Love from black hole raglak part 6

Swara pushed ragini down,ragini closed her eyes before she could even fall a strong hands caught her .It was none other than Laksh. Swara looked at him in disbelief. He said let me explain swara.swara showed her hand n said for this cheap b*t*h ur trying to hurt me.Ragini was about to move when Laksh caught her hand.Swara was hurt n she said more things she didn’t mean.She badmouthed Ragini. She raised her hands to slap ragini by pulling her hair.
Thappp a sound was heard,it was laksh.He slapped swara .Laksh said bas bas swara, not a word on Ragini.

Swara said I understood now. She said to Ragini live happily with him sarcastically. I break our relation here itself swara said.

Laksh was hurt,he said swara pls listen.Ragini said Laksh I’ll make her understand. Laksh said no need.

He wiped his tears. Ragini was hurt to see him hurt.She loved him after all.what no I don’t love him.if so why are crying over his pain asked her conscience. She said humanity.

Humanity a great mask to hide ur feelings.U love him,when u realise it will be too late to mend.

Ragini put her thoughts aside,she looked at laksh.he was crying, but hid it when he saw ragini .Ragini went to swaras house through teleport.She told all to swara.

Swara said I’m sorry ragini.I want to say sorry to Laksh too.swara bid ragini bye.

Ragini was happy,but felt a void in her heart.She felt like missing a part of herself.

In alien world

Astrologer was explaining everything to king,That flue was born to meet her love.She’s not a ordinary girl. She has extraordinary powers that she doesn’t know n laksh is a part of her.

She said They are destined n they will find their way to become one.Their love won’t end,its just a start to beginning of historious mythical unending never ceasing love.Their love.

Back to Laksh.

Laksh decided to move on.He looked ragini who was sleeping peacefully.He was fascinated by her.Her beautiful face in moonlight only enhanced her beauty.Laksh thought it was wrong to think about a girl like this.He decided to surprise ragini by touring earth.

He booked tickets to some place.He saw her smiling face n drifted to sleep.

Precap:ragini waiting for swara to arrive.

Will swara arrive??will Laksh forget swara??will raglak become one??

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    Finally it’s posted.. Superb episode.. My guess was right… Another guess- RagLak will leave before swara arrives? Idk.. Update soon

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  20. As usual outstanding episode dear ???? Loved the way Laksh slapped swara. Eagerly waiting for more Raglak scenes and please post next part ASAP ????????

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