After working the whole day shivay is tired and sits on bed .he has some temp and gets up to take some medicine. Anika enters and see him taking medicine. Anika, “Fir medicine aapko mene mana kiya tha na aap yeh bin faltu Ki extra daviya nahi loge aapko pata hai yeh kitni dangerous hai aapke liye” and she takes those medicine from his hand he saves rudely ”Anika give me my medicine back” and she runs shivay runs after her and after her chasing game at last the medicine fall in the pool and Anika is on the verge of falling but shivay hold her. That srk pose. But she really feels that he was not taking extra medicine instead he has with guilt she touches shivay’s head and get worried ”ohh bete ki aapko toh sachi mein aa ugale re ho.aur mene sara raita fela Diya.” And makes a puppy face. Shivay ”wats this language see you always spoil everything ”and feels week and gets a call

.Anika thinks something and goes she comes with a towel and a bowl of hot water and Vicks. Seeing all this shivay say ”now wats this’ ‘Anika ”aapka ilaj.kya.aap idhar aayi ye”.she keeps the bowl on the bed puts some Vicks make shivay sit and cover him with towel.he comes out and shouts” what the wuck”.she again leads with him’ ‘are aap ek baar karke toh dekhiye mast dhinchak lagega aur aapki sardi yu chali jayegi” in the steam and ask him to take deep breathes and inhale the Vicks steam. During this their head touch and they get an eye lock. But the hot steam brings shivay back to senses and he says,” enough” but Anika again tries and in their fight shivay’s phone which was in shivay’s hand falls in bowl and he looks at her angrily but someone call Anika and she leaves frightened and holding her ears and making puppy face.

shivay is sleeping and Anika come and check her temp and finds till hot. So she makes cold water strips and place on his head. All night she was awake taking his care and at last sleep sitting beside him.

It’s morning and shivay feels now better and slowly opens eyes and sees Anika beside him. He slowly lift from their but Anika feel his hand moment and wakes up and tensely ask ab aapko kaisa lagra.he says better. She quickly makes espresso for him and give him and ask him aaj aap din bhar rest karoge bhot mushkil se toh tabiyat thik hui hai nahi mujhe bhot kaam hai tum sojao tum raat bhar nahi soyi mere nind ka kya Hai. Pehle aap promise karo ki aap kahi nahi jaoge and sneeze now she got the cold.dekha tuhe sardi bhi hogayi tum so jao.aap ko tadi marna jaroori hi mein bolri hoon na aap rest karo.nahi tum meri kabhi sunti q nahi .nahi aap toh meri bhot sunte ho na he angrily picks her aap and ;lay her on bed they get an eye lock. Her bracelet entangle into his shirt cuff they remove. She hold his hand and say ok I will lay only and only if you rest .so he without having any option nods. She cutely ask pinky promise. And they do pinky promise.

Precap:omru are shocked seeing shivika sleeping hand in hand.
together “yeh kab Hua?”

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