Bigg Boss 10 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inmates wake up dancing to ‘Punjabiyadi Battery’ finding joy, or at least a bit of momentary solace.

Manveer says to Manu that i felt last night someone was beating you, i feel pain in chest, i cant take out my anger like you, you hit some places to take out anger, Manveer says commoners are fighting, celebs never fought or did things like that, these commoners are killing each other with personal comments.

Lopa asks Swami to put his clothes in luggage room which Bigg boss has sent for all inmates. Priyanka says to Lopa that i will throw all clothes in pool, Lopa says whose? Priyanka says all clothes, Lopa says i am not scared of you, Priyanka goes to throw her dress, Lopa says i was telling Bigg boss’s order, i am not your servant, you are doing drama, you have no fever, you and Swami are fooling us, Lopa asks Swami to put your daughter’s clothes in store room, i am not your servant to put her clothes, Swami says i wont, Priyanka says Swami wont do my any work, food will come from outside. Lopa says put her dress in store room, Swami says till Priyanka dont tell me, Lopa says hell with both of your, Priyanka throws her things away and cries, she says she is destroying my life, Lopa says same to you, Priyanka swears at Lopa, Lopa swears same back at her, Priyanka says they are treating me and she is saying i dont have fever. Lopa shouts and gets angry, she kicks confession room and screams at top of her voice to open door, she is agitated, Bani and all comes to her, Bani says just because she says it.. calm down, she is not worth it, not worth it, Lopa kicks door, Bani leaves. Manveer calms her down, and says they wil open it, Lopa says all are making fun, why this bigg boss is not understanding? i want to talk to him, she is doing drama but is called everytime by you but our lives are made as hell here, this is not our lives, we have lives out of house, throw this woman out.
Bani says to Gaurav that Priyanka is not the one to be argued with, Gaurav says she is in fighting mood since yesterday, why talk with her? Bani says rise above situation.
Lopa says this woman is throwing clothes everywhere, she is brought from road, this girl has no respect. Swami says dont say all this, Manveer shouts at him to shut up. Priyanka says women die like this, women have problems but this Lopa doesnt know it, her mother didnt tell her problems. Swami says this is bigg boss’s house. Manu says you are his dog.
Priyanka says i am coming Lopa, if i can give birth infront of world then why not you? she gets up but Bigg boss says all inmates have right to say anything but we hope to be peaceful, we are giving last warning to Priyanka to control her language and anger.
Lopa cries and says he is interfering after all this happening, she cries, Niti says we will throw them out if they do this again.

Lopa is called in confession room, she cries and breakdowns. She says i cant handle it. Lopa says your show will be hit but my life shoults be destroyed, i have represented my country for 35days, i have title and this girl who has no identity is saying these things to me. Bigg boss says you were mistaken too, if someone is using foul language then her image is going down but you say back to her same words then you are wrong too, Lopa says i am sorry to say those words, Bigg boss says human makes mistake, few accept mistakes, you are accepting it so it means you wont repeat them, Lopa says yes.
Bani comes to Priyanka and asks if you want anything? Priyanka says i am a woman too, i have needs too. Bani says to Priyanka that i am seeing since yesterday that you are crossing line and today too, with her you used ill words, calling her ill words.

Bani says to Gaurav that Lopa is feeling more bad that she used same swears for Priyanka as Priyanka said for her, Gaurav says her prominent turnaround comes out in situation but after she realizes that she shouldnt have said it as it didnt sound good and she repents it. Bani says she was calling me cheap and hypocrite, and what she said to Priyanka? the one who is mother of two kids, Gaurav says Priyanka has crossed all limits, she is so rude, Bani says dont even have words to use for her.

Bigg Boss announces the ‘Family App task’ wherein they will get an opportunity to reunite with their near and dear ones. As per the task, a battery will be placed in the garden area charged up to 100%. Bigg Boss will call the contestants one by one in the activity area and give them four options to choose from and meet their family members. Options entail meeting in person, video message, written message or voice message. Every time a contestant chooses an option, the battery will go down by a certain percentage. Manu and Om Swami who are made to be the batteries and they have to make sure that the app’s battery never drains out, battery can low if rules are broken, if battery gets low then task will end.

