Shastri Sisters 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty making excuses and leaving to meet Neil. Rajat tells Sareen that he knows Anu well and she can’t lie for her benefit. Sareen says whatever, but Kajal had to compromise for this. Minty stops Neil. Neil says he is angry having married Kajal, he can’t bear the torture she gave him, he wanted a cool girl like him, not any small city girl. Minty says she will manage Kajal, she is good, not like Shastri sisters. Neil leaves annoyed. Minty goes to Kajal. Kajal falls in her feet and says she will do as she says, she gave her home and accepted her.

Minty says so I got you here. Kajal asks what. Minty says nothing, and shows her room. She says I will send Neil, and also send your belongings from guest room. Kajal says I already told Leela so that you don’t get troubled.

Minty gets glad and goes. Kajal removes her ghunghat and makes evil face.

Kajal smells some perfumes kept in Neil’s room, and likes it. Kajal acts as Minty and says Kajal, Anu is so clever, you have to manage the house keys. Kajal acts to hold keys in her hand. Leela gets her bags. Kajal asks is she looking classy. Leela says yes, you have to become Delhi girl now. Kajal says yes, I will get real keys soon in my hands, just see my magic. Kajal shows the perfume to Leela. Leela says we came as guest, but we became permanent here.

They talk about fooling Minty and laugh. Anu looks on. Kajal acts innocent and apologizes for touching perfumes. Anu says no, Neil’s things are yours now. Kajal asks why did she come, she will do all the work. Anu says I came to give shagun dress from me and Rajat. Kajal thanks her and says she is very nice. Anu asks her to rest and goes.

Anu comes to Rajat and says she went to see Kajal, and she reacted in some strange way, like she is Kajal or someone else. He says she is Kajal, I know you are worried, and stressed and can think anything. He says he has way to relieve her of stress and asks her not to worry, Kalaj is now a part of their family, give her some time to settle, else you will make everything fine. She thinks and goes.

Alka tells Rohan that she knows Devyaani, she is acting to be normal, so that we don’t get hurt. Rohan says we should take care of her. Alka gets call from family doctor and says Astha is not well, she fainted by low BP, can you and Rohan come. She says sure. She tells Rohan that Astha is unwell, we should go. They come to see Astha. The doctor asks them not to leave Astha alone. Astha says she is fine and Rohan can go if he has imp work, she does not want Alka and him to have problem. Rohan says he will get medicines. The doctor says yes and gives prescription. Rohan goes to drop him. Astha looks at Alka and cries.

Alka asks Rohan to forgive Astha. Rohan says Astha has hurt us and Devyaani too. Alka insists. He says fine. Alka thanks him. Rohan says we will come with luggage tomorrow. Alka says we will stay here tonight, Astha needs us, we will go home to get lullage in morning. He says fine and goes to get medicines. Neil comes to Kajal and says he does not accept this marriage and asks her to accept the truth, he will sleep in sofa, she can sleep on the bed. She says no, I can’t sleep if you sleep on sofa, you sleep on bed. He refuses and sleeps on sofa.

Its morning, Kajal gets ready in costly saree and jewelry and sees Neil sleeping. She says she was made for this costly things and gets glad.

Minty and Sareen argue over Neil. Kajal takes her bag and acts to leave the home. Minty stops her. Kajal cries and says I m sorry, I don’t want family to break. Anu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh bullshit!pls throw this irritating kajalout of the serial….irritated the way she acts innoncent….

  2. Bullshit… neil nd devyaani. …miss der romance nd nok jhok

  3. @¥$MÛCHEND

    kya hone laga he yes serial me, mere toh kuch samajme nai aaraye. Can anyone tell me about it?

  4. Wat !! Anova villan wth y r dey doin this n is alka hvin a bby

  5. i think now pappu devyani frn gone make her life good n neil gone know tht devyani really love him
    plz make devyani marry pappu n show tht looser neil
    i jst hate this minty n his son neil

  6. Kusum Who is this pappu

  7. XxDeveil fanxX

    Please make neil realise how much he loves devyani and bobby comes back and tries to hurt devyani and neil saves her please these producers aren’t letting devyani have any happiness first it was rajat now it’s neil seriously just let neil and devyani be together!

  8. Kajal will kick this minty hard and will make her ad teeki mint chutney! The best illaj for this chirail and at last she will realise the value of shastri sisters.

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