TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 31

***************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-31********


(guys i read ur comments later i got a doubt that is,
from my pov i support swara not bcoz i am girl ,so i am supporting swara but bcoz swara felt same pain wt sanskar gone through she is to crushing b/w sath nd sans . why u all are saying poor sanskar y ur always supporting him by the way by 5th shock i will make you say “poor swara ” start reading ha )

recap; sathvik confession nd shock no ;1

Swara hell shocked by this truth but she wanted to consent sanskar ND she wanted to get answer from him so she consoled herself ND with confidence she turned towards sathvik nd said ” no he wont nd cant nd I had some work now so I was leaving”

Sathvik: Ok swara I will to come lets goo ( they left to villa to meet sanskar )

Otherside ,villa sanskar is daam upset with sathvik confession he don’t know the next talk he felt that swara may think of sathvik love ❤ so he felt disgusting so he left to Mumbai for 8.30pm fight

9pm ,sanskar room

Swara directly rushed to sanskar room she searched everywhere but she could not found him

Lucky: Where is sanskar

Swara: I was also searching him where is he

Lucky : Call him once

Swara realised that her pH is left in boat nd she realised that sanskar may listened

Swara restless really confused wt sathvik said is true or not nd where did sanskar went

sanskar messaged lucky ” i left to Mumbai due to an urgent work my ph battery is low bye ”

swalakrag are shocked


very next day all three came to mumbai swara left to office directly to meet sanskar nd ask about this selfie nd she wanted to say everything b/w sathvik nd her

but bad luck sanskar not came to office but swara got an urgent work so she worked in office still ngt

but even ngt sanskar not returned to mm swara is restless

scene 3,S & S OFFICE 10.40AM

swara came to office she is waiting for sanskar to come always staring at sanskar cabin

11am,sanskar cabin

sanskar arrived swara face glowed by seeing his entry
swara rushed to his cabin to speak to him she wanted to clear everything

swara; sanskarrrrrrrrr

sanskar; ho u came from Kerala ah

swara; i need to talk to you

sanskar; you can use ur cabin

swara; i said i need to talk to you

sanskar; (lot of attitude) oh really but do you have appointment

swara; appointment ???

sanskar; yes ,u don’t have na go

swara; (dont want to leave ) woh my A/C is not working so i will work here

sanskar; (himself ) juteeeeeeee using my pranks

swara; y ur laughing

sanskar; (fake angry) who laughed ah shall i check nd repair ur ac

swara; ur engineer not a ac mechanic so u do ur work i will inform priya

sanskar is busy in doing not playing candy crush in lappy swara is working but her concentration is on sanskar as she is shocked to see his behaviour

its time sanskar is avoiding her she is so angry by this

meanwhile priya arrived 11.30am

priya; excuse me mam

swara; (angry ) come in is its time to come office ur so late 11.30

priya; woh woh i

swara; (angry ) wat i answer mee damt (sanskar is staring her angry nd enjoying it )

priya; (scared) mam i went to raglak hospital by 10.30 but ur late so i had not informed you

swara; oh no (reduced her angry )

sanskar; (laughed ) its ok priya have ur seat

swara is surprised to see sanskar speaking cool with priya

priya; its ok sir y you had called mee

sanskar; woh app ke madam ka A/C karb hogaya

priya; ok sir i will call mechanic (about to leave but saskar stopped her)

sanskar; (looked towards swara nd said ) priyaaaaaaaaa can you get me kp group file (priya left)

swara; i had completed that kp file stop wasting time nd you do varma group file

sanskar;(angry got up from his seat ) y u always hang on varma group always i hate him i hate that sathvik varmaaaaaaaaaaa

swara; sanskar its not like that there is ntg like that b/w as

(priya got the file both left topic )

sanskar; (holded her hand while taking file ) oh priya ur hands are so soft like rose petals

swara ; (gave an angry look to sanskar nd for herself ) stay cool swara he is just teasing you

sanskkar; you know some thing priya ur most beautiful girl in this whole office

priya ; (blushes ) thankyou sir

swara ragged in jealous staring in angry she said ‘ priya go to ur work i need some files ‘

sanskar; swara y can’t you get me a coffee

swara; i was auditor now not even working under you so y should i

priya; i will get it

sanskar; you wait priya , swara i think you have presentation in evg

swara; (remembered how sanskar spoiled her presentation ) oh k wait i will

sanskar gave a victory smile

swara ;(herself ) wt the hell he think doing this things infront of mee ordering mee i will teach him a lesson now (she added pepper instead of sugar )

sanskar; wow ur so fast come on

swara; priya get me all files of varma group to my cabin right now just leave fast

priya is scared bcoz she seen swara in angry for 1st time

sanskar ; (smiles inner nd took the cup of coffee nd smelled it ) its hot swara increase the temperature of a/c plz some thing is burning i think

swara; (gave a angry look nd in mind ) in few seconds you will know wt will burn

sanskar took 2 sips nd shouted out loud loud “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh’
got up from seat nd he searching for water swara is enjoying it “wat is burning now ”

after 2mins swara seen his face its so red due to spice he got tears from his eyes she felt bad ran to reduce his sensation

swara took a chocolate from her pocket finally nd gave it to sanskar nd he took a bite of it

swara; sit nd have it cool it will reduce pepper spice

sanskar; pepper ????????

