Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th July 2017 Written Update: Advay recalls past

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jiji saying threatening is for us, not just me. Kajal says I will get wrinkles in tension. Jiji gets some call and gets shocked. They go and meet Chandni. Chandni hugs her. Jiji asks Chandni what happened. Kajal says last time he took you and this time he took your dupatta. Chandni says no, someone was following me and then dupatta caught fire. Jiji asks whose jacket is this. Chandni recalls Advay. Jiji asks where is he. Chandni says don’t know where he went. Advay looks on. Jiji slaps the guard and asks how was my daughter attacked when you were here. The man says don’t know, someone has hit me from behind and fainted me. Jiji scolds him. Advay thinks the storm is yet to come.

Shikha comes home with someone. She says we have to meet Chandni. Kajal says she is sleeping. She tells what happened yesterday. The girls come to meet Chandni. Chandni hugs them and asks did you guys know everything. Shikha says yes, we would have beaten that man, I m very angry, I will not leave that bodyguard. Chandni says I m fine. Shikha says I will be with you from now. Chandni says enough, I have to fight with my fears alone. She explains her feelings. Shikha jokes. Chandni calls her stupid and laughs. Chandni says I don’t have to fight or win, I don’t want to make anyone lose. Her sisters like her dialogue. They all show their swag and laugh. The sisters cook together.

Advay calls their maid Shilpa. Shilpa hides the phone. She thinks Advay will call back again. Advay calls again. Shilpa takes her phone and goes making excuse. Shilpa collides with Kajal and her phone falls in water. Advay thinks Shilpa has disconnected my phone. Shilpa apologizes to Kajal. Kajal takes her for some work. Advay says I have to take her there. Chandni and her sisters have fun and dance on piya piya…… Jiji comes and looks on. The girls get tensed and get down the bed. Advay enters the house and recalls his happy family.

Advay thinks I have stepped in this house after 16 years, difference is that this house was stone before and now even I m a stone. Jiji asks Chandni how is she feeling now, one year passed, sorry I could not protect you, I made ginger tea for you. The girls say we are also your daughters, you just love Chandni. Jiji hugs them and says truth is truth. Chandni recalls Advay’s words. Jiji answers a call. She says Shakun called me, I will just come. Chandni says you look worried. Jiji says I m thinking of pandits bhoj. Chandni asks sure. Jiji says yes and goes.

Advay thinks my destruction started in this house, my house. He recalls the past. His parents sing and have a good time with Advay and Mikku. Phir aagaya hai….plays…. Advay recalls Chandni. Chandni also thinks of him. Shilpa comes to Jiji. Shakun asks her to leave. Shilpa sees the box and goes. Shakun says maybe jeweler threatened us, he wanted his share. Kajal says we did not give him share. Shakun says when we are going to get treasure, he wants the share. Jiji says he can’t dare to do this, someone knows the thing happened 16 years before. Advay thinks I have to know who all were in that incident. Jiji says many people were involved in that incident. Advay says I don’t know who were involved, but just Chandni and her family got benefits, her dad was Chote Mahant, and became Mahant after my dad was removed, the story started with defaming my dad, he was blamed to steal Lord’s jewelry.

FB shows the jeweler blaming Mahant for replacing the real jewelry. The people were provoked. His dad got killed. His mum was called out and she was blamed of black magic. Chandni says Mahantani was flying in air. Advay thinks the man who has worn the golden kada has ignited fire. Advay ran away with Mikku. Advay thinks dad used to say Lord will forgive and punish the people, but I will not forgive and punish this house’s people, I will make them meet Lord.

Shilpa sees him and says you…. what are you doing here, if anyone sees you, it will be problem. He asks why are you not answering. She says my phone fell in water. He gives her a phone and asks what was in that box that Indrani and her sisters worried. She says I saw the box, those three sisters looked worried. He asks where are they. She asks will you go there. She signs towards the room. Jiji/Indrana says we have equal risk by this letter, this spark can burn all of us. Advay thinks to go close to hear them. He walks to them and hears their conversation. Kajal says whoever it is, can’t be saved from us, we will know when he comes. He clicks a picture of the threatening note. They turn and see……

Advay says my family got ruined because of Chandni’s lie, I will surely punish her, I will use her and get in this house,I will ruin everything. Chandni asks him to return money. He says I will give you money, just meet me once on the terrace, if you don’t listen, I won’t let that happen what you want.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. tania-the fairy

    Wow.nice.what was chandi’s fault? I dont like d girl with barun.but she will match with barun.was she in any serial?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Tania! She was in kasam before, but for a very short span of time.