Bigg boss calls Priyanka in activity area. Manu says now we are done, Mona says she will use 100% battery.
Priyanka goes inside the activity area is Priyanka who gets four options:
1st option: Meet her kids for 2minutes, will use 30% battery
2nd option: Meet her kids for 10minutes, will use 60% battery
3rd option: her message written by her kids, will use 310% battery
4th option: Talk with her kids on phone, will use 20% battery

Priyanka cries and chooses an option to unite with her kids. She decides to use 60% battery to meet her kids for 10 mins. Priyanka is shown her kids Alex and Jermaine. Bigg boss says your kids will come to meet you soon.

Alex and Jermaine, enters the house and Priyanka bursts into tears. Kids laugh seeing house for real. she runs and hugs him. Swami runs to them too, Manveer and Manu take them in arms. her kid is more interested in gym there. Manu says dont care if we lost 60%. Lopa comes there and smiles at them, Priyanka asks her kids if they missed her? he nods, Manver lifts one kid. Rohan lets take them inside. One kid says to Swami that my mom cries for you too. Priyanka take kids to bedroom. One kid says whom were you fighting with? they said you had bad fight, Priyanka says with Lopa. Priyanka calls Lopa. Lopa comes there and says hello, she says this is for you, she gives chocolate to kids, he asks if you talk in hindi? she says yes, he says promise? she laughs and says yes, he is so cute, Priyanka says he is Jermaine, Lopa hugs Alex and picks him, he says why you both were fighting? Lopa says we didnt fight.
Manu says to inmates that she has so beautiful kids, why she is fighting? Mona says yes, they are so nice. Lopa calls them inside, Manu calls Alex pretty, Alex calls him pretty too, Alex asks Lopa to give her necklace to his mom, Lopa gives it to Priyanka, Priyanka wears it. Priyanka says i love you both. Bigg boss says Priyanka.. Alex says who is it? all laugh, Bigg boss says time for kids to leave, Priyanka hugs them and says go. Inmates thank bigg boss. Gaurav lifts one kid and Niti lifts other. Priyanka says take care you both. Kids leave house.

Manveer sings song and hugs Manu.
Bani says to Priyanka that if my kids came in house, i would be like dont even touch my kids after what she said, are you crazy, i dont forget things easily, Priyanka says i am a mother and mother cant fight infront of kids, i cant do that infront of them

Next one to be called inside the activity area is Gaurav who is given options to meet his brother for 2mins using 27%, or meet him for 50mins using 50% battery, get his letter for 5%battery or speak to him over a call using 20%battery. Gaurav says we dont have 50%battery so i cant use that option. He uses 27% battery to meet his brother for 2 mins in the confession area. Manu says he chose right thing.
Gaurav’s happiness knows no bound after he sees his brother Raghav on Tv, he runs and comes in confession room and hugs him, Gaurav says i missed you, Raghav says everything fine, Gaurav asks about his family, Raghav advises him to take less stress and to keep going strong in the game. Bigg boss says your time is finished, Gaurav hugs Raghav and says i love everyone and emotions are clear after this, Gaurav comes out of confession room.
Gaurav tell inmates that i met my brother, all are happy.

Mona is the next one to go inside the confession room where she is given several options to meet her boyfriend Vikrant:
1st option: meet her boyfriend Vikrant for 2mins, will use 43% battery
2nd option: meet her boyfriend Vikrant for 10minutes, will use 53% battery
3rd option: Get his message, will use 13% battery
4th option: Talk with Vikrant on phone, will use 20% battery

