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Shakti 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman drinking wine with Varun. He says nobody can understand me. He asks him to tell something truly and asks if Harman Singh is an irresponsible man. Varun says you are a responsible guy and have saved Soumya from kinnar world. Harman thinks how to make her happy. Varun asks her to do what he thinks is right. Harman says I will ask this with Preeto. He comes to Preeto’s room and wakes her up, asks her to be silent else Harak Singh will wake up. He takes her out of room and asks if Soumya said right that he is not responsible person. Preeto says why you are feeling bad and says you are a responsible person. Harman says I got it because of destiny and that too in filmy style, and should be with me in this house. Preeto says I understand that she has become important part of your

life. She says I told her to stay in your room, but she refused. She says if Soumya loves you then everything will be fine.

Harman says if you are saying that everything will be fine then everything will be fine. He asks her to go and sleep. Preeto thinks Soumya will not go from Harman’s heart so easily.

Maninder comes home and tells that he heard people talking and gossiping about Surbhi. Bebe gets worried about his wounds. Surbhi and Nani comes there. Surbhi asks what happened and goes to bring hot water. Bebe brings ointment. Maninder says I will not leave them. Surbhi brings warm water and tries to keep cloth on his wounds, but Maninder brushes her hand off his face and says he don’t need this. He gets angry.

Harman thinks if everything is going to be right as Preeto said. He comes to the servant’s quarters and calls Soumya’s name asking her to open the door. He says Preeto said that only you know why you are doing this and asks her to tell. He asks her to tell. He says I will clear your complains and we will talk in our room. Soumya hears him and thinks she can’t talk to him. Harman calls Gulabo…and asks her to open the door. He asks her to listen to him. Harak Singh, Preeto and others gather there. Harak singh asks Preeto to stop him and says people will gather here. Preeto tries to stop him, but in vain. Harman asks her to ask Soumya to come with him to their room. He asks Soumya to open the door. Preeto asks Harman to come to room. Neighbors come and ask what is happening? Harak Singh says it is just children talk and asks them to go. Soumya gets tensed.

Harman asks Soumya to open the door. Preeto asks him to talk to Soumya in the morning and says even neighbors came here. She asks neighbors to go. Neighbor says we can’t go until your wife agree and says we all will help you convince her. They ask Soumya to forgive Harman and come out of room. Harak Singh asks neighbors to go. Neighbor says matters don’t get solved easily and asks Harman to say I love you to Soumya to melt her heart. Harman says good idea, and shouts Soumya….I love you. Everyone is shocked. Tu Hi Mera Khuda Tu Hi Meri Dua plays……..Neighbor asks Soumya to come out else Harman will gather all pind and confess his love. Preeto gets angry and asks Neighbors to back off. She tells Harman that she will talk to Soumya. She knocks on the door and asks Soumya to open the door, calls her bahu, and says she is at the door. Soumya opens the door. Preeto gets inside and looks angrily. Soumya keeps her head down.

Surbhi is restless and couldn’t sleep in night. She thinks about Soumya’s words that she is married to Harman, although she is a kinnar and will not go anywhere. Nani wakes up and asks Surbhi, what happened? Surbhi tells that she is worried about Soumya. Nani says Soumya’s decision might be wrong from Harman’s view, but she is doing right. She says she is proud of Soumya and asks her not to worry. Preeto asks Soumya to talk wisely as neighbors are there. She asks her to smile and go. Soumya goes out and smiles. Harman smiles looking at her……They both look at each other. Neighbor tells that it is good that you agreed, else Harman would have gone mad and he loves you a lot. Other neighbor asks Soumya to confess her love to Harman. Neighbor says even I and my wife say I love you to each other and clear all the misunderstandings. Soumya tells them that it is not needed to confess her love as few things are connected by heart and should be understand by heart. Al the neighbors get impressed with her answer and leave. Preeto looks angry.

Varun and Raavi’s sasur plan to kill Harman. They get his car’s brakes failed. Harman’s car meets with an accident and he gets injured. Harak Singh gets a call informing him about Harman’s accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I like watching Harman ‘s family drama, Harman nailed it!

  2. Hapaaaa epa thaan somu Ku santhosham kedaika pogutho . Intha varun Vera over villian na irukkan itha yaarum kandupidika maatingaraanga. Apparam intha preeto ethuku ippadi behave panraanga . Cha verupethraanga pa. Hi karthika and kopz how r u? Karthi nee anupina spoiler nalla iruku aana Harman surbhi marriage pidikala ma. Y the writers r seperating them.

  3. Wat siyappa again varun creates..haya moment s fabulous…shockng precap……g night karthika.ammu ma and all …

  4. Wow super episode Harman love soumu very much but Varun is very bad guy why he try to kill Harman I can’t imagin next about this story when does the nimmi’s son come this story plz karthi tell me

  5. Wow super episode Harman love soumu very much but Varun is very bad guy why he try to kill Harman I can’t imagin next about this story when does the nimmi’s son come this story plz karthika tell me

  6. Sabrina

    Preeto is just pissing me off….poor Somu alway have to feel like she is nothing ….glad mahindra gets a trashing lol

  7. chinni kratika

    Hiiiii all. I am new to commentcomment but I watch serial daily but I won’t comment

  8. Welcome to shakthi family chinni kratika. Hi karthika y didn’t comment today. R u busy dear.

  9. Gud nite kopz . R u studying or working. Iam very happy that u know Tamil very well even though u r a Nepali. Tamil vaazhga.

  10. Soumya will take care of Harman after the accident.New Haya scenes will be shown!!

  11. sorry ammu ma.. yesterday comment panna mudiyala… 🙁 🙁 🙁
    day before yesterday’s precap is super… but yesterday precap is its opposite.. indha varun endhan ippdi pandraano… hahaha.. indha accidentkum sowmya va dhan balme pannuva indha preeto.. will see…

    good mrng ammu ma, kopz and to all

  12. Hi chaya dear, I dont know that nimmi’s son when will come?… we will wait… I read the spoiler and comment… par vo zarur aayega.. mujhe yakeen hai.. harman aur sowmya kabhi bhi alag nahi ho sakthe…
    hai kopz… nan little hindi la comment pannirukken… idhu correct ah illa edhum mistake orukkanu solluppa… please.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Correct @kathika…did u studied Hindi in school…..then….ena padikiringa.???.which districts …
      Ammu ma neengalum endha district ???

  13. Harman action is fabulous,awe some ,superbbbbbbb.he is d real hero.l really like d haya pair not in reel but in real life also.

  14. Tq amma…I m studying…..gud mrng all …so sad abt Harman..

  15. Hi karthika plz can you write your comment in english because I can’t understand your language

  16. Varun kyu aisha kar kara ha…..and Harman k accident bi somu ko hi blame karegi devil preeto…this comment was written by karthika n Tamil [email protected]

  17. Angelk1

    I hope the writers dobt make him loose his memory of soumya then preeto will take full advantage. Please dont do that

  18. no… no.. nan hindi engayume padikkala.. indha hindi ellam nan tv channel paathu kathukittadhu dhan kopz… nan virudhunagar… apparam ammu ma chennai…

  19. Hi kopz nan Chennai. Super karthi eppsdi tv serial paathe Hindi kathukita semma brilliant ma . Ethu ellam thanee talent venum and interest tum venum .

  20. Eppadi, ethuku sorry mistakes thiruthi kollavum

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