A secret of Sanchi (Part 1)

Hi guys thank u thanks a lot ur comments means lot to me u all are made morning super happy ..
OK u liked it BT I am not revealing this so easily for some more episodes whether its kabir or veer or something else…
Keep reading my dears..I love u all….
Here the episode starts….

All in tense came first a big meeting doctor malhotra speech… Sanprasha…watching carefully…
They here some girls talking about a man
” hey look at their a super hot tie ” said girl 1
” hey chip hoja he is Dr kabir a leading doc in sdch and super hot tie be and more then that a super kadoos” girl 2 warned her

Our trio saprasha saw backward our super dashing kabir trio looked each other in fear

Then their room allocating
” sanchi thu ruck yaha we will come back in 5 minutes they went as I said sanchi very quiet little she went to saw ganesh hi
Someone ceased her then one screaming voice heard she went and saw

( guys remember prank of veer in sdch BT its Prema so little diff)

A old man coughing sanchi immediately give strap BT again its started sevier then that old man start tounting sanchi prasha came their looking for sanchi…
Sanchi said: I give the correct medicine
Old man: pehle galath karke thum bado sei yesei bath karthi thumare maa baap much sikaya nahi thume …
Sanchi eyes got reded ishpra in high voltage pragya saw old man bear little diff so she pulled that it reveled veer so he start laughing sanchi cried and ran from their

Veer: hey wt happen why she ran
Isha: just shut up who r u
Veer: I am veer a new intern it a habit of me my prank
Pragya: Abe ho nalayak yei thyme mahak he…
Veer: I just tount her maa baap BT murder thodi na kiya why u r over reacting
Pragya: wuski maa baap abhi recently died..
Veer : ….. Shocked about to say something
Ishagya went find sachi..
Isha : now where is she wosko patha chala humne sanchi ki care nyi ki so game janse marthenge…
Pragya : BT no problem the only way he only find and console her I am calling him…
( a mysterious man picked call convo in mute )
Man went in hurry…
Sanchi sitting on the road side bench loandly place crying hardly…
A man came from backside tapped her shoulder face not shown sanchi start crying again.. The man sitted and hugged her tightly and consoling her…

Sanchi about to say something BT man placed his hand on her lipse ….shhhh..

Then sanchi reached sdch ishagya were tenced ran to her and hugged her
” r u fine wr u went ” asked ishgya..
Sanchi said he came there …
Trio smiled slightly and relief

And trio went for their hostel room check in

That’s all dears pls do comment on it….pls do….
Love u all guys….

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  1. Yaashi23

    Superb.. keep going

  2. RuCh23

    It’s really great Prema ??? good to see you start writing too ??? little guess though, I think the mystery man is Kabir ??? anyway keep going dear ???

  3. Amazing…… Update soon

  4. Riyarocks

    hehe……kaash woh mystery man kabir ho………anyways….I enjoyed this a lot……..ye veer kabhi nahi sudhrega………luv u loads Prema……

  5. hope the mystery man is kabir
    great start dear

  6. Abhilasha

    Wowww really amazing …..wish that mystery man is kabir bcoz real me to rs sunti ni ….he he…won’t mind if he is anyone else after all its ur creation so whatever it will be will be fun to read!

  7. Interesting..
    Hope the man be Kabir….

  8. Wndrfl,,epsd.. Hope that kabir will turn into tht mystrs man.. Update soon

  9. Niyaaa

    Het awsome epi prema kaash nd i guess to ye mysterious man kabir h.. Nd dear a little request nxt tym precap hi dena if u can.. Bye tc gud ni8

  10. Nyc!! Plz update asap

  11. Hope mystery man to be Kabir

  12. Jessicca

    Amazing one… Fabulous… Brilliant… Great job Prema… I hope that man would be Kabir… Can’t wait to read further

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