Shastri Sisters 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty praising Kajal and does her Mu dikhai rasam. Minty hurts Anu by speaking bad about Devyaani and then acts sweet infront of everyone. Sareen looks on. The ladies ask about Neil and Rajat. Minty asks Dolly to do mu dikhai rituals and not taunt her. Sareen asks about Rajat. Anu says he is not taking call. Sareen asks for more halwa and Kajal says she will get it. Minty calls Kajal and Kajal sends Leela. Leela gives him halwa and flirts with him. Kajal asks Anu how did you like halwa. Anu says it was nice.

Kajal acts innocent and says she has a big burden in her heart, as she lied. Anu asks what happened. Kajal says Minty has helped her in making halwa, and I feel bad. Anu says so this is the thing, I also felt halwa looked like Minty made it, its fine, we have

to learn from elders. Kajal says yes, and asks for her support. Alka tells Devyaani that marriage can’t be without happiness, its good the marriage did not happen. Devyaani says I know this. Alka says Neil did not deserve you, we will find someone who will keep you happy. Devyaani says no, I will look for some job or project.

Minty thanks the ladies for coming and says she will go for holiday. She sees Devyaani and taunts her by praising Kajal over her. Anu sees Devyaani and Alka standing. Anu asks Minty to come, its getting late and cuts her talk. Minty comes home and scolds Anu, saying she was jealous that she was praising Kajal. Anu says no, you were making Devyaani feel bad. Minty asks her not to blame and argue with her. Sareen come sand asks whats happening, and supports Anu.

Rajat comes home. Minty tells him its good he came and see how his wife is blaming her and Sareen listens to Anu always, why does he not say anything to Anu. Rajat looks at Anu, and walks to her. Anu looks puzzled. Rajat recalls his words. He turns to Minty and says he does not need to ask Anu anything. He says he wants to ask Minty something, why does she always ashame him, he always think his mum can’t be wrong and she always breaks his trust. She asks whats the matter.

He says I came to know everything what you did during marriage. He asks her to stop playing with their emotions. She asks what is he saying, did he come in his wife’s words. He says I did not agree to Anu, but I found the truth, you were always wrong. She asks what did I do. He says shall I tell you, or shall I call your coordinator Jaggu. Minty is shocked. Rajat asks how can she lie to soon, lying is bad and she always lied, you lied everytime, when Anu was blamed at marriage time, you lied.

He says she lied about Neil being in MMS. Sareen says now he knows why she took money. Rajat says if she had problem with Neil and Devyaani’s marriage, she would have told, she was making Devyaani marry a random guy, about whom we don’t know, his family, background and not even his name, did she not think about Devyaani, she just cared for her ego. Minty says no, I cared for Neil, he did not wish to marry Devyaani. Rajat says you should have explained him that Devyaani is doing favor on him, which Kajal did now, no girl would have married him after what he did. He apologizes to Anu and says I did not trust you because of mum, I was wrong like always, I trusted mum this time, dad its funny, our home is unique, we can’t trust mum here. He asks Minty how is she thinking just about herself. She cries. He asks how can she cheat her own son, he is ashamed to think she is root of all problems. Anu asks Rajat not to talk to her in this way and asks him to apologize. Rajat asks Minty why did she do this and asks about Veer and Anu. He recalls her lies.

Rajat tells Minty that’s its lie, she does not love him, else she would have not created problems in between Anu and Rajat. He starts leaving home with Anu, and shocks Minty and Sareen.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sanjeev

    I did not read episode but I read precap its very very very beautiful and fantastic wow nice love it I don’t have word to explain very very nice if rajat know the truth about minty we’ll done

  2. Hateminty

    Fantastic episode!! Finally minty gets what she deserves!! She should also be left alone like Astha… Only then they will understand what others go through because of their evil nature

  3. kusum

    Gr8 now its minty time
    wow luv u rajat good job
    hope devyani get some relieved seeing neil suffering with tht kajal

  4. sumi

    It’s getting very exiting now
    I can’t wait to see what happen next
    rajat made the right decision

  5. Kalam

    Rajat the thicko.. Left it a bit to late. Better late than never??
    Minty the lump will be shattered… YES….!!!!

  6. Happy

    Don’t dream so much. Minty will cry and apologise and try to convince them that she did everything because of love for Rajat and Anu will support Minty and they will stay at home and Minty’s planning and hatred will be more.

  7. sanjeev

    I seen last episode very nice I like rajat shirt in grey color with white dotts I like this before he ware last time then I see today’s episode very nice shirt or woh bhi ajj jab rajat ko apne maa ki saachi ka pata chala favourite episode with favourite shirt…..

  8. sanjeev

    I thnk anuraj ghar chodkar nai jaa payaega…jiss tarah Mr sareen ne unko rooka hai who nai jaa salkte….or minty or kajal ek hop jayanga anuskha ko rajat se alag karne kii liya….abb jo chalagi kajal hi chalagi kyuki agar minty ni koi bhi plan kiya toh Saab usspar baras padagena….its my assumption only chata main bhi yahi hoon ki woh kahi or jaa kar rahe

  9. sanjeev

    I can’t able wait for tonight episode…kyinki rajat or minty ki bahas honi baaki hai abui rajat apni maa minty koo bahaut much bolne wala hai…or who jitna bolae gaa mujhe or hum sabb ko jo anuraj me feverain hai unko accha lagega believe me

  10. sanjeev

    Isse episode ka mujhe bahut dino se intazaar tha….jis din rajat ko minty ki sachai pata chaljati hai…abb ek cheek bhi main chata hoon ki anu rajat ek baare ghar chodne se pehale shastri ji kay yahan Bhi jaiyan ek din ki liya hi sahi jahan anu rajat ko vapas chalena kay liya manae ki koihash kare…

  11. Xxx

    I read the spoilers and it said that sareen tells rajat to stop but he doesnt listen and goes to shastri ji and devyani and says sorry for mintys mistakes

  12. Arooj

    So glad rajat nws months truth but will upst as they made Neil marry kajal kajal is creating to much problems hate her want devyani to move on in lif n find someone better n Neva marry stupid Neil

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