She starts crying and pleads Bigg Boss to get her to meet him and says how to meet him? i dont have battery, Bigg boss says we are giving you chance to recharge battery, if you make Swami and Manu agree that they will not use luxury budget till end of season then battery will be charged to 99%, all the best. Mona leaves.
Mona comes out and asks Swami and Manu to come. Manu says dont cry, Mona tells him that they have to give up luxury budget, Manu says thats all? there is no problem, we are giving it up, swami says i can do anything for my housemates of Bigg boss, Manu announces that me and Swami wont use luxury budget, increase battery. Mona cries, Swami asks her to go. Battery is charged to 99%, all are happy.
Mona comes to activity room and chooses option to meet Vikrant using 53%battery.
Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant comes in house, Mona hugs him and cries. Mona says what is all this? Vikrant meets Swami, Swami hugs him, Mona says Priyanka see. Vikrant says to Manveer i am not your fan anymore, Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant says to Manu that we talked on phone too, Mona says when? Manu says talk to him rightnow. Mona takes him aside and asks Vikrant why you are miffed with me? Vikrant says to Mona that Manu said your image is not good, he hugs her and cries, they both cry. Vikrant says i see everything here. Vikrant says to Manu that i am not a bad person, i saw Priya loves you and Manu loves Priya, Priya said that Mona is behind Manu and desperate, i thought it might be Mona’s game as Mona loves me, i am miffed with you, i see everything, i see telecast 24hours, 10weeks friendship took away 8years of relationship, how can you say infront of a girl that her boyfriend is filthy and Mona agreed, Mona says when? Vikrant says i like you Manu but you said you want to slap me? Mona you wont get real friends in life, Lopa says i have never seen love like Mona’s love for you, their friendship might be portrayed differently, i have seen her cry for you daily, she wont spoil her relation with you for any show, Vikrant says i am saying nobody can separate me from Mona, Lopa says thats great, all clap. Vikrant says i cant bear people saying things about Mona but i was called filthy and she was silent, Manu says what was wrong? you dont know how to represent yourself on TV, Vikrant says dont tell me that, i am an actor, Manu says your tone was different, Lopa says many things happen in this house in one day. Bigg boss asks Vikrant to leave house. Mona hugs Vikrant. Vikrant says to Mona that they show everything, everything is nice outside, Mona hugs him and says you dont know how much they care for me, Vikrant leaves.

Manveer says Vikrant has good body.
Bani says to Gaurav that awesome happened outside.
Manu says to Mona that he just said script and didnt even talk to you alone, he was just acting, if he wants to talk to me, he could have cursed me in ear but he wanted to show off.

Manu says that dog didnt even talk to you with love and just said filthy words. Mona says again cursing him? Manu says sorry, i was angry, he could have talked to me alone but why he said infront of all? Mona whispers something in his ear, Manu says say it, what else he said? Mona covers mic and whispers in his ear again. Battery starts getting low. Manu says no one slept then why bigg boss cutting points? Bigg boss says you are right no one slept but covering mic and talking is breaking rule of house too which Mona and you did.

Rohan is in confession room, he is given options to meet his brother:
1st option: meet his brother Sidhant for 2mins, will use 25% battery
2nd option: meet his brother Sidhant for 10minutes, will use 45% battery
3rd option: Get his message, will use 10% battery
4th option: Talk with Kanchi on phone, will use 25% battery

Rohan says i want to meet Sidhant for 2mins. Bani says not bad. Rohan runs and goes in confession room. He hugs Sidhant. Sidhant comes in house, Bigg boss says you wil meet him in confession room only. Sid and Rohan comes in confession room. Sid says all know families, you behaved maturely, be decent always, take a stand for yourself and also people supporting you like Lopa, Sid hugs Rohan and leaves.

Manu says Manver people are watching entertainment but these inmates are just finding weakness, her lover is saying that we held hands, i dont remember that but still i just held hand, he makes her do movies, Manver says we can answer him but we respect Mona, Manu says he was guest of Bigg boss so we had to respect him. Manu says Mona did great work, Mona told him that we are great friends, Mona doesnt lie, she told Vikrant that they both took care of me for 60days, but he was just repeating script.

PRECAP- Manver is given option to meet his father. Manveer gets emotional seeing his father. He falls in his feets and cries, Father picks him up and hugs him, Manveer cries, father asks him to not cry.
Bani is given option to meet Gauhar but battery is 6%, if Manu and Swami agrees to nominate themselves for next week then battery will be increased to 100%. Bani tells this to Manu and Swami. Swami says i get evicted. Manveer says this is mistake at this stage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. guyz priyanka jagga has quit the show . before the weekend ka vaar . salman khan ask priynka to leave the show . nhi toh wo show m hi apna temper loose kr denge ku ki usne HMs ko bhut Galt bola hai . priyanka become rude with salman khan also . so she quit the show

    1. ShriyaT

      Simran same thing i have posted???

      1. Shriya i think it is good for every one in the house what you say

    2. yeahhh….party time guys

  2. Time to Party..
    Jagga is out of Big bosss,, due to health reasons
    & swami is also nominated next week.. & wid high chances he may get eliminated too..

