Aadhe adhure – the incomplete desire (episode 18)

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Hi friends… I know u all r very much confused.. So I’m presenting the confusion clear part..

Link for previous part https://www.tellyupdates.com/aadhe-adhure-incomplete-desire-episode-17/

Third person POV….

It’s love , passion.. Or lust.. Of sahil..whatever it destroyed two lives.. It was evening sahil was with rajat.. They were busy in drinking

“Hats off u sahil Bhai.. But how did u know about swara’s memory loss drama.”

“Rajat, swara thinks herself smart.. But I’m two step forward then her.. When swara came to about sujata aunty’s condition of marrying kavita.. She decided to go away from sanskar’s life.. But that night.. Luckily Mrs Smith saw her.. She gave her this idea of doing memory loss drama..”

“But sahil.. How do u know this much..”

“Once, I saw swara with Mrs Smith.. Then I got I idea.. I send Tanya to his womanizer son.. And that stupid spewed everything.. To her.. I intensionally send Tanya.. Before her.. My plans worked.. Now she is mine..” Sahil said proudly..

“But sahil.. Still u can’t get her.. Even she didn’t kissed u..”

“What rubbish.. I spend night with swara.. And u r talking about kiss..”

“But all this only due to drugs.. Reality is that she can’t allow u to touch her.. Sanky is better than u.. He is a true men.. He got her on bed before marriage..” Rajat tried to manipulate the sahil.. But his real intension was to get swara’s body.. With the help of sahil..

“Shut ur mouth rajat..??”

“But it’s true.. Sanskar is better than u.. U even don’t have courage.. To kiss her.. Spending a night is so far.. ”

“Don’t challenge me.. Rajat”.. His anger.. And alcohol affected his pride..

” So prove it.. If she isn’t ready then forcefully made her urs.. Get her.. In ur arms.. “Sahil.. Was quite.. Because if he wanted to force her then Y he didn’t touched her before he could get her.. But for him.. Removing sanskar’s name from her heart is more important than getting her body.. ” what happened r u afraid then accept it na.. U r a losser.. Sanskar is better than u..”

“Ok, I’ll make her mine. If she didn’t agree I’ll force her.. I’ll show u..I’m better than sanskar..” He said but in mind.. He decided just to kiss her to show rajat.. Because he himself didn’t wanted to force his love..

Swara was broken down badly.. She knew now she had lost everything in her life. Her love, her soulmate sanskar.. “This heart is paining hubs, I love u. My one mistake broke everything in my life.. It’s very hard to live without u hubs.. I miss u.. ” she cried a lot.. Hugging his belongings.. His T-shirts, photos.. She knew now she can’t get him.. This was the last day she spend with him.. Just then shomi called her..

“Shona, beta come back.. He left u again..”

“Ma, hubs left me.. But I can’t left his house.. U even can’t came to see me at once in the hospital..”

“Sorry shona, I want to but ur baba was angry on U.. ”

Someone knocked the door..”ma I’ll talk to u later..” She didn’t paid attention that she didn’t properly disconnected the call..

“Sahil.. U how..” ?Sahil pushed her inside.. And rajat closed the door.. ” what r u trying to do.. I said leave..”

“Shona, listen to me.. See how much I love.. U… ” he tired to cupped her face.. But she moved backward..

“Go away else..”

“Shona, today I’ll make u mine..”

“I said leave..” But sahil.. Forcefully dragged her to the room… She was continuously beating him.. But he was very strong. On the other side.. Shomi.. Heard everything she informed everything to shekhar..

“Help.. Me..” She cried but rajat played the music at very high volume so that no one could listen her.. Sahil pushed her on the bed and closed the door.. He moved towards her..

“Shona, don’t afraid I’ll not do anything. I just want a kiss..” He moved towards her but she kicked him with all her forces…

“Don’t u..”?

” Y shona? We had already did this? Now what happens to u.. ” she started throwing things on him.. But he grabbed her both the hand and pinched her on the bad..

“Please leave me I love my hubs…” ?

“U r crying for him.. And he is planning for his new life… Tomorrow is his engagement with kavita.. ”

“Help me.. ” she shouted a lot..

