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Shakti 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya seeing the painting in which Harman is giving her bouquet and smiles. Preeto comes there. Soumya’s smiles vanishes seeing her and she keeps the painting back on bed. Preeto asks did you talk to Soumya? Soumya says I couldn’t talk to her, as she has found her life partner, she is marrying Abhishek. Preeto says what about my son…whose life is ruined by you. She says I will talk to Surbhi about her marriage with Harman. Soumya is shocked and nods no. Harman thinks if Soumya saw the painting or not, and thinks she will come to his room running and asks himself to get ready. Soumya falls on Preeto’s feet and asks her not to snatch Surbhi’s happiness and give her punishment instead of her. Harman thinks to go to Soumya’s room, but stops himself saying he wants to see

surprised face of Soumya. Preeto asks Soumya to leave so far that nobody can reach her. Soumya is leaving from there. Preeto stops her and asks her to hear her carefully. She tells something which shocks Soumya…Soumya is teary eyes and takes pen and paper to write letter to Harman. Preeto dictates her letter and she writes it with tears in her eyes. She keeps the letter on the table.

Preeto asks Soumya to tear the painting…Soumya is shocked, but tears the painting. She recalls Harman taking selfie with her etc…Preeto looks on. Soumya hugs the torn painting and cries badly. She then wipes her tears. Harman thinks now he can’t bear anymore and thinks to go and check. Soumya comes out of her servant quarters and leaves. Harman comes out, but couldn’t see Soumya leaving. He thinks Soumya must not have seen the painting, and thinks to wait when she comes to him smiling.

Surbhi comes back to Soumya’s room and thinks where did she go. She didn’t see the torn painting and the letter. She calls Soumya and comes to house. Shanno says she is not here. Surbhi asks Harman if she is in his room. Harman says no. Surbhi says where is she then? She comes back to Soumya’s room. Harman also comes there and sees the torn painting. Surbhi asks did she tell anything to you. Harman picks the torn painting and thinks she had tear my painting. Preeto smirks evilly. Harman sees letter left by Soumya and gets teary eyes. Harak Singh asks Harman to read it aloud and says we all want to hear you. He reads….Harman ji…I have realize that your life is ruining because of me, and that’s why I am leaving. I don’t know where I will go and if I will be alive. She requests him to marry someone and says your family loves you more than you love me. Harman gets angry and tears the letter, goes. Surbhi calls Nani and tells that she is coming back. Preeto asks if breakfast will be made, or everyone will sing Soumya’s name bhajan. Shanno says I will bring food now. Surbhi looks on tensed.

Surbhi knocks on Harman’s door. Harman says who is there? Surbhi comes inside and tells that Soumya went somewhere. Harman says she was better in kinnar’s home, and says she didn’t care about me or my feelings or sacrifices. He says is it her usual habit to write letter and leave home. Varun comes and tells Harman that he will bring Soumya back. Surbhi tells him that they will bring her and asks him to rest at home. Harman agrees and tells Surbhi that he is trusting her and that’s why not coming with her. Surbhi sees Preeto drinking tea calmly and asks her if she sent her somewhere. Preeto says I would have kicked her out if I want to, and says it is good that she realized that she is not meant for here. Surbhi feels bad to have left Soumya alone last night. Raavi says we have done a big favor on you and you are saying this. Preeto says she has left home with her wish, and asks didn’t you read her letter.

Harman says if anyone is involved and forced her to go, then….I will not leave that person. Preeto get angry and asks someone to make breakfast. Harman gets down and is about to leave. Raavi says where did that kinnar go? Shanno says she must have died. Viren says how can she go in night without informing us. Harak Singh asks them to stop talking about Kinnar. Shanno thinks something is cooking under my nose, but I couldn’t figure out what? Surbhi comes back to Maninder’s house. Nani asks if everything is fine. Surbhi says no, and tells her what Soumya had written in the letter. Harman comes to Soumya’s room and sees his painting torn and in pieces. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………..He recalls making Soumya wear his jacket…He thinks what wrong did I do that I couldn’t win your trust…He recalls all their happy moments and cries.

Varun tells Surbhi that they shall do a deal. He asks her to marry him and he will give her info about Soumya. Surbhi slaps him, he holds her hand. Harman tells that he will go and search Soumya like always. Preeto gives him promise and says you will not go insearch of that Kinnar. Harman stops and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The last part of the show looks amazing,loved Harman, this week we got to see nice scenes of Haya, hope trp increases next week.

  2. Sad episode

  3. Today episode is heart touching.soumya action is superbbbbbbbb.while seeing that soumya seen she makes me cry continuously .preeto is really devil and selfish. She really badly torchure soumya mentally.she didn’t have any concern on somu nd about her feelings.preeto totally forgot that soumya is a human being when she know that she is a kinnar. How badly treats her?very pity on somu.makers I beg u pls reveal that soumya is not a kinnar.make haya as normal wife and husband and have them own kid that means haya own kid. Then only preeto nd her family members know d value of preeto nd then they realise how they behave very badly soumya.mainly preeto, makers pls teach her a good don’t marry Harman with surbhi ,,,,remarry with soumya plsssssss sss.precap is interesting.i hate surbhi if she accept to marry Harman. I feel very bad on Haya situation its very paining.when will Harman knows about preeto ?I hate Harman father also starting he will shower so much love on soumya called her as bahurani,but now he also forget that somu is a for all these reasons makers plsssssss ssssssssssss teach a good lesson for Harman family and definitely pls make soumya as pregnant then only they realize.

