Dastaan – ishqbaaz ff (episode 44)

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Hi my dear readers & silent readers,Sorry for late. Here is the next update. Hope u are all fine ?

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Recap- Kaurwaki & Aicchik talk



Yagya is thinking about her . He closed his eyes . He remembered those eyes which make him crazy in their first meeting .  He don’t know but she is important for him.

Background song – 

Anjaane ho tum , jo begaane ho tum ,

Jo pehchane lagte ho kyun 

Tum gehri neendon me jab soye soye ho 

Toh mujhme jagte ho kyun 

Jab tujhko paata hai 

Dil muskurata hai 

Kya tujh se hai waasta 

Kya tujh main dhoondon main, kya tujhse chahun main 

Kya kya hai tujhme mera 

Jaanun na main tujhme mera hissa hai kya par ajnabi apna mujhe tu laga 

He decided to give answers to her . He found her room empty when he notice she is coming from opposite direction. He immediately hide behind curtains. He is shocked to see the condition of room. She enter her room & closed the door. She start managing her room which she messed sometime before.  He is here to talk with her inspite of this he is hiding from her. She take a sighed after cleaning her room.

Yagya : I bet She is really suffered from OCD .

He murmur when he notice she cleaned her room  in a few minutes. He is thinking that they are opposite of each other. He never clean his room & on the other side she want everything in their right place. She hold her head because of headache. Hairclip which clutches her hairs tightly in a bun increase it more. She released her hairs & start combing . He is staring her & smiling like a maniac.

Tujhse talluk jo nahi kuch mera, kyun tu lage hai apna sa 

Dekhun jo tujhe ek nazar, jaaye bhar mujhme hai mera jo khala

Zindagi main khushi tere aane se hai 

Warna jeene main gam, har bahane se hai 

Hai ye alag baat hai hum mile aaj hai, Dil tujhe jaanta ek zamane se hai 

Jaanun na main tujhse mera hissa hai kya par ajnabi apna mujhe tu laga 

Jaanun na main tujhse mera rishta hai kya par ajnabi apna mujhe tu laga

She see in the mirror that the curtains are moving. She realized that someone is there . She turned while he again hide. She move toward bed & take something which keep under the pillow. She start moving toward him while he was cursing himself of doing this because it she will get to know , then only God save him. She removed the curtains in a go & put the dagger on his neck without seeing the face. He lost in her brown orbs . He is shocked to see the dagger on his neck & then in her eyes.

Yagya : You really want to kill me.

She immediately take her hand back.

Kaurwaki : What are u doing here?

Yagya : I don’t know.

Kaurwaki : Don’t be over smart . Just tell me otherwise I really kill u .

Yagya : Take that away from me.

Kaurwaki : First u tell me …

Yagya : You are trying to make me scared .Why are u holding this  type of things. If it hurts someone then who will resposibile?

Kaurwaki : Shut up ! I don’t know about others but if u don’t tell me , then it’s really hurt you .

Yagya : Are u mad ? Who the hell  want to say something if his own life is in danger . I don’t tell u a single word , if u don’t throw that knife.

She move her hand toward him.

Yagya : What are u doing ? I don’t said to throw at me.

Kaurwaki : Do u have fear ?

He start laughing.

Yagya : Who is feeling afraid from these type of toys. I know it hurt but I am not feeling afraid because this is like toy for me.

Kaurwaki : Is it like that . ( She ask raising her one eyebrow)

She throw the knife on him & he is shock but soon he realize that she throws on curtains beside him or u can say one inch away from him. He look at her .

Kaurwaki : I think now u understand the power of a toy.

Yagya : I am sure u have any mental problem. If it is one inch closer to me , then my neck is on that place.

Kaurwaki : Right ……Next time happen like that only.

Yagya :  At least give a chance to me explain.

He said while  tried touching the knife.

Kaurwaki : Don’t touch that.

Yagya : But why ?

He tried to hold the knife but it get slide down & divide the curtains in two parts or u can say it tore them . She patted her forhead while he is looking .

Kaurwaki : I already warn u but u don’t listen me . You only create this mess.

Yagya : Are u a human ?

Kaurwaki : Excuse me ….What

Yagya : You are alien or maybe a ghost ?

Kaurwaki : Stop talking rubbish …..Now , tell me . Don’t  tried to give excuses like last time that u lost ur way.