    2. Yes,tania-the fairy.she was in kasam as tanuja .but her presence was short.but I also hope that she can match with him.

  2. Aashi26

    amazing episode……….just loved it…….many mystery unfolded today fantanstic…………the best part of the episode was chandani and her sister’s bonding I got reminded of me and my maternal cousins and watching the noodles scene I was just pulled in the flashback where I and my didis were making noodles like always when no one was in the house…..hehe and we also tossed eachother veggies and plates like chandani and her sisters and sang and danced in the kitchen like mad people………oh god I just miss them so much……….

    1. Fenil

      Hey Arshi, u here.
      Glad to see u here also…how are u ?

  3. Antara


  4. Yazhu

    Another amazing epi…. What to say Gul always have a trio gang in her shows… The whole sequence of the Three sisters cooking and dancing is just like they’re the female versions of the OBros…. Especially Shikha perfectly fits as a female version of Rudy her jokes and love towards her elder sister Chandni reminds me of Rudra…and their swag dialogue also reminds ‘dil bole oberoi’ of IB…. Gul always shows some repeated sequences of her other previous shows… Liked it though….
    Feeling so sad for ASR… Poor Advay lost his parents and got separated from his little brother Mikku… I think it all happened because of those three vamps….
    The FB part was so touching… Can the see sweet n cute puppy love between Advay and Chandni… But now the same love of Advay for Chandni became hatred and rage… He blames her for his family’s destruction… Can’t say anything without knowing Chandni POV story… And the kidnap part really haunting her so much… Poor girl don’t know how’s she going to handle Advay’s hatred for her…
    Precap was nice… He asked her to meet him with such intense and rage…. Barun is Rocking…..
    On the whole loved today’s epi so much…

    1. Fenil

      Dear Yazhu , You are absolutely right. We can only wait for the Chandani’s pov or whole story came out in one go.

    2. Yeah u r rytt yazhu ……they were luking lyk d female version of obros ……nd shikha was luking cute lyk our rudy

    3. Nandhana

      Yes yazhu..I too thought of IB shivomru..the same cooking sequence.. Shivay cooks always and oberoi moment same type here..but hope it’s different from ib story..

  5. Riana

    The entire episode was ???????…

    First ten mins were funny ?????…

    Shat pratishat Vashists ….n then dhiskayoon …,????…

    And then Vsissos dancing…???…

    Special Scene was Advay’s entry in Chandni’s house…????

    And then …the past is clearing… ????

    Precap: So outrageous… ????

  6. Very fast update!!! Thanks! The modern/traditional mix in scenes seems confusing. Seems more fantasy than real in some scenes. Yet I think most watch simply for Barun!!! Waiting for more scenes with both Chandni and Advay!

  7. Mahhi

    Hello everyone!!??
    So in today’s episode it’s clear that Advay’s dad and mom were killed by villagers. And whatever happened 16 years ago was because if Jiji,Shakun and Kajal. Awesome episode. ??
    Now eagerly waiting for the next episode. ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Swati! Just now saw your comment on previous update so thought to reply here. Okay so I’ll call you Swati❤

    2. Mahhi

      Hello Mahaaijaz??
      How r u???

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      I’m fine ? You tello?

    4. Maha_Aijaz

      And yes you can refer me by Maha only!

  8. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !! Hope u all are good.

    Good episode.

    I think Micku and Shikha will be make pair they are same in nature.

    Loves sisters moments,hope this bond will not break.