swara; (bitted her tongue as she said truth ) oh nooo

sanskar; (in mind ) mummy this girl is more dangerous then me .i should be careful when she is jealous or else

swara; (about to leave )

sanskar; y you added pepper in my coffee

swara; woh by mistake
sanskar; oh its by mistake then how you know before my statement

swara;(panic ) woh woh i got a call byee (she ranned out of cabin but stopped near door

swara blushing nd whispered”i want to say something special to you so plz come to terrace by 1.16am “(ranned away)

sanskar felt happy even he felt pain bcoz first time swara showed her jelous feeling

night 10pm ,
mitra villa

after attending sonthosh nd kavitha recepition sathvik nd swara came to mansion nd rest of family in maheswari mansion nd hero sanskar is busy in searching best gift for his princess for bday

swara nd sathvik where walking in garden having cool talk

sathivik; thanks for coming

swara; (smile ) that’s my pleasure

sathvik; so when is ur marriage then

swara; y that much hurry i have lot of dreams nd 1st i need to confess to sanskar later as per his wish

sathvik; oh when you gonna confess

swara; tonight its bday gift for our both

sathvik;are you sure swara you think he is right for you

swara; (full confidence ) ya 200% he is my mr.right
“i trust him nd his love more then myself ”
the thing about photos i dont know he did it or not but by asking such thing to him is insulting his love , so plz leave this topic

sathvik ;you wont trust mee then

swara; sathvik as a frnd i trust you but you may be misunderstood na

sathvik; its impossible swara if i prove you then

swara; (smile ) sathvik its not a business deal to see proofs nd sureties its our love

sathvik shocked to see her trust towards sanskarrrr

screen freezes

*****************to be contiued********

precap; sanskar nd sathvik fight nd shock no ;3 (huge one )

(guys i think you loved this shock ;2 😉 now you say me who is poor now ? swara or sanskar )

  1. jaldi update kia karo yaar…ita intresting track chalra hai…

  2. Haa I came from hospital to home as u gave the medicine …..wow ! If this is the shock ….then give 100 shocks but all funny ones OK ….by the way I loved Swara jealousy …something is burning ….oh god ! I kept the stove on …
    Ha ha ha lol ….nothing serious ….anyways but the precap is giving me goosebumps now ….what will the hugs shock ….
    Plz di I can’t go to hospital often ….the doctors and nurses are fed up of seeing me again and again ….ha ha ha that’s true ….
    Even they ask me again …I will say ur name …..ha ha ha
    Anyways of I ever have a part in ur story I will surely kill that sathvik ….but I loved the Swara trusted sanskar ….that’s called love ,
    Thanks for such an beautiful update ,
    Love u loads di !
    Keep smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Awesome…. Update soon…

  4. At least I just came from hospital as u gave me the medicine …..?
    But the precap is giving me goosebumps …
    Di I am warning u if the shock is very huge …I won’t be able to go hospital also .. ?because the doctor and nurses are fed up seeing me …ha ha ha ??
    My god I was first shocked seeing the episode but after reading ….I couldn’t stop laughing like mad !
    Still laughing and going on !
    If this is the shock then give 100 shocks also ! But everything should be funny like this ok ….ha ha ha ha ??
    Something is burning yaar , oh god I left my stove on …..???
    It’s burning …..ha ha ha no offense …I am indicating swara jealousy lol …she was literally burning ??..but it was fun seeing it
    If I ever get a part in this story …I will surely murder that sathvik and go to jail ….??
    But loved the way swara trusted sanskar ..that’s called true love? …and hats off to u for showing it di..
    Thanks for the beautiful episode
    Love u loads ?
    Keep smiling ….☺
    Di if u don’t have a problem we can both start a new ff together ….what say ….?
    Just kidding becoz u don’t know where u r getting such a great ideas ….??

    Love u loads and loads di…..???

  5. I think u have planed many shocks….but plz yar make swara confess her love for sanskar fast plzzzzz…..nw cant wait plzzzzzzz v r waiting for long……

  6. I l9ved that shock di
    Jaldi update kariye aur wait nahi hota

  7. If swaras reaction is jealousy nd fellings for sanskar then yeah i too agree shocks are too good.. Then its not sanskar is poor or swara is.. Its all abt love..trust and relationships.. She need to trust him.. Thats it.. It will feel better if they confess and fall in love all over again.. Waiting for Swasan

  8. Lol…too good chappy ???
    Love is based on trust … so love tat ?

  9. hahaha ..loving it…update next ASAP

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