Bandhan 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao comes home, he says why is everyone so silent? there is some conspiracy behind this. Raghav comes there with everyone. Bhao says I wanted to thank God that you all gave me a chance. Raghav says i know that you know where is the daughter of dev. Bhao says i feel like my remorse journey has started. i will take you there. darpan says raghav i will come with you. Raghav says no stay here i will call you when i meet her. He leaves with bhao.

Raghav and bhao are in car.
Raghav asks bhao are you my dad or not? Bhao says slow down the car we will die. Raghav says thats not the answer of my question. Bhao says yes i am your dad and Naraini is your mom. Raghav says then why? why you lied to me all my life? Why you betrayed my mom? Bhao says i didn’t betray her. i loved her. I was married to meethi, i couldn’t accept her due to society. i loved you so much that i adopted you. Raghav says did you kill my mom? Bhao says darpan killed her. Raghav says you are lying, you killed my mom for your name. i will end your name forever today. He starts driving. Raghav says you deceived me since childhood, you killed my mom. dev kaka, kajri and darpan’s parents. Bhao says there is a ditch there please slow down the car. Raghav says you don’t deserve to live. Bhao jumps off the car, Ganesh comes in front of raghav’s car to save him. Raghav says pardon me ganesh i lost my mind in anger. I know i could make a big mistake today but i wont leave vishwas rao now, he has to be punished. Raghav sees in the car and says where has he gone?

Meeti says why are they not back? call him darpan. His phone is off. Raghav comes home alone. sanju asks what happened? why are you alone? where is baba? and the little girl? Darpan says why don’t you say anything. sanju says did he run? We will keep looking for him. i told you he doesn’t deserve a chance. raghav says its all over he has ended everything. he showed he loved himself most. He accepted that he is my dad. darpan you.. meethi says raghav is she darpan? Darpan says yes i am darpan and he my brother ganesh. God saved me for this bigger mission. Bhao comes home and says i jumped because he was not stopping the car and if i died who would bring dev’s daughter. He brings in a little gril and says to meethi take her. Bhao says kill me right now. darpan says no don’t kill him. His punishment will be that he will accept his crimes himself. They all go in. Meethi says you saved their daughter that is a good deed. Bhao says can’t i get food of your hand for that? Bhao keeps getting calls from media. He says don’t call me.

Precap-raghav says i don’t want to come with you anywhere. there is a deadbody in the lawn. Bhao takes off the cloth from face. its deadbody of darpan. bhao says she is darpan, then who is the one living with you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What is going to happen please at least give us a hint what is going to happen

  2. see what I said that these writers playing games and going around in circles darpan suppose to be dead and yet she is walking around helping raghav what next I tell you these writers are writing only shit I do not know why they do not end all these serials quickly

  3. darpan is dead the one helping ppl is the goddess dont u seee

  4. This is the only serial making sense..

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