    I think In attempt to get treasure Advay’s family got sacrificed.Greed destroyed everything in Raizada family.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenil bhaiyya … and trust me they can recreate the magic of ” Humaira-Aayan pair” . I was eagerly waiting for Ketki Kadam’s entry.
      Poor family of Advay. I doubt “Raizada ” is his paternal surname!! No way ” Mahanth” don’t have Singh Raizada surname at all. That way he will be exposed before spelling the word revenge.

    2. Fenil

      Yaa ,u r right about Humaira and Aayaan .
      Ketki Kadam is talented actress ,she very well portrayed role of Humaira in QH and Radha in Mahabharat.

      Mahanth is a post in big temple in this story (mahanth is surname also).

      Feeling like Naagin Season 1 Shivanya was knew of 5 murderers but not exactly for 2 person and here Advay has to find all culprit.:):)

    3. Yazhu

      You were right Fenil… Mikku and Shikha will really make a good pair…. Good to see the lovely Humaira in Qubool hai as zyada lovely Shikha in this….

  9. Maha_Aijaz

    Thanks Amena for the update ?

  10. Aastha_Reddy

    Advay Singh Raizada…the feeling of returning home always gives immense happiness to heart but for him , its a burning chill feeling to destroy all his enemies who snatched his family away from him with immense endless rage of revenge. Very well planned return to his own house after long gap of 16 years and his planted that Small Jasoos( soutan of Amrapali Gupta, I think as they both glue together in some shows) with smartness for destruction of Vashist family…”the second Mahanth ” after his father, the passed away murdered main Mahanth. So far well planned revenge track with smart brain to remember all identification mark of the murderers. Mobile was hot, so went to swim in that small son of swimming pool( missing ASR pool badly) .
    Like he said he have no knowledge of all the witness, villain and sufferer from that day, he have to face many more hidden unmasked enemies with more people to support him in his revenge game against Vashist family.
    “Kiss”- So it was done by him 16 years before… sweet of Advay and Chandni with their unnamed love of Childhood.
    She came finally…”Ketki Kadam..the Teekha- Sikha” to show as I was waiting for her entry.
    Oh ..Pinku was saying Gul has a fever of “Jr. NTR” movies copy paste..but the story is getting similar to “Panchakshari” of Anushka Setty with the hidden treasure inside temple at least from the side of Chandni.
    And Copy paste of one and only famous “Obro moment” from Ishqbaaz to with maggi.
    Bed dance is always a stress booster for lead characters and Chandni’s sister provided her the platform to bring her back from her frightened shell with their arrival. The last click of image of three chudails just to know contents in the letter..he have company in taking revenge. Not some one is trying to get share from hidden temple treasure. Any thing is possible in serial world. The most doubt rests on “Mikku- the messy man”.
    His revenge seems strong with confident to destroy Chandni and his love is still unnamed…”Mr. Mathematics” was looking hot with soul piercing brown orbs that held anger to burn people alive either in anger or in Love.
    Missed Mikku..
    No meeting of hero heroine at all!!!
    The question “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???” continues…
    Some one was bashing Barun for still wearing his “wedding ring” while his character of Advay is unmarried. He should remove that as married actress never acts in their mangalsutra and kangan or some other marrital statue material. Well girls , I saw he was wearing the same ring in ipkknd-1 in few initial episode then removed later due to bashing of fandom. let him be himself yaar. If we want to bash some one, trust me I am best at accusing people searching their mistake from small incidents even when I don’t like that particular person, hundred reasons can be found. Sanaya is not here is not his fault, overcome Arshi if you want to enjoy ipkknd-3. Stop searching for his mistake and interfering in his personal and private life. # Barun at peaceful acting career. who are still in 2012 illusional past better leave this page with pleasure with out pissing the mind of other girls.
    Some one used abusive language too. Stop doing that as this is creating unhealthy situation in our family here. Wait to shut their mouth by action later they will regret missing this amazing show. Stay blessed all friends.
    Please maintain peace here other wise face the south super punch of sarcasm.

    1. Deepu

      Hi Astha, well as i said ur analysis is really really good.. I just love ur comments and u also.. Yes what if barun wears his wedding ring or not, his acting skills are tooo too good

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Deepu..thank you. Love you too. I love ASR and respect Barun.
      If any one dare to point finger at him, I will surely insult them with ripping their( bashers) self respect. So only I shared my thought with you all.