“U r mine swara..” He tried to kiss her but she spitted on his face and snached his face…. And pushed him.. She tried to escape but he slapped her so hard that her head hit to the wall..

“Shona, sorry .. I don’t want to hurt u.. ” he moved towards her on the next moment she hit him with pot.. He fell down .. On the floor.. Listening this sound Rajat came inside.. Swara tried to moved out but rajat pulled her pallu..

“Where r u going swara.. ?” He pulled her..

“Rajat leave me.. “? she struggled ..

” u satisfied everyone.. Sanskar.. Sahil.. They tasted u .. Now my turn. It’s matter of One night stand with me.. ” swara’s eyes widened..

“U..”? she tried to slapped him.. But he hold her hand..and removed her pallu. He looked towards her navel..

” wao swara, belly ring.. U look dam hot and s*xy.. That’s why boys r mad for u..”

“I’ll kill u.. Rajat, u r married u have no manners..” SHe tried very hard but his grip was very tight..

“She is not my wife.. That Tanya is a pr*stituted…” Swara was shocked.. To hear this..


” ya babay, now give me love..I won’t disappoint u.. Give me a chance.. ” with this he tore her sleeps.. She bite on his hand.” Aww” . She snached his face .. With her nails.. He slapped her very hard..

“U cheap girl.. Trying to be pure.. U slept with them then what’s the problem with me.. ” he closed the door.. And opened his blet.. ” now I’ll get what I want..” For swara there wasn’t any way to come out.. Rajat moved towards her.. And to save her virtue.. She jumped out of window..

Rajat became shocked.. At that time shekhar came. He saw rajat threw window..And rajat ran from there.. Police caught the sahil.. That moment shekhar realised what he had done.. Swara’s condition told him everything.. He took her hospital..

“She is alright.. But was in shock.. She is calling hubs.. Call her husband..”

Here sanskar was crying.. Looking towards their marriage pic.. “How happy we were.. Shona Y u did this.. I love a lot.. ” just then sujata came..

“Sanskar..” She hugged him.. ” it had been soo many years.. My son didn’t slept in my lap..” Sanskar slept.. Just then his phone rang.. Sujata kept his head on pillow.. And moved outside..

“Hello sanskar beta..”

“Sanskar is sleeping.. Y u called him shekhar Gadodia” shekhar told her everything..

“Please call him.. We r in the hospital.. Swara needs him badly..” Sujata knew that if sanskar will came to know about it, he would definitely go with swara..

“Sanskar doesn’t want to come..” She disconnected the call.

Shekhar waited for an hour but sanskar didn’t came.. He again called but sujata disconnected the call.. Shekhar had no option left she called his biggest rival.. Ram..

“What happened ?how Mr Gadodia called me..”

“Ram.. Please meet me.. I need to tell u something it’s urgent..”

“It’s night.. I’m going to sleep we will meet tomorrow”

“Please I beg, u.. If u want I’ll left all the tender.. Please..”

“Ok..” RAM and shekhar met.. This meeting was very beneficial for both of them.. Shekhar told him about swara’s condition.. He explained him everything.. .. Ram called sanskar sujata picked it.. He asked sujata to call sanky.. But she lied..

“Sanskar doesn’t want to see her face.. I told him everything.. Now he went to kavita’s room.. Don’t disturb him RAM ji.. ”

“How could he.. She is his wife”

“Ram ji.. He said now he wants to move on.. ” RAM disconnected the call in anger.. Then he left to hospital..

“Beta” he kept his hand on her head.. “How’s u?”

” uncle where is hubs?? Is he outside.. ”

“Woh, beta he ”

“He didn’t came.. I deserve this uncle.. ” her heart was broke into pieces. She needed him..

Ram left with guilt he was very unhappy with sanskar.. Shekhar and RAM talk a lot and cleared their misunderstanding.. That were created due to sahil.. They were worng not to believe on their child but believed a stranger.. This was their biggest falt.. Now they realised their mistakes.. But that night.. A new friendship arised between them..

Being a mother.. Shomi’s pain was clearly seen in her eyes.. She knew she was equally responsible for her daughter’s condition.. Kavya and adarsh also came to hospital..

“Thanks beta u came..”