  4. Angelk1

    Harman is right. Soumya needs to trust him

  5. I kill Preeto she is a devil plz Harman find about her true colour

  6. Hi sakthi family hw r u all?

    Serial la patthi enna solra thuney theriyala so sad.intha preeto voda plan eppa Harman kandu pidikirano appa thaan serial nalla irukum , seriyaana villiya iruka . Intha sowmya preeto solrathey ketukutu irruka Harman na patthi yosikave maatingara. Naduvula intha varun Vera. Ethay maathiri pochina avvalavu thaan naan thaanga maaten pa .

  7. Hi karthi, Ashley,uthaya,kopz y no comments . Yevalavu kammiya iruku comments nu paarunga. Only single digit comments know a days feeling so sad ?.

  8. Hi shakthi fan readers today we bought a new dth connection.I see daily episodes in my husbands mobile in jio live tv. now I think i will see shakthi in my tv because my family watches deivamagal regularly. so i can’t fight them.
    And yesterday written episode not displayed 1.00pm i had checkef many times. By mistake i commanded yesterday instead of today ammu and asley and other tamil friends please tead it and convey your comments
    Asley exam ok va enna padikkaringa? Nalla padinga. My son is also 10th cbse.

    1. Hi raji akka May with dth u know onething here to same problem enga ammavum deivamagal Matta vidamattanga so nanum mob la tan papen

  9. What the hell what’s the motive of this drama! I couldn’t understand yet,they are spoiling society this drama should be ban

  10. Hi Raji eppadi irukeenga? Yesterday unga comment padichen appadi nadantha nalla thaan irukum but intha writers nammala santhosha pada vidamaataanga yerichal yethuvaanga.

    Neenga Chennai ya ? Convey my wishes to ur son.

  11. I ve pity of soMia abd I hâte preeto. …but im à Mother toô. ..and I will never accept or allow my son to mary kinar. …would you.?I dont if im in preeto’s shows. .what I will do ….I will defenetly do anything. keep somia far from harman

  12. Hi karthi,, enna achu y no comments? R u busy with ur homeworks?

  13. Hi Ashley, hw r u ? Monday unaku maths exam thaane prepare aagiyacha? Chemistry tough pannitaanga nu kelvi Patten . Nee nalla panniya? All the best for ur maths exam.

  14. Yes u said right Doha. Namakku vantha athu rattham aduthavanuku na athu thakaali chutney?

    Preeto va thiturom aana avanga place la naan irunthaalum accept pannika maaten but somu va laam pannamaaten. Naan pesikitey irrukartha paathu somu ve oodi poiduva???

  15. Hi ammu thanks to your wishes. I am not chennai. We are in tiruchendur(tuticorin). and also i am vivian fan. My friend is in coimbatore.she watches colors and other popular hindi serials. And knows about many details this serials type.
    And forgiveness padichingala athula 2or3 and forgiveness6 romba nalla irunthathu.

  16. So sad episode i hate that preeto pavam soumu where she will go but at the same time i hate her naive character she has to be strong person to fight back with the society i don’t know y cvs still holding her innocence, coming to varun he is so selfish and bad hw could he plan to use surbhi’s helpless situation plz surbhi don’t fall for his trick and marry abhishek he is very gud humanbeing don’t lose him.

  17. Hi ammu akka enna counts increase panna taniya poradureengala open panna unga cmnts tan adigam grt nadatunga nadatunga

  18. Hi everyone
    Epi was OK today

    Hi hope ellarum enna miss panninga nu unga comments la itundhu therinchuthu….. Happy about it. Tq

    Actually xam 21 st Dec laye mudinchittu naa enga granny v2ku poirunthen …….. Karthi akka tuticorin la industrial visit Ku poren nu sonnangala adhaan comment Panna la ninaikiren. -ammu ma

    Naa 12th padikirenpadikiren. Naanum tuticorin thaan. – raji ma

    Illa pa boring a irunthuchu adhaan fully comments -uthaya akka

    Merry Xmas guys?

  19. Newspaper la coming xams ellam twisted a kepaanganu sollirukaanga. So intha half yearly xams, students Ku oru practice ……. apadinu solirukaanga coz niraiya schools manapaadam panranga adhanaala students college la kashtapadraanga so students purinchi padikanum nu intha thittam kondu vanthirukaanga. So konjam twisted a thaan irukum and kashtama thaan irukum nu government te sollirukkanga — ammu ma

  20. yr jab saumya ro rahi thi background mein konsa song baj raha tha? can plz anybody tell me

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