    3. wow astha just looove ur comment girl???????

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Labiba dear.

    5. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh my God Astha! A perfect analysis ?? seriously, you guys are driving me crazy by saying all this stuff about episode because I haven’t watched it yet as I usually watch it around 11’o clock??
      And about Barun’s wedding ring, I’m really surprised like seriously who notes all these things. I don’t get time to remove my gaze from his brown orbs and charming face?? *unbelievable* I don’t know why people poke their nose in others personal life, just let him be himself, just because he’s acting doesn’t he can’t live his life according to his own will ??
      People are still living in 2012, and are keep comparing the old season with new without having a valid reason, so I too think we should leave them the way they’re because I’m sure they’ll regret on missing such an amazing series❤ #maintain peace?

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Swathi…yeah the episode was fantastic. I know you watched it by this time. Thank you.
      Let the basher rot in hell who cares. We should enjoy our “Rabba ve land” of heaven around Advay. Very less people are blessed with second chance and we got it with ASR after long five years , we should enjoy with out caring for some stupids.

    7. Maha_Aijaz

      Well Astha, Swathi nahe Maha here?? but yeah you’re right!

    8. Fenil

      Hey ,how are u ?.

      Yes , Its his choice to wear ring or not and but obivious hain wedding ring he should wear.that will not make any difference in his shows character whether he is married or unmarried in show. We boys wear ring casually. wearing maang tika,mangalsutra or ring in feet then that will make difference in her character.ring se koi fark nhi pdta.

    9. Deepu

      Hi fenil what u said is absolutely crct

    10. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu Bhaiyya… I am fine and in a fighting mode for Barun as you see(wink wink). Yeah Its his choice.

    11. Astha…gud to see u here…..i always luv ur comment…..u define every feeling of him so perfectly …..nd that childhood kiss was really sweet….me too luved that scene…
      Nd hope u remember me….pkj member…gud nyttt

    12. Aastha_Reddy

      Aayushi..of course I know you from pkj. Yeah I am trying to know him, understand his mental condition well.
      Good morning..

    13. Yazhu

      OMG Astha you should give rest to your fingers yaar… Such a good analysis and I totally agree with you about Barun wearing his wedding ring…. Seriously the so called fans better said as bashers should mind their own work and should stop finding mistakes in Barun’s professional and personal life… He’s such a dedicated actor who deserves the fame and love from his fans…

    14. Aastha_Reddy

      Yazhu… Double Thanks for your concern for my fingers and for my comment. I am addicted for writing long comments right from Ishqbaaz page.
      Yeah the so called basher should respect Barun Sobti .

    15. Hey ASTHA_REDDY!
      Actually i wanted to know what is that “amrapali gupta’s sautan” part?
      And which movies of Jr. NTR others are talking about?
      Yeah! I’m in full support of Barun’s personal choices. It’s his life, we can’t command him, right!

    16. Aastha_Reddy

      Shraddha… you can address me with only my first name. Friends hain yaar koi fine nahi lungi tumse lol.
      That chhotu sa actress always acts with Amarapali Gupta in Qubool hai and Aadhuri kahani hamari so I named her as Soutan of Amarapali. It was a joke yaar.
      About Jr. NTR comparison, its normal friendly talk with Pinku about “Nanaku premathu” movie and that idol calculation of Advay as ntr does the same in that movie. Pinku is my old friend who comments here and she is not among bashers. She was just saying casually. So no offence to her.
      I am glad so many people agreed with me on my hate for bashers and respect for Barun.

    17. Prettypreeti

      hey astha dear really liked the comment and ur view point is superb really liked ur views on barun;s ring..

  11. Ho Frndz…i’my new here…i’m loving this season a lot ..advay and chandni are amazing…sizzling chemistry..precap looks interesting

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Gayathry! Welcome to the ipkknd fandom, just gear up the paddle and start commenting uncountable ??