He remain silent . She move closer to him .

Kaurwaki : Mr.Oberoi Are u here ? Why are u standing like a statue. If this is ur new drama , then I will not spare u . Say something.

He pinned her to wall & closed her mouth with his hand.

Yagya : If u stop ur tape recorder , then I will say na. Don’t u shut ur mouth for one second.

She give him deadly glare & tried to move his hand. He hold her hand.

Yagya : One minute….Listen to me . Now u get to know what’s other feel when u don’t give them chance to speak because u are continiously talking. I come here because I want to talk to u but u didn’t listen me once. Now say do u want to hear that. Say na…

She bite his hand.

Yagya : Ouch….Jungli billi .

Kaurwaki : Aur tum bandar …

Yagya : What ….Am I looking monkey to you ? Really …..look at me.

Kaurwaki : Don’t u have this much brain how I am able to speak if u closed my mouth. No , Actually monkey have more brain than u .

Yagya : It is too much insult…

Kaurwaki : Whatever …

Yagya : It’s not ur problem , everyone is jealous from my good looks especially you.

Kaurwaki : Hmm….Joke of the year ? ?

Yagya : It’s impossible to talk with you because u are mad. I never talk to you.

Kaurwaki : Ohh…That’s really a great favour on me. Now , Get out from my room.

She start moving. He hold her hand & pull her back.

Yagya : What do u think of yourself ?

Kaurwaki : Kaurwaki Singh Rathore …

Yagya : I see…..You are not queen of somewhere….When u want to talk ,then u don’t need any permission.

Kaurwaki : You liar …..I knock the door before enter in ur room.

Yagya : I don’t remember ……I want to talk to u & u don’t leave the conversation in between.

Kaurwaki : You only don’t want to talk with me …..

Yagya : You have to listen . Remember , u ask me last time something. Now , I will tell u everything . I don’t know but if u are sad , it hurts me . I don’t want to know about ur life for just a curiosity but I want to help you. Your pain matter to me. Why is this like that , I too don’t know & when I get to know I will surely tell u.

Kaurwaki : Get out…

Yagya : What …..Here I am telling u this much important thing & u asked me to leave.

Kaurwaki : Ya ….You heard it right . You done with ur so called talks , then leave from here .

Yagya :Don’t u say anything directly what u want…..

Kaurwaki : I said leave from my room.

Yagya : Fine , I also don’t have any interest in  talking with you.

He leave while she closed the door with a bang in front of him.

She pick up the dagger & keep under her pillow. She somewhere realized his feelings which he don’t realized & it make her more tensed. She sit on bed & hold her forehead . She tried to calm down herself as she clean her room sometime before.

Kaurwaki : Relax ….You are overthinking  ….Just forget that .

She cover herself from duvet & tried to sleep. She closed her eyes. She see car blast & her past incidents. She get up & realize it is nightmare.

She start breathing heavily & then drink water.

Kaurwaki : What is happening with me ?

She pick the photo of her father from nearby table.

Kaurwaki : It’s not called a nightmare as it was real.

She recalled how she lost her father in car blast in front of her eyes. She remember Swadesh condition after all that is also because of her.

**Flashback **

A boy is talking to her.

Boy : At least take my help . I am ur friend.

Kaurwaki : You don’t need to worried about me Nirnay.

Nirnay : Kaurwaki , Please …..Don’t be foolish. Let me solve this matter. Do u trust me?

Kaurwaki : Ok….But u don’t take any step against them without my permission

He nods his head but he had something different in his mind.

** Flashback ends**

Kaurwaki : You played with fire ….Everything is destroyed. Now , tell me What explanation I gave to ur brother. He is asking about u. I snatch his family from him.How ur mother got heart attack after ur death & passed away leaving behind that innocent soul. What should I tell Swadesh. He never ask me but I know he is also thinking like this as I am reason of all problems.

Yagya’s words echoing in his mind. She don’t know what to do.

Kaurwaki : Enough is enough….Now, I will do that only which is right in my opinion.

She wiped away her tears & take sleeping pill for sleep.

In morning – 

All are busy in breakfast .

Kaurwaki : Sona, Where is Siya.

Sona : Maybe She is in her room….You also asked me the last night but I don’t know .

Anu : What happen ? Why are u so disturbed.

Kaurwaki : Nothing ….Just a lil bit tired.

