Naamkaran 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni closing eyes on seeing Neil. Neil sees her sleeping and covers her with a blanket. He goes out and sits. She looks on. He thinks of Avni. A lady comes and does tilak to him. She gives him prasad and asks him to take prasad and aarti. She says you look worried, Lord will show you a way, this thread has much power, tie it there and leave everything on Lord. She goes. Neil ties the thread. Avni comes and looks on.

Dayaben enters Avni’s house and says Ananya is hiding something from me, she did not come my home after accident. She sees photo of Ananya and her mum. She says Ananya’s mum came in party and she will be in party pics also. She calls Diksha. Diksha says you are coming in dream now and ends call. Dayaben calls again and scolds her. Diksha wakes up and says sorry.

Dayaben says listen to me, I want Riya’s birthday photos right now. Avni sees the thread getting loose. She catches the thread and ties it back. She says Lord I know you won’t do anything for me, but give Neil what he is asking, my mum trusts you a lot, don’t break her trust. Neil comes there and asks did she not sleep. She says you also did not sleep. He says I don’t think you are believer type of girl. She says my beliefs broke, but believer’s wish should turn true. He says you know my wish is to know your truth. She asks what will you do knowing it. He says you always change words. She says I don’t lie. He says you are protecting a criminal, but why, if you told me before, your mom would have not got kidnapped. She says its easy to say, I have seen world, none helps in bad time. He asks did I not help you till now. She calls him selfish.

He asks do I have some motive to save your mum, sorry you may not want my help. She says once you know truth. let’s see how much you help. He says try me for once, just say truth, what happened, did you get scared, stop becoming victim, please, courage is needed to say truth, you are a coward, not expected.

Avni cries and shouts Neil, listen to me, I m not Ananya Verma, I m Avni Mehta. Temple bells ring. Neil gets shocked and turns to her. Avni says I m Dayavanti Mehta’s illegitimate granddaughter, whom Dayaben tried to kill, she shot at me here at my heart. She wakes up by this dream and looks around for Neil. She says I saw a strange dream, what’s happening with me. She gets a lady’s call. Madhvi says you were right, Dayaben came and was seeing pics, I removed Neela’s pic and I have put my pic there. Avni thanks her. Madhvi asks Avni to take care. Avni says now I will fail your every plan.

Aman dreams and gets restless in sleep. Little Aman says I don’t want to get away from you. Dayaben hugs him and gets a gun from drawer. She asks him to keep this toy, people get scared of it, none can take you from me. He says I can’t use this. She says I will show and shoots. Aman wakes up from sleep and says Dadi is right, when I have a gun, everyone will be scared. Rajat asks what’s your plan. Aman says we need a gun, if I have a gun in hand. Even Ananya won’t come in my way.

Avni smiles seeing Neil trying to ignite the traditional stove. Avni ignites the fire. Neil says I will make breakfast, tell me what type of egg do you want. DD comes and asks him to make omelette for him.

Neil asks any update about Rajat. DD says not yet, but we will find him. Neil says its impossible for him to get saved from us. Avni makes tea. She thinks if Neil takes police force there, he will know mum’s truth, he will know I m Dayaben’s granddaughter Avni. Neil moves the boiling tea pan and asks where are you lost. She says I was thinking about mum. He asks did Rajat call you. She goes and attends Aman’s call.

Aman asks do you want to meet your mum, come at the address I m sending you, don’t make mistake to tell police, you know I can do anything. She asks how did you learn this to take any innocent’s life. Aman says I did not call to hear your nonsense. She says I m ready to do anything, but I want proof that my mum is fine. Aman says I will give you proof. He makes Neela talk. Avni asks how are you. Neil shows her the notepad to see. Avni asks Neela not to get scared, I m coming to take you. Neil gets angry and asks why don’t you do what I say. Avni says my mind is not working, mum was sounding weak, please save my mind, he is sending address. He says trust me Ananya, I promise I will not let anything happen to your mum. They leave.

Neil recalls Avni’s words. He asks do you trust me, that tea vendor is undercover policeman, till I save your mom, you will stay there. She says no, I will come along. He asks her to sit at the stall, I will get your mum fine, I can’t risk your life, try and understand, send me your mom’s pic on my phone right away. She worries.

Aman says if anything happens to me, my Dadi won’t leave you. Avni scolds him. He asks her to stop else he will shoot. She keeps the gun at her forehead. He gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I love how Avni thinks … she put her mom above all, when as a child Neela was always there for her, so now she is there for her mom … sweet ?
    Neil, Avni is the most powerful of the Mehtas … she learned good as a child from her birth-right mother … ??

  2. i just love this show especially avni nd neil’s chemistry. Zain imam is really very hot….waiting for that epi.when neil will say i love u avni. Well today’s epi.was nice

  3. i just love zain imam he’s so hot and charming. Well today’s epi.was nice…….waiting for that epi.when neil will say i luv u avni namkaran rocks

  4. wow… zain s realy soo cute nd i luv avneil chemistry alottt today episode s realy nyc

  5. Lovely episode.

  6. B_isha

    Well from the beginning itself I loved the core of the concept I just love naamkarann it’s not just a manuscript it’s something which gives you a lesson for life ……
    All the crew and cast are going a great job I just love the plot and the lead avneil ….

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