    2. Welcome gayathri??keep commenting and take care .so friends???

  12. hey every1…..i usually comment on ib page ……today i thought to comment here
    i m really liking barun nd shivani’s pair….they r doing a gud job….we should atleast give them sum tym…..nd todays epi was nyc… we got to see the sister’s kitchen moment that was nyc i enjoyed that……
    a diff. side of chandni was shown today…..dancing md laughing with her sisters
    Advay remembering his past memories of his family that scene was so emotional…..i was jst abt to cry seeing him in tears
    gud nyttt every1

  13. Archiya

    Wah wah Kya baat hai.. Just yesterday I mentioned it’s a lil dragging an today they covered up almost 30% of the mystery.very nice, so Jiji is actually dev Kaki I. E his father’s brothers wife

    Where is my miku today, yeah they showed him yest oday they showed his pair shikha ..they will make a cute pair.. I liked her from QH days only..

    Enjoyed the song piya piya oh piya piya.. It has been so long I had heard that..

    Could see so much pain in dev eyes today, felt like hugging an telling him everything will b alrite

    I loved the purple sadi jiji sis was wearing.. It was so beautifully draped to her, an I love her nose ring more.. It’s so delicate n beautiful… An that lipstick sister I likwd her earring.. Gonna surely make of that kind..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Archiya even I was thinking exactly the same thing and I’m like they might’ve read your comment and fulfilled our wish ??
      So happy after reading the update ??

    2. Archiya

      Yeah absolutely most of the times I feel they r reading r comments… So soon they picked up .. Wen I was seeing the episode I was like wow.. They revealed as much today

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah even I was thinking the same thing, seems like they’ve put an eye on this page?

    4. Fenil

      Hey Dear Archiya , Again same thoughts. Mikku is missing today.I’m also thinking the same that Mikku and Shikha will make cute pair.

    5. Archiya

      Same pinch.. They will really make a cute sweet pair.. I missed Miku today

    6. tania-the fairy

      O WoOw .Archiya u have noticed everything A to Z.Really I liked that noose ring.its so beautiful.I wonder where they got those kind of jewelliary.most of serial are adding new design of everything.

    7. hi archiya! I don’t think jiji is dev’s kaki or dev’s father is chandni’s father brother. Isn’t it forbidden in hindu religion for cousins to get married or being in a relationship? I am not really sure,so I am just asking to be sure. also dev’s father was the head priest,and chandnis father was one step subordinate to him as they have shown.I don’t remember they showed it anywhere that chandni and dev’s father were brother.
      anyway…on a different note…I am really loving ipkknd 3 😀 today’s epi was fab.

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Rapunzel… Advay ki kaki nahi ho sakti par Mami yaa Bua toh hosakti hai na. This way they can be cousin and lovers. I our place many girls marry their Mamu’s son or even Bua’s son. Lets wait, only time can reveal their family relation. Or they can be relative only based on their job for temple and not really blood relatives. Time will answer it.

  14. Hi everyone…hope u al r doing gd..some part of advays past is revealed today..girls part was jst woww..sisters bonding achi thi..when advay entered in his house ..he recalled his bhai..dat moment..barun killed with his expressions..damn gd..kya intense thi..aaj we missed mikku..precap seems guyz..gdngt

  15. i think advay hating chandni is for a misunderstanding.she is cool and calm girl with so much fear.

    just love both of them

  16. Hi everyone…hope u al r doing gd..some part of advays past is revealed today..girls part was jst woww..sisters bonding achi thi..when advay entered in his house ..he recalled his bhai..dat moment..barun killed with his expressions..damn gd..kya intense thi..aaj we missed mikku..precap seems guyz..gdngt

  17. Nice episode

  18. According to me, Advay and chandni were best friends in their childhood, and they started loving each other and this jiji and her evil sisters did something that led up to adva’s parents killing. It was jiji who killed them but he thinks chandni killed them. It’s just a big misunderstanding and i dont know why cant chandni recognize advay when he can recognize her and they were best friends in their childhood. I think advay just got some plastic surgery or something which is why she can’t recognize him. and dev who is he? she keeps talking about some dev. i think advay is dev. and i dont she keeps reminiscing some scenes but who’s that guy with her who was torturing her, it’s definitely not advay im sure. he’s good at heart.

