Forgive me. A TS on OmRi. Last part.

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In Gauri’s place,
Kaali lits the match and throws on Gauri. Gauri close her eyes in fear. The match falls but a hand catch it. Kaali is a bit astonished but when he saw the persons face he just smile a bit. Gauri opens her eyes and saw him. She is happy seeing him. Yes it was Om. Om is very much angry on kaali. But at first he helps Gauri to stand and she in a jerk hug him and cried.
Om…Don’t cry i am with you. Till i am here no one can even scratch you.
Gauri is very much happy by this. Shivika and Roumya also come there. Om send Gauri to Anika and Soumya. Now it’s kaali’s turn.
Kaali…So we met again Oberoi sab.
Om…Hmm and this will be our last meeting thakur ji.
Kaali…Don’t interfare in my work.(pointing toward Gauri)She was my fiancée and i can do anything with her.
Om…She was your fiancée now she is my wife Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi.
Gauri get teary eyed hearing it. Kaali gives a slight smile and suddenly punch Omkara. Omkara was not ready so he falls. Shivru runs to him and helps him to stand. Omkara walks to kaali and punches him. He beats him black and blue. Kaali’s ppl also come to fight with him and Om beats them also. One come with a sword and was about to drag it in Om’s back.
Gauri shouts: Omkaraji.
Om move toward back and saw the guy and he thought he is gone now but nothing happened. He saw down. Two hands were holding the sword. He look at them it was Shivru.
Shivaay comes infornt of that guy.
Shiv…I follows a principal. If you drag sword into me i will never regret but…
Rudra…If brothers get a scratch then…
Om…That day will he live or me.
And trio punches him at a time. Kaali’s condition was very bad after beaten by Om,he tries to run but police come and arrest him. They goes. Om turns toward Aniriya. Shivaay pat on his shoulder and signs him to go and seek apologizes from Gauri.
Gauri looks at Anika and Sowmya,they also ask her to go. Omri steps forward. Shivika and Sowmya goes inside the car bcoz they want to give them a lil privacy.

Om…I..I…I am really sorry Gauri plz forgive me. I misunderstood you I point at your character plz forgive me.
And he folds hands before her. Gauri holds his hands.
Gauri…No no Omkaraji what are u doing? Plz don’t say like that. Humans makes mistakes and making mistakes is not sin. I just want u to know the truth and now u know it. I had fully trust on Shankarji that he’ll surely show the reality to you are he did. I doesn’t want anything more
Om…Will you forgive me?
Gauri…Why will I forgive u? You didn’t do anything purposely.
Om…But still I should listen to u for once but i didn’t. Plz forgive me.
Gauri…I have no anger or disgust on u Omkaraji. U haven’t done anything that u should ask forgiveness for it.
But still if you’re asking ok then i have forgive u. Now i have to go.
Gauri…To my home bareliye.
And she turns to go. Om holds her hand. Gauri looks at him.
Om…Your home is not bareliye. Your home is Oberoi Mansion.
Om…Shhh…You’re my wife Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi. And Omkara Singh Oberoi want his wife to live with him.
Gauri gets surprised a bit.
Gauri…But i can’t live with u. No one of your family will accept me. You’re such big ppl and me,I am just a taylor.
Om…Don’t say that you’re my wife and that’s enough. Everyone is waiting for us in the home they will surely accept u as their bahu.
Gauri gets teary eyed hearing him. She just hug him. Om hugged her back. Rainfall starts. Tum hi ho plays in bg.
Om…I love u Gauri.
Om…Why u don’t love me?
Om…Still angry on me?
Gauri…No i love u more than u love me.
Om laughs and said only one thing.
Om…I love u and my bros more than my life.
Gauri smiles.
Shivika and Roumya went home from there to OM to infor others abt it. They send Rikara a car so that they can come home.
Omri come to home. Jhanvi and Dadi welcome them in the house by doing the arti. Tej and Shinky also bless them and after some days they got to know Anika and Gauri are sisters. Anika become very happy to get her chutki back and Gauri also.

The end.

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