,
Anika sleeping on pool couch starts shivering and gets nightmare of she getting beaten by someone and is frightened in her sleep.shivay who looks at this comes near her.
Looking her frightened in sleep holds her.she has full fever.he gets medicine and tries to wake her up.but his ego is again hurt.he throws ta medicine.he fully drapes her with 2 blankets and sits near window watching her.

Precap:daksh is back , someone’s death, and if possible tia n dakhs truth revelation.

Guys I want to share u all saw acp shows a girl to prinku and says she is his sis.we all know he is planning something to revenge .may be tat girl is not his sis.but in my track his role ends there.acp sis is alive so he leaves prinku n om.I will pair prinku with some other guy in future.and for anika u know she gets nightmares of her sister who got separated with her in childhood.but in my track there is no sis for anika.she has some other past of orphanage .I will reveal it in next episodes.hope u don’t get confused.
U must have watched spoilers so do I.and I added those in my story with some modifications and more scenes.

Guys as I said this ss will be of painful emotions around today episode is also like that.but in future it will change slowly.plz comment if u like this….plzzzzzzzzzzz…….

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