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Shakti 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi making Soumya ready. Harman comes and looks at Soumya. Surbhi tells him that he don’t need to knock on his own door. Harman says now a beautiful girl is also staying in my room. Varun says there are two beautiful girls now. Surbhi and Soumya smile. Harman gets happy and bowled over by her smile. He praises her smile and asks her to come for the party downstairs if she is well, or else can take rest. Soumya nods and goes with her. They leave. Varun holds Surbhi’s hand and gives his intro that he is from Delhi and Harman’s bua son. Surbhi calls him cheap and asks if he didn’t get any girl in Delhi. Varun thinks he is in love with her at first sight and will make the siyappa happen. Harman and Soumya come downstairs. Chachi praises their Jodi. Varun says his brother’s

marriage celebrations should be grand and asks his sisters to dance. They dance on a song. Varun and Surbhi join them and dance together. Varun says Harman will dance now and asks him to perform. Harman sings a romantic song Na Thare Jaisa Koi depicting his love and emotions for Soumya. He holds her hand and dances. Soumya is shy.

Saya manages to get a room in Harak Singh’s house. Servant asks her to tell if he need anything. She thinks Soumya don’t worry, when you get kicked out of house, I will take you to our world for which you are made. Harman talks romantically with Soumya. Nimmi calls Surbhi and asks how is Soumya? Surbhi asks her not to worry and says everything is good. Nimmi thinks when the truth is out then what will happen. Maninder is worried and thinks Soumya is a burden on him and will ruin his respect. Bebe cries and sympathizes with her son. Maninder also cries. He drinks wine and fall asleep.

Preeto tells Soumya is unwell and needs rest. Harman asks everyone to go. Surbhi asks Soumya not to worry as Harman is a nice guy and will not trouble her. Nimmi calls Surbhi and hears someone saying bride and groom shall go to their room. Nimmi prays to God to handle everything and have pity on her. Harman’s sister asks him to give money and go inside. Harman teases her and asks her to go. They refuse to let him enter his room. Harman says this is gunda giri and asks them to move. They insist to get money. Harman offers money. His sister asks for jewellery. Harman asks her to get jewellery from her husband and says you have left him and is now staying with us. Preeto and her daughter are sad. Soumya refuses her necklace and gives in her hand. Harman’s sister refuses to take. Soumya says it is nek/shagun. Preeto asks her to take it as Soumya is giving with love. She takes it. Soumya comes to room. .Harman looks on.

Nimmi prays to God to handle the matter for 21 days. Harman holds Soumya’s hand and kiss on her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How cutely harman treats soumya. ❤️?☺️

    1. I can’t wait to watch it now so cute. Honestly I don’t want to know secret loving these haya moments

  2. Narendran

    ???????????????????????This is for Harman and soumya scenes.. This is for saya and mahindar???????????????????????????

    1. Renuverma

      Hi narendran

      1. Narendran

        Hi.. Renuverma!! Sorry.. I don’t know who r u?????

  3. Alisha

    That’s what you call a perfect romantic and suspense wala serial. The definition of perfection! Haya and Surun both are super super adorable. (I always write this.. Lol! ?) But seriously, I never loved a serial this much. It’s only cuz of their brilliant chemistry. The perfect cast ever! ??
    That romantic dance was the cutest part, especially Harman forcing Soumya to dance. She shouldn’t be that shy, anyways.. They are cute and would always be the cutest of all! ??
    Varu is such a flirt, hehehe.. Are, Harman ka to banta hai.
    That dialogue, “Yun nazrein jhuka ker jab tum sharmati ho na to duniya ki sab se piyari larki lagti ho.” No, I must say all the dialogues. I cannot mention all of them but I can one thing.. ALL OF THEM ARE LOVE! ❤️
    Aye haye! Surun ki nok-jhok. Varu tu to sach mein gaya. Don’t worry Varu some day she is definitely gonna agree.. We are with you! Lol! ????
    Surun dancing on the song “High Heels”, that suits them so much. I was really expecting them to dance. On the other hand, Harman constantly nudging Soumya while the song continued playing. Plus the song “Jag Ghoomeya” suits Harmanya like hell. Perfect choices for songs. And dance had to be flawless so.. Compliment ki to zarorat hi naheen hai. ?
    Anyways coming to the suspense.. SAYA! It’s time to reveal the secret. The word “other world” has haunted my mind. Kiya yaar.. When would they reveal it? What is the truth? Enough of the suspense and dragging now yaar..
    Soumya is literally so caring.. That was so cute of her to give her necklace but, am I the only one who felt like other than Surbhi all of the people there didn’t feel it right?
    Coming to the promo, weeeee…. Haya’s romance! ?❤️ Just can’t wait! ??

    1. Renuverma

      Hi alisha i liked one more dialouge TUMNE TO MUGHE ACTION HERO SE ROMANTIC HERO BANA DIYA ☺

      1. Alisha

        Yeah! Each and every dialogue of Harman is superb, but what makes it even more interesting and fun to watch is Vivian’s accent, the way he says Gulabo! ??

  4. OMG…. I can’t take it anyone.. Wat’s d secret of sowmya’s identity?

  5. may b she s vishkanya?

  6. hi iam the silent reeader
    hassan maaam plz give the exact conversation between haya
    its my hummbel request

  7. Hency

    Haya rockzz

  8. i think soumya is a Transgender…. thats why nimmy worried about their nuptial night

  9. Narnia

    awesome episode. haya rockss.

  10. Pls clear my doubt
    Is Varun harman’s aunt (dad sister) son??? Then he will become brother for Sowmya and Surabhi know???

    1. Renuverma

      Hi dolly correct varun is harmans buas son so he becomes devar or brother in law of saumya.
      Also he is cousin devar. Had he been real devar also then also he can be an alliance for surbhi.

      1. Thanks renu??

  11. Keep the truth out soon yaar… i am eagerly waiting……# soumya’s true identity

  12. ?????

  13. Soumya & harman…..what a perfect match

  14. No
    I.think varun is harman’s mom’s brothers son
    N for sure now soumya is inters*x that’s why her mom is worried for suhaagraat as it will be revealed to Harman
    But I think they won’t show ths now like other serials, suhaagraat abhi nahi hogi
    Aur agar Harman ko pata bhi chalega toh I dont think so that he’ll tell ths to his family

  15. But I m just much worried for soumya as when she’ll know abt herself, how she’ll react
    I read in some articles abt it that ths can be cured through surgery n the person with inters*x can also reproduce depending on.their internal parts N soumya is a girl with inters*x
    Omg so many questions n so much of nervousness for upcoming story

  16. Oooh really sorry dolly
    U were right, varun is Harman’s aunt (dad sister) son as he call harak singh as mama n preeto as mami

  17. Lovly epi I hope she couldn’t be a trans ,my humble request plz give harmaya conversation breifly in your update

  18. Luvleen

    I will be devastated if she is inters*x cause I saw a link in relation to this episode about dsd disorder and it seems her genitals are deformed from birth. So it was hard for dr to differentiate the s*x of the baby. Cause Maninder all these pind ppl are so uneducated they won’t understand and think she is a cursed human being and she needs to be killed or shunned from society. As well I read it’s only after the 21 days are over, Harman will find out.

  19. In the upcoming episodes Sowmya will come to know about her truth….after knowing the truth she will be shattered and cut her nerve….

    1. Luvleen

      But if it’s an deformed genital wouldn’t she know this about herself? How weird to not know!

  20. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..

  21. Narendran


  22. Just fablous epi…???…..haya movement was superb ???……

  23. Narendran

    Guys it is posted on Shakthi page.. Pls check my ff and leave a reply!!

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