SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 12(ishqbaaz ff)


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It is morning and in hospital-

In shivaay’s ward

Shivaay slowly opens his eyes.

Shakti- good morning beta.
Shivaay (taking some time to realise that his father is actually standing there and wishing hm)- good morning papa.
Shakti- get ready fast and call ur ma she has called me several times since early morning.

Shivaay nods. Shakti moves out of the ward.

Shivaay slowly stands with the help of the bed, he stands like a statue for a while.

All the incidents of yesterday night play in his mind, and he is happy but there is rejection too.

Shivaay (thinking)- anika does look so beautiful, her dark shaded eyes, her heart capturing smile……………….………………wait wait wait, what am I thinking???? And what have I done????? Was I out of my mind yesterday?????? I called her MY paanika!!!………………………………….well she is my panika whose else can she be she is only
mine…………………….no no no control yourself she is just ur employee nothing else……………………really?????? She is nothing else to me? She is something more than that

Shivaay’s thoughts were interrupted by his phone, it was ringing and it’s screen flashed ‘ma’

Shivaay picks up the call

Shivaay- yeah ma, I just got up a few minutes ago……………………yeah I am just going to get ready……………………bye

In anika’s ward

Shakti comes in
Shakti- good morning anika
Anika- good morning uncle
Shakti- when did u get up?
Dadi- to get up, person has to sleep first. Everytime I got up to check on her, she was wide awake and lost in her own world. (in mind)the world which u will stay happy in forever only if u accept it.
Shakti- anika???
Anika- no uncle, its nothing as such. I was just not getting sleep and…………..i was just thinking about sahil (lying)

Dadi(thinks)- how much will u lie and run from urself anika?

Anika(thinks)- u r mad anika. U were thinking of only billuji yesterday and see now u r feeling so tired and sleepy…………………. But he called me his panika and his eyes were filled with tears when he saw me conscious may be happy tears that flowed………….. seriously anika!!! U spent the whole night because of these two stupid incidents???………………but they r not stupid incidents they r rather cute………………….CUTE!!!??? what am I thinking and feeling?????? Control anika!!!

After a few hours omru, pinky, prinku and jhanvi arrive and ask shakti and dadi to go home and rest

Omru go into shivaay’s ward

They have light chit chat and then rudra gets excited and restless

Shivaay- rudra why r u excited and restless?
Rudra-bhaiyya, love angel’s show is going on and she will take the last call now and I want to be the last caller because I was the first caller???
Shivaay- seriously? When u have already called her first then why do u want to talk again?
Rudra- I want u too to listen to her, but this idiot man is not winding up his talk.
Om- rudra relax even he has his own love life problems.
Rudra- not bigger than the one we have right now!!!
Shivaay- ok ok. Calm down

At last the other caller finishes with his talk.

Love angel (on radio obvio)- so now I will take my last………..
Before she could complete rudra called her

Rudra- hi love angel
Love angel- hi amar prem!
Rudra- wow! U again guessed right. But how?
Love angel- of course by ur voice and ur timing u r always my first and last caller.

Rudra (to shivom)- see she is so intelligent??
Shivaay- when u will call someone more than three times a day, then that person will recognise u without u mentioning ur name.??
Rudra (to shivaay)- bhaiyya u talk of ur problem to love angel and see she will solve it very easily.
Shivaay- really? Ok!

Rudra gives him the phone

Shivaay- hi love angel I am rud… I mean amarprem’s brother
Love angel- hi. So what is wrong in ur life? U can share with me and I can solve it.

Shivaay (limping to the veranda of his ward)- there is a girl in my life and the problem
Love angel- ok. but isn’t it normal for any person to have at least one girl in his life????
Shivaay- no I mean yes but not the king she is. She is very different. She irritates me, makes me go crazy and yeah I do accept that I feel and behave different when I am around her, she just somehow makes me feel alive and it pains me to see her hurt. I tried avoiding her but just cant resist her, she is just like a magnet that attracts me.

