Shakti 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

the Episode starts with Harman jumping off from the bed and holds Soumya’s hand romantically. He thanks her for the special surprise. Chintu thinks to ask Soumya about the morning plan. Harman thanks Soumya for doing the arrangements sacrificing her sleep. Chintu comes, teases him and says even he did the decoration. Maninder, Nani and Bebe come for the party. Harman and Soumya greet them. Harman asks Soumya to come with him. Pandit ji comes and asks Harman to come with him. Harman says we shall do puja here. Preeto says you will do this puja as always. Harman says ok and asks Soumya to come with him. Soumya goes. Pandit ji asks Harman to make 108 diyas. Soumya says she will help. Pandit ji says no, let him do. Harman says if Soumya is at his side then he can make 1000 diyas. Harak Singh comes. Harman asks

why he forced him to do this. Harak Singh says he did mannat for him. Soumya says she has many work. Harman doesn’t let her go. Varun and Surbhi come home. Surbhi greets Nani, Beeji, and Maninder. She then greets Preeto and asks where is Soumya. Preeto says Harman took Soumya for Puja.

Preeto goes to them and calls Soumya. She asks if she is making Harman’s birthday cake. Preeto hears her and gets an idea. Soumya goes with her. Saya gets Soumya’s call and recalls telling her not to talk to them. Chameli comes and asks Saya to pick the call as today is Harman’s birthday. Saya says we will go to temple and pray. Soumya and Surbhi make cake. Surbhi asks her to keep it under the fan and later they will keep in the fridge. Passport agent brings passport and visas and gives to Harman.

Preeto comes and gives saree to Soumya. She tells that she wants her truth to come infront of everyone that their bahu is a kinnar, and they have no shame about this, and they have accepted her from heart. Soumya is shocked. She says Nimmi protected you, but you have been living a fearful life. She says this will be the best gift to Harman, and says it will be better if we bring your truth infront of everyone. She promises her that she will stand with her. She says I want you to live without any fears. Soumya folds her hands and thanks her. Preeto hugs her and says I can understand why you are crying as I have accepted you truly. She says I want Harman to tell your truth to everyone. Soumya says she is very happy today. She asks her to tell Harman to accept her infront of everyone and tell what is her identity and asks her to start afresh from tomorrow fearless. Soumya smiles and gets emotional. Preeto smirks and goes.

Preeto signs Soumya to dance. Soumya dances on the song dhol baaje…..she recalls Preeto’s words and dances happily. Surbhi also joins her and dances. She falls down on floor after dancing. Harman claps for her. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays….Soumya smiles.

Soumya tells Harman that he was always worried thinking what will happen if her truth comes out, and says now Preeto and Harak Singh have no objection with her truth. She asks him to tell truth to everyone. Harman cuts the cake and makes Soumya have it. Preeto tells that she wants to tell something to everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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