  3. Akhir bani ne dikha hi dia selfish queen…priyanka is damm sweet to me..mere liye khana banati hai..kamini tujhe kisi aur se matlab ni hai…phir salman ko toh kisi ki class ni leni chahiye kyunki usse toh saab thik rehte phir kyun bechara har hafte sahi aur galat ka faisla karne ata…uss kamini bani ki tarah agar salman bhi soche toh koi baat hi ni hai.sali bani kamini selfish…akir salman ne nikal hi dia usko

    1. Heyy bani ne galat kya bola hai?? Jab om ne bani ki maa ko bolatha “teri maa maregi” tab tho kisi ne om se baat krna choda nahi..firstly niti ko ye sawal bani se krne ka koi hak ni he jab om ne bani ki maa ko bola tab usne uske saat diya… Bani dusre ki kyu soche jab uske liye koi nhi he tho… Om ne bani ko galat bola tho usne baat krna chod diya. Baaki sab tho om se baat krte h… Lopa ko galat kaha tho uske frds ko galat laga.. Bani ko tho kuch bola nii.. Thoo uska mann kisi se b baat kare

  4. Yeh gaurav kutta se kutta hai..aur yeh bani bhi..kutta kaise assume kaise kar sakte hain ki lopa ke ghar se koi ni aya hai…sala kutta

    1. Gaurav ne bani se baat kiya hai usme galat kya hai?? Kya peet peeche sirf baaki log burai karenge… Vese b Ms. PANKHI ye kutta kutti bol rhi ho celebrities ko bahut galat hai.. Ye sirf ek TV show h kisi ne tume koi hak ni diya gaali dene ko… Mje tho 3line ka cmnt Padke laga tum priyanka ki copy ho… Lol

      1. Let me use respected gali like Bani..f**k u man

    2. Hlo Miss pankhi.. Jin 2celebrities ko tum personally nhi janti unko gaali kyu de rhi ho?? Kya sirf yahi 2nom he jo peet piche bolte h?? Bolte tho sab h.. Ek ka naam batao jo kisi ke bare me kuch ni bolta?? Tum kya apne jaan pehachaan logon b aisi gaali dethi ho?? Get a life yr kisi ko gaali tho matdo

  5. Bani k blind and deaf fan jab kahan thay jab bani k character per baat ayi thi Jason wali baat aur usay characterless kaha jaraha tha to sirf lopa thi jisnay manu se kaha k mona se meri humdardi hai but tum log bhi please bani k baray main aesa mat bolo. Aur jisnay console console ki rat lagayi hai woh episode nahin dekhi kya jismay dhongi Baba bani ki family tak pohnch gya tha to lopa NE bhi console kia tha irritating bani ko ? Aray kahan dekhi hogi tum log ho he blind , Selfish bani
    jab lopa priyanka k bacho se mili to us maiin bhi jal gayi , kya larki hai hai yeh bani bigg boss main bus khana khanay ayi hai aur backbiting kernay , task to kerti nahin agyi

  6. Aur bani Ko dekho jab Mona and manveer close hoker baat kerain to us scene Ko exaggerate ker k affair ki tarah batarahi thi aur khud Jason Ko hug ker k so rahi thi to woh friendship, wow blind fan
    Selfish bani her waqt keray to yeh mahan aur jab lopa Ne ek din abuse kia to saray blind fan agyay comment kernay , pehle dekho kis baat per abuse Kia hai lopa Ne priyanka Ko , tum logo Ko priyanka aesa bolti na phir hum dekhtay k tum logo ka reaction kya hota mahan logo , kehna asan kerna mushkil

    1. Bani bol rhi h tho tum usko galat bol rhi ho…jab mona ko bf khud bolta h tho koi problem nhiii.. Especially uska dost manveer bolta h galat… Hey lopa fan jab bani jason ko hug krke leti thi tab mona manveer ne b tho galat bola… Bani ne apne dost gaurav ko bola tho galat Kya h?? Bigboss ka ghar h 2log aapas me baat tho karenge…

    2. First priyanka ko gali dena lopa ne shuru kiya tha… But priyanka ne bahut ganda bola lopa b kuch kam ni thi… But tume kaise dikhaayi dega tum tho lopa blind fan ho..