Love angel- when she effects u so much, why do u want to avoid her?
Shivaay- I am not affected by her and why should I, she is a middle class girl and………………….
Love angel- oh so I get it she is a low level girl who lives in a cramped place and is cheap and stuff. She does not belong to high class. So she has no class, lineage…..
Shivaay- hey! How dare u say that about her????
Love angel- but u only told that she is such
Shivaay- she is not such. She might be a middle class girl but not cheap . she does not belong to the high class but she has the dignity and self respect.
Love angel- see u r affected by her! U cant take it if anyone says anything about her. U r connected to her by a strong bond and such bonds r very rare and u want to break it?
Shivaay- what? Who……who said about breaking I just want to stay away from her.
Love angel- soooo when u want to avoid her then the best way is to break the bond or relationship u have. In that case, u wont have to see her or hear her

Shivaay could just not take the fact of staying away from anika, not listening to her tantrums and not seeing her felt like something just pricked his heart.

In anika’s ward prinku puts on the radio and changes it to love angel’s show

Back in shivaay’s ward

Love angel understood the silence

Love angel- see u do not want to her to go away from u and cannot let her go away form u, if she goes away ur happiness and thrill of life will go away. If u don’t want to accept her as anything else then at least accept her as a friend, may be this might help u.
Shivaay- yeah maybe
Lovel angel- so is it solved?
Shivaay- yeah may be
Love angel- so that was today’s morning show’s last call.

Shivaay keeps the call and slips into deep thought.

On the other hand anika also slipped into deep thought (she too was listening to the last part when prinku turned the radio on)

Later that day in the evening

In shivaay’s ward

Shivaay tries to get down from his bed to go somewhere but rudra enters with prinku and stops him.

Rudra sees him.

He makes shivaay sit on his bed

Rudra- bhaiyya where r u going u r not supposed to go anywhere out.
Shivaay- hey! I am fine now and I am getting discharged today right?’.
Prinku-so, will u come home in this hospital dress or will u change? Pls bhaiyya go and change you and rudra bhaiyya have to reach home’.
Shivaay- anika is not coming?
Rudra- anika did will get discharged after 13 days.

Shivaay gives a blank look.???

Prinku- bhaiyya what happened?
Shivaay- nothing. I will change and come

Shivaay goes.

In anika’s ward

Om informs anika about shivaay’s discharge and they were having a light chat. Anika through the window saw shivaay slowly walking and she has her eyes stuck on him.

Shivaay was slowly walking and suddenly he felt so much pain in his leg and he was about to fall

Anika shouts (not in a very loud voice)- billuji!!

Shivaay balances himself but feels anika and hesitates to look that side

Om looks at anika with a surprised look

Om- what happened anika?
Anika- om! Go and help billuji na. it is difficult for him to walk without support.
Om(looks at the window and sees shivaay and then looks back at anika)- have u been looking there all the while?

anika gives a angry+irritated wala look

om- ok ok I am going to help.

om goes and anika smiles.

Precap- shivaay in his room thinks ‘how should I ask her? Will she accept? Of course she will accept, no one can reject shivaay singh oberoi……….but she is anika! For her I am only shivaay!!’ on the other hand anika too is thinking ‘love angel is right. But how will I ask him? And what if he rejects??’

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  1. WOW. That’s lovely. Waiting for next????

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    1. SamSun

      Thank u shama di. All I do is just write what plays in my mind and then all I have to do is wait for the response. I happy that u read my ff without a skip?

      1. Madame tab tak links milege tab tak easy hai Nahi toh wall hai na and yaa I read a ff which tempt me and ur one really does that..

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  13. Wow
    This is soo good ?
    This is 100 times better than the current track…that’s become simply idiotic nowadays

    It feels great that finally their love story will start !!! No matter if it’s not the serial but ff
    And u write really well.
    Don’t stop writing !

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      Thank u so much mansi?. I know the serial has become a bit boring now and just hope that it gets bettet.
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