Yug : Even Yo is also not here & he is very punctual about time.

Yagya : I think they are together .

On the other side – 

Yog : Let me help you.

Siya : Hmm…

She nods her head & he hold her hand . They both come downstairs.

Kaurwaki : Siya ….What happen to you ? How u get injured .

She hold her other hand.

Siya : Relax…It’s just a sprain .

Yog : Yeah ….Actually She want fracture & it’s just a sprain.

He said while mimick the last words. She look at him with annoyed face.

Anu  : You have to take care….How did this happen ?

Yog : Her leg got twisted.

Aicchik : Why didn’t u inform us ?

Siya : I don’t want to make u worry.

Kaurwaki : Hmm…..Then , Why are u informing us now ?

Sona : Exactly …..Now also u don’t tell us. What’s the need.

Siya : Okk…Sorry ….

They all done their breakfast & move for their own respective works.

Swadesh : Shree , Listen to me.

He hold her hand.

Swadesh : I don’t behave this much rudely to you. I am sorry for that . I was tensed that time.

Shree : It’s ok….I already forgive you. It’s my mistake also. Let’s forget this & do the friendship..

She said with a wide smile. They done handshake.

After sometime – 

Siya is enter in Sona’s room & find  trio gossiping with each other.

Siya : What are u guys doing ?

Shree : We are talking …..You also join us.

Sona : Yeah….u can.

Siya : Where is Vrisha ? I wanna talk to her.

Anu : She is in office na. How could u forget.

Sona : Don’t worry …..You can talk in evening .

She nods her head & leave from there while they again busy in their chit-chat.

Siya called her.

Kaurwaki : Siya, How many times I told u not to disturb me at this time.

Siya : I want to talk with you .

Kaurwaki : We will talk in evening.

Siya : It’s urgent…..Let’s meet somewhere.

Kaurwaki : Hmm….Then , Come to office.

She cut the call & leave from there hurry. She told the driver to drop her as she is injured. She come outside & found her at entrance. She hold her hand & helped her. She make her sit in her cabin.

Kaurwaki : Are u okay ?

Siya : I am fine….I am here to talk about Yog.

Kaurwaki : Why are u telling me ? Go & talk with him.

Siya : Let me complete ….Actually I thought to give a chance & he is really good I mean caring. Maybe I like him.

Kaurwaki : Then What’s the need of telling me.

Siya : I am asking you .

Kaurwaki : What …..It’s ur life not mine .

Something strike in her mind.

Siya : Where are u lost ? You are looking worried. Are u not happy ?

Kaurwaki : Have u gone mad . I am happy for you but….

Siya : But What ? Is everything okay? You are hiding something from me.

Kaurwaki : You have to confessed to Yog today only.

Siya : Why are u in so hurry . It seem like that they go back tomorrow .

Kaurwaki : That’s true …I don’t want that now oberois live in our house.

Siya : What rubbish you are talking ? What’s the reason.

Kaurwaki : There is no reason or if it is then I don’t want to tell you. First time , I want anything from you. Please help me.

Siya : You don’t need to request ……I do that only as u want…..Just tell me the reason . Everytime you done this only …..You never tell me. Don’t u trust me.

Kaurwaki : I trust u more than myself but I don’t have trust on my fate. It snatches every relation from me. I will tell u when right time comes.

Siya : I know but why are u sounding so broken. I never see u like this.

Kaurwaki : Nothing like that….Now , You should  leave & remind my request that u have confessed ur feelings to him.

Siya : Vrisha , I don’t do anything because u request ……I know that u never do anything wrong.

She hug her & leave from there but she don’t know what is going in her mind.

Kaurwaki called her P.A & talk to her which is muted.

Precap – 

Siya confessed her feelings to Yog ……Yagya is angry on Kaurwaki .


( Author’s note – I know you guys find it boring as I don’t reveal what she is going to do . Please wait for next episode & let me inform you before that next episode is emotional & a small seperation. Don’t worry it’s  just a small seperation , not seperation actually u can say a new track. Many of u  want to  know about Kaurwaki’s past , i reveal it according to storyline as her past connect with all. I reveal some glimpse of her past & insecurities , so u can guess it  )

Hope u guys like it . Press like/dislike & Do comment . Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors. Stay safe & Keep smiling.

Loads of love 

Niyati( Niyu )  ? ?

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