Shakti 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that his favorite color saree looks beautiful on her and asks her to dance with him. Soumya is hesitant and says food. Harman says we will have later and says we don’t need music as we can dance listening to each other heart beat. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…Two goons come there and lights the grass near the hut on fire and takes Harak Singh’s name intentionally. Harman and Soumya come out and see the goons running. Harman sets off the fire. Soumya says if our home had caught fire then. Harman asks Soumya to go and leaves. Varun thinks he is sure that Harman must not have touched Surbhi and says she is his. He tells Harman is a fool to leave Surbhi and staying with kinnar. Harman comes there and calls Preeto and Harak Singh. They get happy to see him. Harman tells

them that Soumya is alive. Harak Singh says what you are saying? Are you drunk?

Harak Singh says you asked the men to burn the house and broken my trust. Viren smirks as he is the one who did this. Preeto asks what you are saying? Harak Singh says why I will do such bad thing. He says I hit on the chest and not on the back. Harman says I don’t trust you and filed FIR against you both. He says Police will take action now. Viren acts and asks Harman why is he blaming Harak Singh. Police comes there. Harman says I am ready to fight till the end, and says our relation can never be good again. Shanno smiles. Preeto is shocked too. Harak Singh asks Inspector if he thinks he can do this and says someone is trying to break father and son relation and asks him to find out who tried to burn his son’s house. Inspector says he will handle and goes. Varun says Harman should have trusted us. Raavi says he is in love with that Kinnar and is blinded by her. Viren smiles. Shanno laughs and says this is a bomb blast. They laugh. Kishan lal gives money to goons and asks them to hide.

Soumya asks Harman to say what happened? Harman says we will stay together and make our own world even if everyone tries to separate us. Shanno tries speaking to Balwinder and asks him to handle factory work in Harman’s place. Preeto says nobody can take his place and asks Shanno if she don’t want to see Balwinder at home. Raavi tells that Balwinder can work in their factory with Viren. Viren says I will take you to factory and says you shall know what your sasur ji is having. He takes him.

Harman comes to the shooting and asks the director about the scene. Director says there is no stunt scenes today. Harman asks shall I go back? Director asks him to stay back. The heroine of the film see him and thinks he is not less than a hero. Film shoots begins. Harman imagines dancing with Soumya instead.

A woman is seen trying to feed her son. Her son refuses. Soumya comes there to work as a household maid. Woman hires her and asks her to take the plate. He asks her to lift veil and says she wants to see her face. Her husband asks her not to doubt everyone and says he is going to Harak Singh’s home. Soumya thinks they shall not know that I am working here?

The heroine of the film pushes Harman on bed and asks him to spend night with her. Soumya calls Harman. Heroine sees phone ringing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Haya dance, hoping that with this sequence the show trp increases…. Rashmi Sharma is really a good producer….

  2. Wow finally I’m very happy with the new promo, soumya is showing shakti in her character for Harman, thank god, I was doubted when balwinder left raavi so easily how he came there by Harman’s words, OMG THATS A BIG CONSPIRACY, IM REALLY REALLY GREATFULL SOUMYA WILL BE showing shakti in her character after long time. Thank god….

    1. Let’s hope she remains strong ✌️

  3. Why the chudail is behind Harman, plz some one save him, and he is acting so weird y??? What happens to him

    1. Ya the heroine is a chudail ? trying to flirt with Harman…actually she’s doing more than flirting.

  4. Waw wonderful episode …Loved harman dream he was obsssesed by his gulapo and no one can separate this pure love…Now soumya will show
    her shakti and and will beat all this difficulties and obstacles for her beloved harman Ji…..The sensible and lovely gulap will show her spins to her haters …The surname gulap have a target …Cvs aren’t using it without any meaning ..Wait and watch

  5. seems like it’s time all payback return from past bad behaved, bias and selfish love of them with each family member, from lie plot event made it was reasonable to trust that made by them behide while others try to gain more advantage … nice dream scene

  6. Dance scene was gud……Bad precap……..

  7. How dare that heroine misbehaving harman. I would kill her. Harman is really charming as many girls are after him ( saumya, surbhi, mahi and now this heroine)

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