Shakti 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Maharani forces Soumya to confess her truth

Shakti 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman following Soumya and thinks your game is over. Soumya hears maharani’s voice telling that she knows that she will come as she loves her saas and husband more. Soumya asks where are you? Maharani asks her to stay there itself and says tomorrow morning your time will be over in the morning, then your husband and Saas will not be saved. She says she called her here and their eyes is on mobile and landlines and asks Soumya to tell truth to everyone that she is a kinnar. Soumya tells that if she tells her truth then Harak Singh will divorce Preeto. Harman comes infront and says you have to go in jail. They couldn’t see Maharani, but her phone. Maharani laughs on mobile and says you have time till morning. Harman picks the phone and throws on floor.

Mohini and Maharani

talk to each other about their plan and laughs.. Harak Singh comes there. Maharani hides her face. Harak Singh sounds worried for Harman and thinks who can think of threatening Harman. Mohini massages his head and looks on like vamp.

Harman tells Soumya that she is sure that the voice is of Maharani and she can’t play with our family. Maharani hears them and thinks she will attack them tomorrow and hopes Mohini does as she said. Chintu breaks Mohini’s phone with hammer. Mohini plans to go out with Harak Singh out. Veeran says we shall not take the threats lightly. Mohini says if the caller had to do anything then he wouldn’t have wasted time on call, and says why Maharani will come here and attack them. She tells Harak Singh that it is her dream to go to Bangkok. Harak Singh says I will take you. Mohini signs Maharani and leaves with Harak Singh.

Maharani thinks Mohini will keep him busy all day and I will take care here and thinks where are others. She asks Shanno? Soumya comes to Saya’s house with Preeto and Harman and asks Kareena and Raveena to tell where is Rani. She tells that they were once your friend and kinnar like us. She folds her hands and asks them to tell. Kareena says if you think we are related then take this chappal and beat us. Soumya says no. Kareena acts and says we have no enmity with Rani. Harman says Rani is missing because of Maharani’s game and asks Preeto and Soumya to come. They leave. Once they leave, Kareena smirks and receives Maharani’s call, tells her that they had come here. Maharani says you know what to do.

A man comes inside the house. Veeran asks who is he? Maharani says I called him as there are cockroaches in the kitchen. Harman gets call from Kareena in Rani’s voice and she tells that she is locked in the godown. Soumya says we will go, but Harman says I will go alone. Preeto asks Soumya to calm down and says he will bring Rani back. Maharani calls Raveena and asks her to start her plan and not to get scared. Raveena asks Harak Singh’s neighbors that that he got heart attack and asks if the news is true. They all tell that they shall and see. The man locks the house and sprays chloroform on Veeran, Shanno, Balwinder and Raavi. They faint. Preeto comes out hearing their voice. Maharani aims gun at Preeto and gives her intro.

Maharani asks Soumya to go out and tell her truth infront of neighbors. Soumya refuses. Maharani threatens to shoot Preeto and others who are unconscious inside if she don’t agree. Soumya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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