Shakti 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi searching for Soumya and finally sees her outside a house where party is going on. Nimmi runs to get her daughter, and sees a woman about to kidnap Soumya. She asks her not to touch her daughter. She sees a vehicle coming infront of car, but manages to reach Soumya. She hugs her and cries. Soumya says she is fine and no witch has come there. She apologizes and asks if she is angry on her. Nimmi says she is not angry on her, and asks her never to go out without telling her. Just then she recalls Ballu telling Mahinder is arrested by Police. At party hall, Surbhi asks someone to give cake piece for her sister. Bebe makes faces. Ballu comes to the house where party is going on and tells Bebe that Mahinder is arrested. They come out and sees Mahinder coming there. Nimmi asks what

happened to him and why he was arrested.

Mahinder gets angry looking them outside and asks what they were doing there. Once they are back home, Soumya asks Mahinder, if he was beaten by someone. Mahinder shouts and scolds her. Nimmi sends her inside and tells Mahinder that Soumya is also his daughter like Surbhi, then why he hates her so much. She says your hatredness is increasing day by day, I thought you will melt for her, but I was wrong. She says Surbhi and Soumya are your daughter and needs equal love. Mahinder shouts at her and tells Soumya is not his daughter.

Soumya apologizes to Nimmi and says Papa ji was arrested by Police just because I had stepped out of home. Nimmi says no. Soumya says Papa ji is always angry on us, as I stay with you always. Nimmi cries helplessly…Later after doing puja, Nimmi gives full peda to Surbhi, and puts half peda in Soumya’s mouth. Surbhi gets angry and says you never puts peda in my mouth. Nimmi says if I give you half peda then you will tell everyone. Soumya says I will give you my half peda. Bebe asks Nimmi not to be partial with Surbhi. Nimmi says you both are partial with Soumya, and not me. Bebe says it is waste to talk to you and tells about navratri puja. A woman comes there and tells Bebe that she needs two girls for the puja, and takes Soumya and Surbhi. Bebe tries to stop her but in vain. She asks Nimmi to stop Soumya from having prasad else their dharam will be ruined. The neighbor woman does some ritual and washes all the girls feet.

Nimmi asks Bebe not to snatch her happiness. Bebe says we are bearing you and your daughter since years, and if she have that prasad then you both will not be spared. Surbhi and Soumya are seated with other girls and wait for the prasad to be served. The neighbor served food to all girls and asks them to start the bhog. Soumya is about to eat food, but Nimmi comes there and holds her hand to stops her from eating it. She asks Soumya to come home. Soumya says no, and says I haven’t eaten anything till now. Nimmi says come home. Soumya says I will eat fast. Bebe looks on angry. Nimmi asks her not to eat and comes with her. Neighbor says you are insulting prasad. Nimmi asks her to make Surbhi eat the prasad. Bebe looks on angrily.

Nimmi brings Soumya home and asks what do you like to have? Soumya refuses to eat anything or talk to her. Nimmi says she will bring hot puris for her and melt her anger. She goes near devimaa and asks her to stop the torture which Soumya is bearing and cries badly. She hears Soumya crying. Surbhi tries to go to Soumya, but Bebe stops her and asks her to do home work. Nimmi makes puris and kheer for Soumya and asks her to eat. Soumya refuses to eat it. Nimmi tries to convince her amd says this puri is angry also. She sits down, holds her ears and apologizes. Soumya agrees to forgive her, and says she will have kheer and puri first. Bebe fills Mahinder ears against Nimmi and Soumya.

Mahinder says people are saying that we have kept our elder daughter hidden from everyone. Surbhi comes and greets Mahinder. She asks why mum didn’t allow Soumya to have food at neighbor house. Nimmi tells Soumya that she didn’t let her have food there, as the food at home would have been wasted. Mahinder tells Surbhi that if both girls go to puja then Devi maa gets angry. Surbhi says I will go and sleep with Soumya. Mahinder says Nimmi doesn’t love you, sleep here. Surbhi says mummy loves me so much. Mahinder asks her not to complain if Nimmi cuts her hairs in sleep. Surbhi gets tensed and says I will sleep with you, here. She hugs him. Bebe and Mahinder smiles.

In the night, Nimmi feels as if someone is opening the door. A veiled woman is shown standing outside the door. Nimmi opens the cloth from her hand and goes out. She sees veiled woman standing outside and gets shocked.

Nimmi tells Mahinder and Bebe that she will leave the city. Bebe tells Mahinder that they shall leave the pind. While they are travelling to go somewhere, veiled woman comes and kidnaps Soumya. Nimmi cries badly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m can guess why the family hates Soumya and sounds a bit funny. I think Soumya is actually a boy and due to some birth defect he has girl qualities and that’s why his father hates him…lol. What do you guys think?

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      May be!

    2. Well I was thinking that too but I m not sure but soumya is very cute But what’s with this veiled lady mystery

    3. I don’t think transgender matters , it’s about blood matters tat soumya might be nimmi’s first husband daughter

  2. I fink the same. Soumya is a transgender.

  3. I think Soumya is not Mahinder’s daughter..

    1. same and dilemma too guys………..all your comments were guessing my mind and Jessica I don’t think she can be a boy coz soumya’s role will be played by rubina and worst part is that is the sisters will love d same boy vivan and vivan only loves soumya in this shakthi serial I think……………

      1. U r rite fren !!! I think tat soumya not mahinder’s daughter . Soumya’s dad might be nimmi’s husband . N it’s right ta Vivi loves Rubina in shakti

  4. Sad but nice serial
    Had tears in almost everyon’es eyes

  5. I dont think soumya is a boy as she will be the main lead..

  6. but i feel that this show is somewhat similar to kala teeka show in zee

    1. even i felt the same…………..mother says its her own child but father denies it. …………….Illicit child I guess. hen why did mother say that both are ur chidren only………………..fingers crossed

  7. I m confused too abt suspence…
    its something to do with panjabi local issue..

    I m too desperate to see vivian… Good knows when will be his entry…

  8. I hope they reveal the reason soon

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