  7. Dome task main priyanka psycho thi bani k liye , but now she Is so sweet for her , because this priyanka has no longer good relation with lopa , hypocrite bani consider priyanka as her so called friend now

  8. Bani’s blind fan aap blind ho aap se kya baat kerain agay , pehlay priyanka ne ghandi baat ki jabhi bigg boss NE priyanka Ko danta k aap language per control kerain, aur itni gandi baat ki k jisay bigg boss ne scene kat dia aur jab confession room main gyi to bb ne kaha k ager woh galiyan derahi hain to aapnay unko wohi shabd palat ker kyun kahay , itnay blind fan k episode dekhtay nahin ajatay hain comment kernay.

    1. Arre lopa’s fan.
      Priyanka ne jo bola wo galat tha wo me jaanti hu.. First comment aap sahise padlo mai koi priyanka fan ni hu.. I just hate her seriously.. But yes bani mje achi lagthi h thats it….

  9. Bani’s blind fan aap blind ho aap se kya baat kerain agay , pehlay priyanka ne ghandi baat ki jabhi bigg boss NE priyanka Ko danta k aap language per control kerain, aur itni gandi baat ki k jisay bigg boss ne scene kat dia aur jab lopa confession room main gyi to bb ne lopa se kaha k ager woh galiyan derahi hain to aapnay unko wohi shabd palat ker kyun kahay , itnay blind fan k episode dekhtay nahin ajatay hain comment kernay.

  10. Lopa Ne palat ker wohi shabd kahay Jo priyanka keh chuki thi , smjh ayi priyanka aur bani jese abusers logo k fan

  11. Bani k liye to ek banda bhi duty per assign kiya hai bigg boss NE her conversation main abuse kerti hai jabse ayi hai tab se , uski conversation main beep na ho to chamadkar ka din hoga woh

    1. I know bani abuse krti h… Usne Abuse tabhi kiya h jb usko koi galat bolta h tho aur ladai hothi h tb

  12. Kaha tha is bani k fan saray blind hain episode bhi blind ki tarah dekhtay hain , deaf bhi hain kya Jo bigg boss ne priyanka Ko danta to sunayi nahin dia aur confession room main kya bola lopa Ko bigg boss NE suno jaker pehle

    1. Ek Taraf so tum mje bani fan bolthi aur dusri Taraf tum priyanka k bare me kyu bol rhi ho… Mai b episode dekhthi hu isliye cmnt kr rhi hu..

  13. Yeh bani kon hoti hai kisi k character per bolne wali khud jason se chipak gyi Manu Ne sahi kaha ? khud ka bara acha character hai khud chipke to friendship dosray close hoker baat tak nahin ker saktay , jab bani bolegi character per dosray bhi bolengay k pehlay khud ka character dekh bhai tuu, bani ki thinking bhi daku Baba jesi hai,

    1. Ya I know wo b chipki thi jason k saat.. Jab wo jason K saat chipki thi tab tho mona ne b cmnt kiya the… Shayad tumne secret room wala episode dekha niii manu ne b Mona k baare me galat bola the.. Tume tho sirf bani ko galat bolne ka mauka chahiye

  14. Mona manveer ka koi aesa wesa relation nahin , yeh bhi subko pata hai

  15. Mahi main bani k her blind fan Ko kehrahi hun especially aapko nahin dear

    1. Lopa’s fan… Sabka ek point he.. Jisko bani pasand h wahi rehega kisike bolne se wo change nhi hoga.. Jaruri nahin sab lopa ko hi pasand Kare… Ab ap kitna b bolo ho h wahi rehega..

    2. Lopa’s fan… Sabka ek point he.. Jisko bani pasand h wahi rehega kisike bolne se wo change nhi hoga.. Jaruri nahin sab lopa ko hi pasand Kare… Ab ap kitna b bolo wahi rehega..

  16. Hann to bani kitna support ker rahi thi priyanka Ko aur apna friend kehrahi hai , jab apni maa k baray main baat ayi to pura gher ka daku Baba se boycott kerwadia jab priyanka ne Manu ki maa k baray main baat ki aur lopa Ko itni ghandi baat kahi pehle k jisper lopa Ne react kia , aaj Salman ne bhi clear kerdia priyanka ki filthy language ka k pehle usnay aesi baatain ki hain jo dikhanay k bhi kabil nahin hain

  17. Thanks Salman sir

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