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Service Wali Bahu 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Santoshi bringing new fridge. Natru asks why did she overspend when she is running on tight budget. She says she bought fridge on EMI and in exchange of old fridge, so she will have to pay 3000 rs monthly which she will cut from monthly expenses. Dev and Payal smile hearing her words and Natru angrily walks out.

Payal says she will leave for office now. Santoshi thanks her for giving her idea of buying fridge on EMI and continues that she did not even confront her even once since being married, etc.. Natru hears that and realizes that Payal is helping her. He thinks he will not let Payal help Santoshi again.

Dev thinks he lied Payal that he got a job, but he is still searching for job. He gets Rajesh’s call about job interview and says hew will come there right now. Natru sees Santoshi writing grocery list and asks her to prepare paneer. She says she cannot this month due to overexpenditure and will next month. He thinks she will prepare it after he dies unsatisfied.

Gulkan comes yelling at Basanti. Basanti asks what did she do. She says she will do it now, drags her and pushes her out of door. Basanti falls on floor. Natru asks what did she do. Gulkan says she is not doing her work at all and should be kicked out. Santoshi says does her work well. Gulkan yells if she takes servant’s side, she will kick her also out. She continues yelling and gets in.

Guddan comes from vacation and gives gift to Indu’s whole family. Indu tells him that Rajath has settled down and has even opened a new travel office. Guddan gets happy.

Commissioner discusses critical issues with her and briefs about the solution.

Dev goes to a boutique to buy sari for Payal. Salesman shows him pink sari. He insists to show red sari and selects one. Salesman says it is very precious. Dev thinks he will have to work and get money to buy this salary.

Precap: Dev goes for a job interview and sees interviewer misbehaving with a woman. He intervenes and tells lady she should have slapped him when he tried to touch first time. Lady slaps interviewer. Payal who is on phone hears Dev’s words and gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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