“She is my fried aunty.. Don’t leave that sahil.. Easily.. But aunty where is sanskar..”

“He didn’t came.. Tomorrow is his engagement with kavita..” Kavya was shocked.. But the shomi told her about their divorce. Then her accident. How sahil fooled them..

“How could this sanskar.. Do this Adarsh..”

“Be calm.. That sahil is my custody but his dad is trying hard to get him out..”

“Not sahil.. That rajat also deserves punishment..” Shekhar told them everything.. “Adarsh u r a police officer please help my daughter..”

“Sure uncle..”

Next day.. During whole engagement RAM was very angry on sanskar.. But when kavya and adarsh came.. Then ram’s misunderstandings cleared… he supported sanskar..

Swara’s POV..

Life had played a very pathetic game with me.. I m fighting for my pride but what after that.. Today I was very happy when I saw hubs is with me.. But when I saw his engagement ring.. My all hopes were scattered.. After filing the case.. We shifted to my parents house.. I was in my room.. Just then he came..

“Swara, can I ”

“Ya please.. ” he sit beside me.. He placed his hand on my hand..

“I’m sorry shona.. ” his eyes were filled with tears. He held my hand tightly.. I moved towards him to hug him but.. I felt something in his finger. It was his engagement ring.. I took my hand back..

“U need not to say sorry .. Sanskar..” I turned my face.. ” I’m fine.. All that happened with me because a cheater wife deserves this..”

“Shona..” He cupped my face..” I promise I’ll not leave them. After that I’m ready to bear any of ur punishment ” this heart again going towards him.. But I controlled myself.. I removed his hand.. I knew that all his concern was just sympathy on me..

” sanskar Y u came here..”

“Woh..shona.. I came here to.. ” his voice choked but I knew..

“U want to know what happened exactly.. Ok .. I was in the room crying for my husband. I knew he would never forgave me because I did biggest sin of my life.. My MA called me.. then someone knocked the door.. I disconnected the call and open the door . sahil and rajat was there but before I could react.. They pushed me inside and… ” he hugged me tightly.. He was crying..

“Shona, I love u. ” he hugged me more tightly.. ” I’m the worst hubs in the world.. I left u when u need me.. ” I too wanted to cry..

“Sanskar.. U r hurting me.. ” he broke the hug..

“Swara I’m sorry.. But u don’t worry.. I’m with u..”

“I’m also with u..” I voice came.. She was kavita..” Swara sanskar is not alone in this. I m with him.. Being a true partner.. Sanskar needs a assistant.. And I’m with him..”

“Kavita.. Y r u .”

“Offo.. Sanky.. We r getting married so it’s my job to be with u..”

“Thanks kavita..” I replied..

“It’s OK swara we both r with u..” She held his hand ” tell us what happened last night ” she was very closed to my hubs.. Sorry now he is not mine.. I turned my face..

“Sanskar u go.. I need to take rest.. ”

“But shona..” Tears was about to come out.. They were very hard to control..

“Please sanskar go..”


“Sanky.. She need some time.. Left her.. We will talk to her later..” She took him with her.. I immediately closed the door.. My tears loosed control and my legs didn’t have the strength to sand.. I broke down.. I kept.. Hanky on my mouth so that no one could hear my pain.. I cried.. And slept there..

My sleep disturbed in midnight. When I opened my eyes I found myself in his secure arms.. I tried to move..

“Sssh jaan.. Don’t move.. ” I hugged him tightly.

“I love u hubs..”

“I know jaan”

“She is mine..” I looked towards the door.. Sahil was there with a gun in his hand.. ” leave her sanky she is mine..”

“Shut up.. Stay away from my jaan.. ”

“Swara come..”

“No I won’t leave my hubs..”

“Ok then I have no choice left..” He shoot him..

“Hubs. ” I cried and I realised it was a horrible dream.. I was very much scared.. I heard a noise coming towards the window. There was my hubs.. I ran towards him and hugged him tightly..

“Hubs, r u alright..”

“Ya shona I’m fine..” I looked towards him.. He wiped my tears.. “Sssh don’t cry.. ”

“Hubs, I saw a horrible dream that sahil.. ”

“Don’t think about him.. “. I noticed blood strains on his shirt…

” hubs, r u alright this blood “..

