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Shakti 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman bringing Surbhi to his room and makes her rest on bed. He asks what happened to her suddenly. He thinks to make her drink water, just then she gets up and says she has acted to fainted, says she don’t want to eat food with his hand as it is Soumya’s right. Harman thanks her. Surbhi asks him not to thank him. Kareena asks Soumya to break her fast. Soumya says she can’t eat until Harman comes. Kareena says Harman can’t come here, and says you have done puja without him. She says I will act as Harman and you shall eat. She says Gulabo, have a bite. Soumya breaks her fast. Harak Singh thanks Maninder and says you came at right time. Nimmi says we have to handle the situation together. Harak Singh says the same. Maninder says he came because of Surbhi, and tells that scores

are settled now.

Preeto says we wanted a bahu, but you people gave a kinnar to us. She says you have blacken our face. Shanno also tells Nimmi that what they will do now. Maninder calls Surbhi and asks her to come. Surbhi touches the bed and feels soumya’s presence. She then opens the cupboard and sees no stuff of Soumya. She recalls praising Soumya’s beauty. She thinks there is no stuff of Soumya in this room. She sees sweater woven by Soumya for him. She thinks your existence is wiped out completely from this room, but few marks are still there. She says I agree that you can’t become a bahu, but you have right to stay in our world and I promise that I will bring you back.

Varun comes there and tells Surbhi that she has shattered his dream of marrying her. Surbhi says now you know why my parents refused for marriage. Varun says he is ready to marry her even now. Surbhi asks what you are saying? Varun asks if you are also a kinnar like your sister. Surbhi is shocked. Varun says I will be happy to marry you even if you are a kinnar. Surbhi gets angry and asks him to leave her hand. Varun tells that if she gets married, then her inlaws will call her kinnar’s sister. Surbhi tells him that she is engaged now and if her marriage cancels then also she will not marry him. She asks him to leave her hand, else she will call Harman. Varun looks on.

Kinnars come to get charity from a vegetable seller. Old man who helped Harman and Surbhi before, asks the vegetable seller why did they get charity. Seller explains that they get charity from us and do puja in the mountain temple on navratri. Old man calls Harman and informs him about the same. Rani and Raveena meet Preeto and makes her meet someone and asks her to bring Soumya till Bhatinda, then they will manage. Preeto says okay and asks them to leave. They ask for the festival money, and gets some money. Rani tells Preeto that they have to settle the scores from Soumya.

Harman is talking to Surbhi on phone and tells that Soumya’s guru will take her to the temple, as she wants her to accept their rituals. He says there is a problem as only Kinnars are allowed in the temple that day. Surbhi says how we will do. Harman says we will manage, and is hopeful that Soumya will return back home.

Someone asks Soumya to wash all the utensils alone. Soumya sits down to wash utensils. Rani and Raveena come there and apologize to Soumya for their behavior. They ask her to befriend her. Soumya says why not? She says you people are happy here, but I am not. Raveena and Rani compliments of her stitching, and goes. Surbhi thinks something wrong is happening. She thinks there is a third person who is giving their news to Kinnars about them. She suspects Maninder and Preeto, and thinks she can’t take risk this time. Soumya calls Rani and Raveena, and think to take their blouses for the measurement. She opens their cupboard to take their blouses.

Rani and Raveena see Soumya checking, and thinks they have kept money in the Almira. Rani and Raveena scold Soumya for stealing from their Almira. Soumya tries to say, but in vain. Saya comes and asks what happened? Raveena tells that Soumya was taking out something from their Almira. Saya asks Soumya, what she is searching in their Almira.

Soumya cries and tells that they like her blouse and that’s why she thought to stitch blouses for them before she leaves. Saya says Tarana is not wrong, and asks Rani and Raveena not to make any issue. She asks Tarana to take whatever she wants. Soumya tries to take the blouse, but just then couple of money bundles falls down. Saya asks from where did the money came from? Rani tells that they got money from a shop keeper as a nek. Saya says everyone has rights on nek. Rani and Raveena apologize and act to cry. Saya says tomorrow is navratri and we have to go to old temple. She asks them to pack their bags. She asks Kareena to keep eye on both of them, and tells that she don’t believe on their story. Rani tells Raveena that they have to get rid of Soumya anyhow.

Harman comes downstairs and sees Preeto doing Puja. Nammo Nammo Durge plays……….Harman thinks this is the last chance to bring Soumya back and I won’t lose this chance. He also prays to God. Preeto gives him prasad and says just 2 days more, then you will not search Soumya. Harman says he will find her before that. Preeto asks how and asks about his plan. Just then he gets Surbhi’s call asking him not to inform anyone about their plan. Harman says okay, and says he is coming to meet her. Preeto asks Harman to tell what he found about Soumya. Harman says he has belief on God that he will find Soumya this time.

Harman and Surbhi meet somewhere. Harman tells that they need a kinnar to go to temple. Surbhi asks where we will find such person. Harman sends his friend disguise as a kinnar and asks him to give ring to Soumya. His friend makes Soumya calls Harman. Harman hears Soumya’s voice and cries. Soumya says Harman ji and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Angelk1

    About time…please let soumya and harman meet and the story moves on PLEASE!!

  2. Guys i want to know something…The comments we post here, are we getting any use of it. I mean are these comments read by anyone related to the drama or is it just us reading it ourselves??

  3. Now Shakti needs to buck up, Cv’s need to show Haya power, Ekta Kapoor new show pardesh me hai mera dil which stars Drashti Dhami and Arjun Bijlani in leads can give a tough competition to our Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki… I hope that the show buck up and survive the competition…

  4. I am excited for yesterday . Nice episode

  5. so varun still planning to marry surbhi…

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