SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 11 (ishqbaaz ff)

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Thank u guys for all the sweet and encouraging comments and pls keep commenting and supporting. I am sorry for not commenting on all ur ffs, I was quite busy and I saw all ur comments for my 10th epi today so I really sorry but all of the ffs are going awesome (I just read them), I will surely comment today and sorry for not commenting.

Links for all parts :-
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Epi 10-

In anika’s ward

Pinky, jhanvi, dadi, tej, Shakti enter

Dadi- anika, how r u feeling?
Shakti- ur head is not aching na?
Pinky- how did ur hand gets fractured??!!
Jhanvi- yeah, did u twist ur hand?

Anika was just staring at them and not able to answer the questions she was bombarded with.

Tej- and what I did not understand is how did u get more hurt than shivaay? I mean whenever an accident happens it is the person sitting in the driver’s seat whose is in a critical state but here it is the opposite, how is that possible?

This question of tej took anika back into the past when the accident happened and she reminisced the scene.

Rudra- this happens when the person sitting on the driver’s seat is held back by the other person like a seat belt.

Omru who were at the door enter.

All the elders in the ward were confused except dadi cause she knows what had happened.

Om narrates the whole story of how anika saved shivaay from serious injury and all were standing there with mixed emotions.

Pinky- anika, I did not knows u would go to this extent to saves my shivaay!
Jhanvi- neither did I
Shakti and tej- nor did we!

Dadi- forget all of that. Thank u anika, I don’t know what would have happened to shivaay if u were not there.
Anika- are dadi pls don’t thank me, I did what I felt was right.
Om- but still, u risked ur own life to save shivaay’s. thank u
Anika- but om how did u get to know what had happened?
Rudra- didi, only u and shivaay bhaiyya know what had happened in detail about the accident, u were not awake to tell us so who is left??????……… shivaay bhaiyya! Right? So obviously shivaay bhaiyya only told us !!!!!!!
Om- did u have to tell it twisting it this way? Couldn’t u straight away say that shivaay narrated us the story?!!?

On listening to shivaay’s name, anika slipped into her own world which only revolved around shivaay, the world which was not yet accepted by her.

She reminisced shivaay sitting beside her bed and caressing her forehead and his teary eyes.

Just then she managed to ask out the question

Anika- how is billuji?

Rudra looks at her rolling his eyes in a naughty way

Dadi- anika! U have just come out of a fight with death and u r asking about billu?

Anika- no……… there is nothing like that………………. I was just……asking.

Dadi has a slight smile on her face.

In shivaay’s ward

Shivaay is restless cause he is unable to meet anika. Prinku sees his restlessness and understands it is for anika.

Prinku- shivaay bhaiyya, u have already seen anika and now she is conscious and out of danger what else do u want?

Shivaay- I want to meet her, I did not talk to her, I myself want to hear from her that she is fine, how do u expect me to keep calm when anika is still so weak and I am not even able
to do anything??? (he says all of this in one breath)
Prinku- bhaiyya pls relax, so much stress only for anika! For an ordinary girl!! (she purposefully says ordinary girl)
Shivaay- she is not an ordinary girl prinku! She is way more than ordinary, for me she is very spec…………………………………… (he realises what he was about to i.e. special)
Prinku- for YOU she is very….??????
Shivaay—nothing. Just give me some water pls.

Prinku gives him water, he is about to drink water and sees the water filled glass and his mind fills up only with his and anika’s moments, all the water throwing moments i.e. their paanibaazi.

Prinku- shivaay bhaiyya! What happened why r u not drinking?

Shivaay comes back to the real world

Shivaay- huh?…………….yeah………………….um……………I ……………I am drinking.

Pinky and jhanvi enter

Jhanvi- prinku u go home and rest u might tired after the journey from ur camp and u stayed here till now so u go.
Prinku- but ma………………
Pinky- no buts, u rest there we all r here to take care of shivaay and anika. And yeah take omru along with u they also need rest.

Prinku nods positively and leaves.

Prinku goes to a balcony kind of place where omru r already present there.

