Shastri Sisters 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sareen family playing game with the Shastri sisters. Sareen gets out in the game of passing pillow. The family looks cheerful and celebrating happiness. Rajat says its time to go and Sareen asks him to stay. Minty says can’t you go later. Rajat says he would have stayed if he could, Anu will take care of you. He hugs everyone and Anu gets sad. She cries and Rajat pacifies her. He says he will come back soon and asks her to take care of herself and everyone. Rajat leaves.

Sareen asks Peeya to play a good son as Anu got sad. The door bell rings. Anu gets shocked seeing Leela. Minty asks who is it. Leela comes to them in anger and asks them about Kajal. Minty gets puzzled as Kajal and Leela went together by apologizing. The lady inspector comes and says she will tell

them. She says Leela has complaint that Kajal is missing and doubts them to be behind this. She scares them that she is talking now, she can use her stick to get truth out. They all get shocked.

She says she can see tensed expressions on Sareen’s face and he says he knows law and they can’t search their home. The lady says such things are said by criminal or lawyer. He asks does she have search warrant. The lady Guggal Pandey says she can get the warrant, and then she will not talk to him, and rather prefer to beat them. She leaves by giving them a warning. She stops and says I forgot to tell uncle that its just doubt on him till now, once she gets sure then think she will not leave him. The police leaves. Leela gives them angry stare and leaves.

Minty says what did this happen. Sareen gets Shastri ji’s call and says we wll find some way, now Anu and Minty are together, they both will manage, don’t take leave, finish work and come later. Minty says she did not know where Kajal went, did she really go missing, Neil made them sit in Karnal bus. Neil says yes. Minty says where did she go. Devyaani says Leela will know, as she went with Kajal.

Anu says nothing happened, Kajal is trying to do this, maybe Leela and Kajal did this planning. Devyaani says yes, maybe. Neil says what did she do doing this. Anu says she wants to earn money wrong way and ruin our home. Sareen asks them to sleep, no need to worry, why should they worry, they did not do anything wrong. Anu gets a call and goes. Minty says maybe its Rajat’s call. Anu talks to Rajat and he says he reached well, why is she awake till now. She says its party going on at home, everyone is having fun. He asks is she having fun without him, she is lying. She says leave all this, focus on work, come soon. He asks her to sleep and ends call.

Anu asks everyone to sleep. Devyaani asks Anu to come to them if she is scared at night. Anu says she is scared of tomorrow morning. Neil stops Devyaani and says he knows she has problem to tolerate him, she changed and did not get angry. She says when problems comes one by one in anyone’s life, the person changes. She says I know you would have not married Kajal if you knew her truth, I wish situation changes and goes.

Its morning, Sareen goes to open the door. Guggal comes there and greets them. She shows the search warrant and asks her staff to search. Sareen stops him and she says she does not like any halt. He says what if you have search warrant, you can’t come anytime. She argues and says if he makes her stand at door, she would have dismissed the case till now. She taunts Sareen and says she knows how to teach them manners.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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