Shani 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani and Mangal become the owner of one house each

Shani 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mangal asks Dev Vishwakarma to allow them to begin the fight but Dev Vishwakarma stops them. We have to determine which planet becomes Lagnesh. He will also deserve the throne of Surya Loka. There wont be any fight in Lagan house. The winner will automatically become the owner of that particular house the moment he wins. Mangal and Shani will have to choose some other house.

Mangal and Shani stare at each other. Mangal goes in family house. Kakol asks Yami which house Shani will choose. She says I don’t know. He said he will follow no plan or anything and just do his karma to win this fight. I am only waiting to see the result. Chhaya wonders which house Shani will choose.

Shani stands between the house of karma and father. He closes his eyes and looks around in surprise as he comes

to a different place altogether. Voices of the bitter exchanges between Surya Dev and Shani are overheard. He gets emotional. Everyone else is able to see it on a giant screen. Chhaya asks Dev Vishwakarma what this maya is. How is this related to this fight? Dev Vishwakarma says this is no maya. Shani has entered the house of father. Surya Dev is his father. Plus, all this is his past. He will surely experience it in that house.

Buddh tells Shani the house is related to karma and father. I am aware of your relation with your father. I can make use of your weakness. Shani says you win a war on the basis of your strengths instead. Buddh challenges him. Chhaya says it means Buddh and Shani will fight for the 10th house now. Yami asks her Nana Shree about the other 6 planets. How will we know about their position? Devraj too wants to know about other planets especially Mangal. Dev Vishwakarma shares that Mangal and Shukrahcarya are in family house right now. They are in Pataal right now from where their fight will begin!

Shukracharya and Mangal look at each other. Shukracharya says I am not at all surprised to see you here. I always wanted to fight with you. Mangal is sure he will lose out in the first fight itself. Shukracharya knows his plan of action. Sadly, I am here to foil your plans. You must fight with me before fighting with Shani.

Dev Vishwakarma tells Dharmaraj Yam to allow all 4 of them to fight. Yam points out that Narayan said everyone will have to keep something at stake before fighting.

Shani puts his father’s karmas at stake. Buddh does the same. Devraj says it means Mangal and Shukracharya will also have to put something at stake. Dev Vishwakarma nods. They have put their stake on families. Whoever wins this war, will be able to affect the family members of his opponents as he wishes to. A ball of energy has been formed in each house. If Buddh wins then he will always be able to affect Surya Dev’s karmas and vice versa.

Buddh raises his hand but Shani holds it. He speaks ill of Shani. You could never become a good son. You have proved it today by putting your father’s karmas at stake.

Devraj says seems like Shani’s choice of house was to mainly hurt Devi Chhaya. It’s entirely his trap to seek revenge from you. Yami says plotting and cheating is your thing. Shani’s only plan is to do his karma. Kakol also advises him to focus on Mangal. They see Shukracharya and Mangal fighting. Shukracharya tells him he was mistaken to think he wont be attacked just because he is Shivansh. You are my opponent here. He beats Mangal hard. Only I will win this fight! Mangal laughs as he looks at him. What did you just say? You will win this house? The one who couldn’t protect his family cannot win in this fight! You couldn’t protect your mother from Narayan. Shukracharya shouts at him. Mangal asks him if he felt bad hearing about his mother. I can understand your pain. He uses his powers (maya) to gain hold over his mind. Yam says Mangal is instigating Shukracharya to make angry and attack him.

Shukracharya warns Mangal not to say anything against his mother but Mangal keeps hitting him at the same mental nerve. Anger makes one weak. You are becoming weak. It is a sham for you to speak in favour of Asuras. You want to use their strength to seek revenge from Narayan. Shukracharya tells him he has crossed his limits. Mangal easily hits him. Maybe you forgot what narayan said. No one will be able to ward off his opponent’s attack. My strength lies in using my opponent’s anger.

Yam happily announces Mangal as the winner / ruler of that house. Mangal tells Shukracharya he will have full control over his family now. Now I will also be able to hypnotise your Asuras as I please. They appear once again in kundli (Surya Loka). Yam tells Shukracharya he is out of the game now. Yami is worried thinking what if Mangal do wins this fight. Kakol still has faith in Shani.

Shani points out to Buddh that the same applies on him. My father did not accept me willingly and neither did yours! Buddh recalls that incident. Shani makes a fist. Buddh tells him to stop it. I don’t want to remember my past. Shani backs down. If you remind others of their past then the bitter experiences of your past will also come forth. Buddh apologizes to him. I accept my defeat. You win. Yam says it is difficult to announce Shani as the winner here as he dint really fight. Indra Dev seconds him. Narayan announces Shani as the winner of that house. Everyone greets Tridev. Narayan says there are 4 rules of the house. One, when you fight and defeat your opponent. Second, rodan, wherein the result of a fight isn’t announced as both the parties accept defeat mutually. Third is anshmardan. Fourth is of surrender. Buddh refused to fight making Shani the winner here! Now Dharamaraj should announce Shani as the winner of the 10th house.

Yam announces Shani as the winner of 10th house against his wish. Shani is also back in the kundli. Chhaya tells Yami not to be too happy. It means Surya Dev will never return to his original form. Yami wonders when Mata will understand Shani is not at the wrong path. Kakol assures her it will go away with time.

Shani helps Buddh stand. Buddh tells Shani he will be the master of Chandra Dev’s karmas. Shani does not accept it. My Drishti will anyways always remain on Chandra Dev. I don’t have to influence his karmas in anyway.

Shani and Buddh are back in Surya Loka. Yam tells him he is out of the fight now. Chhaya thinks I don’t understand if I should be happy or upset with Shani for putting his father’s karmas on stake. Or should I thank you for not losing them in the fight? Shani calls it his karma. How you react to it will be your choice! Mangal stares at him. Dev Vishwakarma asks Mangal and Shani to choose their next house.

Shani walks up to the house of luck and dharma. He meets Devguru there and greets him. Dev Vishwakarma says Shani is now in the 9th house. Shani must defeat Devguru to become the owner of that house. Devraj thinks it is a crime to attack Devguru. The moment Shani will do so I will lash out to him for doing it. This will be Shani’s last fight. No one can stop Mangal from sitting on the throne once you lose.

Shani says pardon me but I must defeat you in this fight of dharma and luck. Bless me that I follow the path of dharma and achieve my motive. Yam gives them a green signal.

Shani and Devguru walk towards each other. Devguru says I am not as good as you in karma but I will fight with you honestly till the last second.

Devraj is sure he is not too far from Surya Dev’s throne. I have to make use of the chance when Shani will attack Devguru! I will force Dharmaraj to take a stringent action against Shani the moment he attacks Devguru! Shani points out to Devguru that he has come here only to win. His thoughts please Devraj. You are moving in the direction of our victory this way!

Shani says before we begin, we must decide what we will put on stake. You don’t have any property or any such asset. You only have knowledge that you gained. Chhaya thinks Shani has become so arrogant that he does not realise he is standing before the one who spreads knowledge in the world.

Shani suggests putting their knowledge on stake. Are you ready? Chhaya is shocked to hear it. Was it not enough for you to put your father’s karmas at stake? You have become so greedy for this throne. Knowledge is no one’s property. It is gained after years of tapasya! There is no point of holding a war where knowledge is put at stake! I request you (Yam) to end it right away.

Precap: Shani will come face to face with Mahakali in the house of moksha.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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