May I Come in Madam 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana seeing news about thief Santa, who is entering homes, be alert. She says really, it maybe not Papa. Sanju waits for Sanjana. Sanjana comes there. He asks her to sit in lap. She says I m annoyed, I was expecting expensive gifts from you. He says I will get it, sit in my lap. She says I got exciting return gift for you, whats the hurry, close your eyes Santa. He thinks does madam know its me. She beats him.

Sanju screams. He removes the beard. She says its you, I thought you are the thief Santa, sorry, what are you doing in my house. He says you told you like Santa, so I thought its right chance to get love, I mean to give you happiness, you have beaten me, leave it, merry christmas. She smiles and says why did you ask me to sit in lap. He looks on. She beats him.

Kashmira greets Sanju. Mummy and Sanju taunt Sanju. Sanju says I will leave for office from the room, I don’t like sitting here. Kashmira says fine, we will go for movie. He asks her to take mummy, I will rest on sunday. She says we will go for watching tarzan movie. He says I will not come. He goes.

Sanju comes office. Sanjana is angry and says you can’t help me in any problem. He says let me come in, tell me the problem. She says fine, come. He asks why is she angry. She says imagine you want to meet someone and losing chance, how will you feel. He says shivering with anger. She says yes, same thing is happening with me.

She says I like to see movie Tarzan, that hero is so great, the character of Tarzan was great. Sanju imagines himself as Tarzan. He shouts. Sanjana asks are you crazy. He says no, I was thinking of Tarzan sounds. She says I wish I had tickets, I would have taken you along. He says you will get tickets. She asks really, yay, I m glad.

Sanju goes home and acts good to Kashmira. He asks are you angry that I m not going to watch movie with you. She says no, I know you want to rest on sunday. He asks did you sell tickets, we can give Khiloni. She says I gave it to mummy. Mummy asks Sanju what do you mean. Sanju says I want tickets to give it to Khiloni. Mummy says no, I was angry and burnt tickets. Sanju asks are you mad. Kashmira says leave it, come for dinner.

Sanju gets angry and meets Khiloni. Khiloni asks why are you angry, tell me. Sanju says Tarzan is releasing, I want two tickets for tomorrow morning, madam wants to see. Khiloni says I could not get tickets. Sanju asks him to help. Khiloni says I fought with friends, I will think something, that inspector Rampath was also standing in line, if you dare, go and take tickets from him.

Sanju goes to meet inspector Rampath. He says I got to know you have two tickets of movie Tarzan, my friend has seen you. He asks for the movie tickets, I can pay money. Inspector says come with me. Sanju says I have to watch movie with my madam, else she will fire me, I don’t know anyone else. Rampath asks why shall I give you ticket, Sanju says I will give money. Rampath asks and…. Sanju does massage to him. Rampath gives him tickets and asks him to keep it as gift. Sanju thanks and goes.

Sanju and Sanjana go to watch the movie. She says I m impressed, you arrange tickets. Sanju says I worked hard, are you happy. She says a lot, we will go pub after movie, treat is on me. He says now I m also happy. The movie starts. Kashmira and mummy come there and sit beside them. Sanju hears mummy and Kashmira. He gets worried.

Mummy sees him and says tells Kashmira. Kashmira gets angry. Mummy says he has come with madam. Dadi comes and asks Sanju to come. She slaps Sanju. Sanju goes with Dadi. Dadi beats him. Everyone clap. Sanjana gets disturbed.

Sanjana asks did you hear about Albela Ashiq. Sanju says its me. She asks him to prove. Sanju thinks to take Kashmira’s diary. Khiloni goes to steal diary. Dadi sees him and beats.

Update Credit to: Amena

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