Kalash 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi asks Devika how she is feeling that i am romancing Nivi? Devika says you are with Nivi and you are asking me what i am feeling? Ravi says this means that you are affected by it? Devika says not at all, i am just showing you your face, you are playing double game with me and Nivi, i dont care if you go with her on date or anything, Ravi comes closer to her and says if i take Nivi in my arms like this, will it not affect you? she says it wont affect me, he cups her face and says if i do this with Nivi will it not affect you? she says no it wont, he kisses her forehead and says if i kiss her like this, i wont affect you? he hugs her tightly and says if i hug Nivi like this, it wont affect you? Devika closes her eyes and hugs him back slightly, she thinks what i am doing? i have to remind myself that i am Ambika, i cant feel anything for him, i cant become weak infront of him, i cant feel anything for him, i cant, Ravi breaks hug and looks at her, they share eyelock and are really close to each other.
Nivi is finding Ambika and says she has ring, where she is ? Ravi is not anywhere found too, i have to find him too. She comes and sees Ravi and Devika close, they move away from each other, Devika says you are thinking wrong, Niv says shut up, i am finding you everywhere and you are here with Ravi? Ravi says you are thinking wrong, i was just helping her with earring, Nivi says do you think i am mad? i cant see what is happening? Ravi says you cant talk to me like this infront of her, Nivi says why? is she stranger? if she is stranger then why were you so close to her? you think i am blind? Ravi holds her hand and takes her from there. Ravi brings Nivi in hall, all guests think that engagement is about to happen, Nivi says dont touch me, Ravi says we will talk in room, lets go, nothing has gone wrong, Nivi says everything is destroyed, why you do this with me? she grabs his collar and says why did you announce engagement? why did you do this with my heart? you proposed me sometime back here only and now this kind of act? why you do this with me? she cries and says i did so much for you but you dont care for me, i have kept you as my priority, i have always thought about your happiness and then you do this with me? and that too with Ambika? i called Ambika here today as i noticed you are always attracted to her, everyone notices it, i wanted to know if you have forgotten Devika or not, thats why i called her here to see if you get engaged to me infront of her, that would have proven that you have forgotten Devika but you proved me wrong, Ravi says listen.. Nivi shouts enough, why you fool me everytime? i did everything for you and your family, i gave them shelter, money, wealth, security, job everything for you only but enough, i wont let you do this with me anymore, loving you was my biggest mistake and i will rectify it, i break every relation with you, i am breaking this engagement, just get out of my life, Janki thinks what has happened? where is Devika? was it her plan? i have to talk to her, where she must be?
Devika is still in corridor and thinks what Nivi must be doing in hall? she was angry, lets see. Nivi comes there, Nivi looks at her and says i never thought you would do this with me, you found Ravi only? i trusted you so much but you did this with me? i thought you are my best friend but you stabbed me, you always lied that you have no interest in Ravi but you have, did you do all this to take revenge for my earlier deeds with you? i said sorry about that, i begged you, why did you save my life? when you had to destroy my life, everyone said to not trust you but i did, why did you do this? Devika says i didnt do anything, i scolded Ravi too, my earring got stuck in his coat, Nivi says if you were not close to him then how did earring got stuck? Devika says i have no interest in Ravi, Nivi says dont give me that bullshit, Ravi wont take interest in any girl if girl doesnt give him heads up, you have forced him to come close to you, you cant be my friend, you have always lied to me, i break all relations with you, she drags Devika and brings her to hall where everyone is waiting, she asks Devika to leave her house, Janki asks Devika if she fine? she nods, Janki says to Nivi that what is this? you invited us here and you are behaving like this with my daughter? you will regret behaving like this, Nivi says i am regretting the time she has come in my life, she has destroyed my life from the time she has come in my life, her face hurts me, she has used her face to get close to Ravi and you want me to say sorry to her? Janki says shut up, my daughter didnt do anything wrong, you will have to ask forgiveness, Nivi says i am not afraid of anyone, i dont care about anything, she asks Ambika to leave, Ravi says dont talk to her like this, its not her fault, Nivi shouts even after all this, you are asking me to calm down? she shouts at guests to leave engagement is over, Manju asks her to calm down, Nivi says i am doomed, Manju says to Shweta that Nivi is so mad, she will throw us out of house, we will come to roads. Nivi pushes Devika away, Devika says to Nivi that you are my friend, listen to me, Nivi says shut up, you are not my friend, you are my enemy, just get lost from here, she tries to throw her out of house, Ravi gets angry and says enough, he slaps Nivi to stop her, all are shocked, Nivi looks at Ravi, Manju says what did you do? you slapped her? Ravi says enough, i wont bear anything now, she has crossed her limits, Manju says you know her anger is bad, Ravi shouts enough, if her anger is bad then that doesnt mean she can do anything, she cant throw guests out like this, i told her that this girl(Devika) is not at fault, because of her anger she slapped Monty, because of her anger she insulted my family, she can do anything because of her anger, her mental state is not good, Ravi says to Nivi that what you said that you are breaking this engagement? not you but i break this engagement with you, i dont want to have any relation with you, neither this engagement will happen nor our marriage will happen, Nivi is stunned to see him angry, Manju asks him to calm down, Ravi says she has bought my family and everyone, but she cant buy my self respect, she cant buy Ravi Garewal, whatever she did for me or my family, she did it on her own, i never asked you to bring us here, you did everything for us because of your stubbornness and greed of my mother, i did mitake by coming to this house, i am kicking your wealth, your house, everything, i am leaving this house rightnow, remember your craziness will leave you alone one day, i am leaving, he goes in house, Devika is shocked.

PRECAP- Nivi tries to stop Ravi, he jerks away and shouts what? Nivi sits in his feet and holds his hand, she says i am sorry, forgive me, i will die if you leave me, dont go from this house, Ravi jerks his hand away from her, she cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg finally Ravi yelled at Nivi!!! and he broke this engagement off too!!! about damn time!!!

    1. Deepti sood. Uk

      Served her right. She’s a rude person and a b*t*h

  2. end is coming soon….

    1. yea u might be right

    2. Does anyone know when the end is for this serial

    3. When is it ending anyone know please

  3. Serves the greedy b*t*hes right

  4. That devika iis such a cry baby and an emotional fool. She will spoil her own. Revenge plans. That Ravi’s greedy mother and others deserve to be out on the streets without any money any home. Devika/ambika. Should be strong and not a cry baby when she comes face to face with saket and enjoy her revenge she has planned to take from everyone.

  5. Yes when it ll end

  6. True
    Ambika character is too weak.She is not taking any revenge.

  7. No I was wrong 25july episodes says that it has long way to go…..it seems that it will bore…… there no climax nothing……just a bullshit matter is going through…..

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