Rudra- o don’t u think that anika didi and shivaay bhaiyya should just stop running from their feelings.
Om- wow! Rudra u at last spoke something which makes sense. I agree
Rudra- wow! O u at last agreed with me! (he says it in the same tone as om did)

Prinku giggles

Rudra- prinku why r u giggling? Is there something on my face?!!!!!
Prinku- no no there is nothing on ur face. I was laughing at ur small fight.
Prinku- but om bhaiyya I feel that it is high time that shivaay bhaiyya and anika didi accept their feelings.
Om- yeah even I feel so. Now we only should do something.
Rudra- hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Rudra opens his mouth to say something but stops)
Om- what????
Rudra- I know a person who can help us out and give a brilliant idea or in anika didi’s language give a khidki tod idea.
Om- really? Who?
Rudra- love angel!
Prinku- yeah she can help us out.
Rudra- but we missed her podcast and now we will get to hear her tomorrow
Prinku- it is ok we will wait. Ma and choti ma told that the three of us should go home and rest today.

Om(sighs)- we cant argue with ma or choti ma so lets go.

Omru and prinku leave for OM.

On the other side dadi asks jhanvi and pinky to go home as they were here since yesterday, tej goes along with them.

It is night

Shivaay gets up from his sleep and sees shakti is also sleeping. He thinks of something and tip toes out of the room. He quietly goes into anika’s ward or rather sneeks into anika’s ward. He does not see dadi there. He moves towards anika who was sleeping peacefully.

Shivaay sits beside her bed and keeps looking at her and a smile creeps upon his face.

Shivaay (thinks)- how peaceful she looks while sleeping. But when she is awake, she wont sit still for a while or even keep quiet. Maybe this is what attracts me towards her. Her beauty knows no bounds. The way she acts around me, the way she irritates me and brings a smile upon my face, no one in the world can do that. She is just different from all other girls. She is independent, strong, she is not influenced by anyone so easily, she is carefree, she is brave……………………yes she is brave, she risked her life for my sake, not once but always. Any incident that took place to harm me or my family was always engulfed by anika. She has always protected me and stood by me.
Just then he felt a hand over his hands, it was anika. She was awake now. He was so immersed in his thoughts he did not see her wake up.

Anika- billuji! What r u……

Shivaay puts his hand on her mouth

Shivaay- sshhhhhhhhhhh. Dadi will come in hearing u.

He slowly takes his hand off her mouth

Anika ( in a lower voice)- but what r u doing here? U should be in ur ward not in mine looks like u have got it wrong ur ward is somewhere else and this is my ward. Now don’t tell me that I am in wrong place because I cant be in wrong ward because I have not moved out of this room and when I have not moved out of this room, then how will I be in wrong room. U r in wrong room. But why r u in wrong room? That too at this hour? Why r u not sleeping? U should be taking rest. And……………

Shivaay- shhhhh shhhh. How much do u talk and how many questions do u ask? I came here to check on u if u r fine and to say………

Anika- and to say??

Shivaay- thank u…………….thank u for saving my life …once again

Anika- I will not forget this date……….never ever in my life. Shri shri shri kanji aankho wala bagad billa has come to ME and said THANK U!!! (she says this in a teasing and funny

Shivaay- I too will not forget this day, cause today my panika won the battle with death too.
(he says this in an emotional way)

They share a sweet, cute and romantic eye lock.

But it is broken by dadi. She enters anika’s ward by calling ‘billu!!!!’

Shivika come to their senses and look at dadi. Shivaay starts to think now what will happen and what should I tell dadi?

Dadi- billu what r u doing here? U should be in ur ward resting.

Dadi sees anika awake and then looks at shivaay and understands the situation.

Dadi- billu! Go and rest and let anika also rest.

Shivaay goes to his ward and is happy cause he got a chance to see anika.

Screen freezes on shivaay’s happy face and anika’s confused face.

Precap- shivaay tries to get down from his bed to go somewhere but rudra enters with prinku and stops him. Rudra sees him. He makes shivaay sit on his bed and says ‘bhaiyya where r u going u r not supposed to go anywhere out’. Shivaay replies saying ‘hey! I am fine now and I am getting discharged today right?’. Prinku says ‘so, will u come home in this hospital dress or will u change? Pls bhaiyya go and change you and rudra bhaiyya have to reach home’. Shivaay asks ‘anika is not coming?’. Rudra says ‘anika did will get discharged after 13 days’. Shivaay gives a blank look.???

I am sorry. I thought of writing a longer one but no time. But next time I will try and write a longer one and precap pakka.

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