  19. Maha_Aijaz

    After reading all comments, my excitement is increasing and can’t able to wait for the moment I’ll watch the episode ?? *just waiting to get free*

  20. Hey astha..r u from south..I mean u mentioned panchakshari telugu movie so I am little curious to know..coming 2 bashing barun..dat is his personal life..y to interfere..some r still ipknd 1 phase mein we nikhal nahi pare..guyz we too love ipknd 1 to d core and arshi its diff season with diff plot..try to accept and njy d show..shivani..she is doing gd job..jst encourage..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…yeah I a from Visakhapatnam. Where are you from yaar???
      Shivani is really cute with childhood innocence on her face.

  21. I really love the sisters bond… They are solo nice in ib we see bromance and here it is what?sisterance ????i don’t know what ever it is…I love it..i think miku will make psir with shikha then what about other sister..we should wait

    A stupid story is coming in my mind only guess .the treasure ofcthe temple belongs to advays house and the elder child of that house can take the treasure it is devs right to take treasure..according to my story chandinis mother is real villain ..she is a greedy women and need that treasure ..once advays family is destroyed chandni will be the heir of that house so that indrani make such situations so chandni sees devs mothr flying in air..and she said the same to people.As we know they are very superstitious they believes they are dayan and burnef her alive while saving his mom dad was also killed by people and they were about to kill dev and miku but dev escaped with miku for saving mikus life he push him from train. Advay believes that it is because chandnis lie his family is destroyed..Busss how is my story ..???bahuth stupid is it??????

    By yhe way who is trying to make chandni scared who is torturing her …not advay then whooo!??!!????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Chicku! It’s not at all a useless story yaar because I’m also guessing the same way. Maybe our assumptions are true *let’s wait and watch*

  22. tania-the fairy

    thanks Mahaaijaz.I also have seen somewhere that she was in a serial.she is doing nice acting.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Mention not yaara ? yeah she’s acting really nice!

    2. tania-the fairy

      ok Maha…..I wanted to know about her as she paired up with our barun .still have hope of sanaya’s return.

  23. Heyy everyone!

    So, this is my first time commenting on a show’s written update. I’m an ardent fan of Ipkknd 1, but I watched the series after it went off air. Won’t let that happen this time haha

    Coming to Ipkknd 3. To be very honest, I like it. xD I mean, certain scenes do remind me of ArShi, but I really like the girl playing Chandni. She’s very pretty, and was at her prettiest today, haina? Light make up looks so good on her <3 Of course, Barun is as great as he was in the season before. ^_^ Also, the moment with the three sisters, the youngest one (Shikha) reminded me of Khushi haha Especially when she said "ki aap katta rakhengi" hahaha

    Overall, I like where this is going. The episode was great too! ^_^

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Saumya! Welcome dear? hopefully we’ll see your comments daily ??

    2. Heyy! Thank you so much <3 And yeah, definitely count me in. I'm also going to watch IB from episode 1. I've heard its good xD

