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Shukracharya tells Shani so many Asuras died today. Is this the fruit if their karmas? What will you do now? Shani is about to reply when Yam intervenes. It isn’t Shani’s turn but my turn to do something now. They both look at Yam as he enters inside Pataal Loka. Shani is surprised to see him there. Yam says no one else’s duty can become yours. You are forgetting that you give the fruits of labours to everyone but after death only I have a right on everyone’s souls. I am Dharmaraj, Yam! Thanks to my Aradhya Narayan for giving me such big task of all these souls all at once. I, Dharmaraj Yam, will surely fulfil this wish. Shani stops him. You cannot do this till I am here. Yam says you fail to understand a small thing that this is my duty to take care of the souls of these Asuras now. Shani reasons

that the lives of these Asuras, their souls should be returned to balance power. Yam laughs. Seems like Sagar Manthan has shaken your mind too. You don’t understand that I am Yamraj. I extract souls from bodies and not give life to them once again. He turns to Shukracharya. Don’t think that Mahadev will help you in this as even he does not intervene in the rules made by Narayan. Shukracharya decides to do tapasya so Mahadev blesses the Asuras their lives back. No hindrance should come in this. Yam says you expect me not to create a hindrance when you yourself are creating a hindrance in my path? You can do whatever you want but I will do my duty. I will take the souls of these Asuras. No one can stop me! Shani tells Shukracharya to start tapasya. I promise you I will stop Yam. Yam and Shani stare at each other.

Surya Dev and Devguru look after the preps. Devguru tells Surya Dev this puja will surely make Mahadev happy. Surya Dev says he should be as this is the biggest puja of Surya Loka as today I am going to accept Shani as my son and Chhaya as my wife. He turns and notices Devi Sanghya standing there. He walks up to her, requesting her to be a part of this puja as Chhaya is her shadow only. She says this is my question. She was my shadow. How can you accept her as your wife? He reasons that if she can become the mother of her kids and raise them then why can she not become my wife. Devi Sanghya repeats what she had told Chhaya. She was supposed to be my shadow only. Shadow of a tree cannot give fruits but she paid no heed to my words! Surya Dev points out that that fruit only has increased his respect. It is Shani only. You are a Devi. It does not suit you to be unhappy over such things. Forget everything and move on. This is wat makes us a God. She insists that a woman cannot share her husband. Chhaya dared to ask for my husband from me. He again tells her to accept what’s there. Shani is making us proud. This is my order. Devi Sanghya says you are my husband. Your wish will be fulfilled. This puja will happen as your wife and not as Shani’s mother. I will wait for the time you will accept and regret accepting Shani as your son!

Yam reminds Shani he too is immortal and strong like him. Shani says this isn’t time for war. Yam says I was waiting for this time. We will fight but only after I take the souls of these Asuras. Shani casts a line for him using his weapon. Don’t cross this line or I will have to fight with him. Yam isn’t bothered. I will do what my duty tells me to. Shukracharya looks on.

Surya Dev does Mahadev’s aarti. Devi Sanghya joins him unhappily. Surya Dev wonders why Shani is taking so much time in bringing Shukracharya here. Yami points out that Yami is also not here. Kakol offers to look for Shani. Devguru advises him to hurry up. It is important for him to be here before the puja ends. Surya Dev assures Devguru Shani will be back on time. Start the puja. Devguru starts the puja.

On the other hand, Shukracharya too starts his tapasya. Yam is about to cross the line marked by Shani when Shani attacks him. Both brothers engage in a fight. Yam warns Shani to let him do his duty. Shani and Yam are rooted on their decisions. Shani ends up hitting Yam too hard thereby making him fall. Yam is hanging by the cliff. Shani asks for his hand but Yam refuses to take his help. He manages to come up on his own. Their fight continues. Kakol reaches there just then and sees them thus. He asks them to stop. Surya Dev is waiting for Shani as the mahurat for mother’s yagya is about to pass. Yam tells Shani to leave. I will do my duty here. The yagya is anyways for Shani’s mother. He can leave. Shani is in a fix. Yam enjoys seeing him thus. Are you in a dilemma Karamfaldata? Yam begins to walk past him when Shani throws him on the ground all of a sudden. Kakol runs away to inform the family whereas Yam and Shani keep fighting.

Devguru asks for Shani again. Kakol informs them about the fight between Yam and Shani in Pataal Loka. Yam is taking the souls of dead Asuras whereas Shani is stopping them. Devguru is boggled. Kakol shares that Indra Dev has killed all Asuras. Shani does not want Yam to take souls of all of them. Devguru fills Surya Dev’s ears against Shani yet again. I told you you will regret your decision very soon. You are doing yagya for his mother but he is thirsty of your son’s blood! Surya Dev looks thoughtful. Sanghya asks him to defeat Shani and bring Yam back. Kakol explains that Shani is not at fault. They fought once in past too. Chhaya Ma stepped in the way to save both the sons. You are suggesting Surya Dev today to kill one of your sons? Surya Dev remembers it too. Kakol says I thought Mata Chhaya will begin to show her effect in you with time but I feel really bad for Shani. He has a very bad fate. He is Karamfaldata but don’t know why he is going through all this. Sanghya shouts at him to be quiet. What do you want to prove by taking his side? Surya Dev first decides to find out Indra Dev’s motive behind killing all Asuras. If Shani has decided to stop Yam then the reason must be important. Sanghya tries to talk him out of it but in vain. Surya Dev reasons that Shani is his son. I trust him. Devguru should continue the puja. I will be back soon.

Precap: Shani says right now I wont let anyone either intervene in Shukracharya’s tapasya nor will I let Yam take the souls of all these Asuras. Surya Dev tells him he is going to accept him as his son. There cannot be anything bigger than this right now. Your actions can make our relation bitter for forever.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. shani

  2. Sorry my fellow Shani Dev followers, just quickly checked in but did not sign in. . .Main hoo!!

    At some point in time Yama has to leave Surya Loka and fall to Earth, reside on Earth and then end up in Patala with the hello planets. Yes, where all souls journey to receive their just rewards for their bad. Ones deeds determine how long one is to stay in either plane. All souls do time in both above in the heavenly regions and in the hellish realms.
    Shani or Saturn is considered a second Sun-like entity. It’s atmosphere is as stormy as Surya, itself. As you all know NASA recently discovered that Saturn absobs a lot of harmful X-RAYS from the Sun. So Shani in a way protects us on Earth. After all, be us Chaya’s son, and literally acts as a second sun (meant sun). Shani ironically happens to be Suryadev’s second son ,(meant son). ?

    1. Anamika Singh

      Thanks chaaya for such information

  3. Kamalanayani

    A new information about Shani lok or Saturn planet

    I read this story in The Hindu Paper – News article – May be 2-3years ago

    Do you guys know about Thirunallar – Shani dev’s most important temple?

    Actually that is a Lord Shiva temple. Once a NASA satellite had paused its travel for 15 seconds and had broken its communication from the ground control station once it traveled over India. The fact was it was on Shani-peyarchi — transition of Shani dev from once rashi to another and it happened on the exact transition time.

    NASA finally researched and found this. There was a series of radiation coming from Saturn planet. It is found that it is good for all living beings and its effect lasts for 45 days after that day also with full effect. That’s why people are told visit the temple within that 45 days in our place.

    I have also visited but without knowing that fact. But we realized that effect in our life. My goodness/luck/shani dev’s blessing – I was allowed to worship him with such a distance of 5 feet. That too because of the steps of his sannidhi (room). All because of him and his responsibility for karmas and this world.

    Thank you so much Shani dev — I feel like you are standing near me even this moment….

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