” it’s nothing.. Jaan..I came through Window so.” Then I looked towards his ring.

“Sanskar.. U go from here. It’s too late..”

“So what, I’m with my jaan ..”

“I’m not .. Ur engaged sanskar.. What if ur fiance would see u here..” I moved away from him..

“I don’t care.. ”

“Sanskar.. It’s not right.. ” I turned my face.” Sanskar please leave. ” he hold my hand turned me..

“Sanskar.. Sanskar.. What this shona.. I’m ur hubs.. Y r u treating me like stranger..”

“Sanskar.. U forget .. That kavita and..”

“U r mine swara only my jaan..”

“I’m dirt sanskar..” On the next moment he captured my lips. Kissed me harshly.. Giving me the punishment for calling her jaan that..

“Don’t u say this again…”

“Y this sympathy sanskar…” He cupped my face..

“Shona, can’t u see love in my eyes for u.. Please.. ” his teary eyes were melting me.. ” I really love u.. U won’t love me.. ”


“Enough ur drama.. I know u love me.. Y r u doing this.. Shona.. ” he bend down on his knees and cried.. I can’t able to handle anymore.. I hugged him

“I love u hubs.. But..”

“Sssh forget everything.. ” I looked at this eyes.. Filled with love for me..

” but I cheated u..”

“I won’t believe it.. Jaan is there is anything weired happened in those 5 weeks.. Tell me everything..”

I narrated him.. Whole thing.. How happy I was when I knew I was pregnant.. How.. Sahil fooled me about babies… I also told him about my desires for him..

” after losing my child.. My desires for u increased.. My body was carving for love.. I tried very hard. But I wasn’t able to control them.. I was only thinking about making love with u.. Like this one week passed then the worst day came.. Sahil told if I wanted child.. He will give me love.. And I slapped him.. ” I explained him how I lost my control.. And give my body to him..

“I’m sorry hubs.. I’m very bad.. ” he hugged me..

“Realx .. I know that sahil.. He did something.. ” he cares my hairs.. ” is there is anything left..”

“No.. Hubs..”

” OK.. Now sleep.. Be ready tomorrow is our first day.. ” he was about to left..

“Hubs, wait.. How do u know Tanya..”

“What,.. What do u mean..”

“Hubs, when Tanya meet me.. She told me she is rajat’s wife..” I explained him everything.. ” but last night.. Rajat told me she is a pr*stituted.. “He think something..

” OK.. U sleep ” l slept and he kissed on my forehead.. ” sweet dreams.. ” he left.. I was feeling very good.. Just then I head a knock.. Kavita was there..

“Kavita.. U .. This time..”

“Swara im with u.. U don’t worry.. Me and sanskar will punish that sahil..”

“I trust hubs..”

“Swara.. I came here to tell u that.. U should keep some distance from sanskar I saw him coming out of ur room..”

“Woh.. Kavita..”

“Swara.. I know u r thinking that he forgave u.. But reality is that he is showing sympathy on U.. ”

I was quite..

“U think.. About it swara.. Sahil.. Did worng.. But u can’t change the fact. U cheated sanskar . other man touched ur body…. U r impure swara..”

Her words..were Hurting me..

“If u love him.. U think who is better for him… A impure wife.. Or a pure girl.. I left him.. When I knew.. He loves u.. Because I love him.. But u..”

“Kavita I’m sorry.. I was flowed in emotions..”

” I knew it swara.. U will take right decision.. I’m his fiance..and his future wife.. I can give him child.. Which u didn’t gave..”

“Kavita.. Take care of him.. I won’t come between u.. ” she hugged me..

“Thanks swara. I hope God.. Will give u all ur happiness.. Except sanskar..” She left.. I looked towards hubs pic..

“She was right hubs.. I don’t deserve u.. I’m a impure.. A dirt.. U deserves a pure love.. I won’t come between u both.. But u will always in my heart.. I’m still incomplete without u.. Hubs.. ”

Preacp: Tanya demands sanskar to spend a night.. Then she will tell him the whole truth..

Done with this chappy.. Hope u all not bored.. Ur friend nilu?

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