  24. Maha_Aijaz

    Finally has watched the episode, and actually I’ve seen both IB and Ipkknd altogether so I’m in double hangover right now ??
    Episode was amazing as we had expected though there wasn’t as such AdNi scenes but still I enjoyed the episode so far as it has unfolded many mysteries!
    Today we almost came to know all the relations of Mahant’s family with each other. Indrani (jiji) is Chandni’s mother as we had expected actually I think she wasn’t involved in her kidnapping as who’ll defame her own daughter but still money makes a person blind so can’t say anything clearly.
    Then the sister’s bond was wonderfully shown. In IB we’re having brotherly love and here we’ll have both brotherly and sisterly love ?? the way Shikha talk is really cool, I mean I loved her attitude! The whole part in kitchen along with their dance performance on bed was so cute??
    Advay Singh Raizada- the intelligent Mathematician ?? he has really moved so cleverly all these 16 years, sending a maid in the enemy’s family is a clever move though! The way he remembered all those painful past incidents made us all cry a little. How a happy family had destroyed due to the greed of same family members!
    As Indrani said there are a number of people involved in this conspiracy that means there’s a lot more for Dev to know.
    The most special moment- when kid Dev softly lovingly and cutely kissed on kid Chandni’s for head, seriously that part caught my heart ❤❤
    So sad their cute love story changed into a revenge and hate story just because of a misunderstanding created by her mother, I’m sure she’s behind all that by making an illusion of Dev’s mother flying in air, being a child Chandni said what she saw which led them separate!
    The last scene was funny actually the way Indrani held that cloth before her was like she was really trying to show it to someone standing behind ?? but yeah again Dev did superb job by clicking a picture ?
    Lastly, did I miss to mention Dev was looking breathtaking again?? his attitude, talking style, walking style everything was killing ❤❤ Chandni was looking beautiful along with other cast, their clothes, jewellery and hairstyle was looking very good today. It seems like they’ll gradually bring some normalcy in the attires!

  25. Maha_Aijaz

    Today Mikku was missing but his job of entertaining was fulfilled by Shikha, as Fenil bhaiya said (I think that’s what I should call him as I’ve born in 1997) they’ll make an amazing pair?? and here my tension has also finished as there won’t be any love triangle for sure ✌✌

  26. Maha_Aijaz

    I really like Suko, she’s quite pretty and even Indrani is very graceful. The way she talks calmly being a villain is very good!
    Also liked the wardrobe of Suko her purple sari was suiting her a lot? she somewhat looks like Rucha Hasabnis, don’t know why but whenever I see her, Rucha comes in my mind??

  27. Maha_Aijaz

    I also wanted to ask if Shikha is the same girl from qubool hai who was paired up with Ayaan? If yes then she’ll really going to rock with Mikku too??

  28. Dear friends

    I really like sis part???mujhe bhi hai three’ really a beautiful bond and that bond only sis bro bonds.i hope inki ye bond hamesha strong part and piya piya song with trio dance is mind blowing?????????I really enjoy her sister moments.

    Advay entry.and her emotional expression?????and that song phir aagaya muje o Saathiya ka feel karaya?.poor advay uska happy family ko usse cheena.??????wo bahuth dukh hai andar se aur Chandni ke liye nafrath bhi hai.phir uska Chandni ka bachpan ka wo sweet moment?????????

    Jobi uski parents ki saath hua us main Chandni ki mom aur uski sister’s bhi hai aur koi bhi log hai.advay kuch golden bangle wala and braclet wala and payal wali ki baath kar rahi hai tho I think ye log bhi inse connect hai.ab unki parent ki murder ki peeche kithne log hai Kya tha wajah ye sab writers par chodtha hu.kyunki unka kaam Hai murder mystery reveal karna.apna dimaag ka dhai karne se acha hai wait and watch.

    Aaj Chandni beautifull lag raha tha??????????

    Shika is superb and funny???????????????

    Sis moments and scenes is amazing ????????????????????????????????????????????


    I know sis moments IB ki o bro moment ka female version hai.but dhono bhi super tha.aur show dhono bhi GK ka hai tho usko copy karne ka righte hai.kisi aur serial walon ko copy karne ka bilkul righte realx guys.dhono show eki house ka Hai 4 lion films house ka.

    Mujhe tho revenge story pasand hai.aur iss main advay ka revenge bhi interest hai.aur interest Hai ki payal wali,bracelat wala,golden bangle wala ka secret open ab aage bahuth kuch hoga dekne ko??????????

    Keep watching and take care?

    1. Ab thak jithne Jo episodes dekha.usse mujhe yesterday episode zyada pasand aaya?????becoz of sis moments??????????and advay family murder secret tho Mera interest aur high kar rahi hai.bahuth suspent and secret hai murder ki peeche wo sab open karne main bahuth intersting hoga.?????

      Take care friends?

  29. Mindblowing episode.

  30. Good morning everyone.Yesterday’s episode was just awesome! I really enjoyed it especially the sisters bonding it was beautifully performed by the actresses.

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