SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 23)

hey guys, a really big thanks to all those who showered their comments.
as many of you are having a doubt about Sanskaar and Laksh being related, I needed to clear that they are not even far acquaintances.
so let’s just begin with today’s chappy.

@ MM

Sanskaar was woken up by the sound of his phone ringing. A wide smile crept on his lips by seeing his ladylove’s name flashing on its screen. he immediately picked it up.

R: good morning
S: kya good morning… u just spoilt the moment.

R: arre, what did I do?

S: I was about to kiss her and u rung up at the right time.

R(angry): kiss her!!! who? who is it???

S: my dream girl. with whom I’m talking right now.

R(blushing): Eww Sanky, those are so old fashioned and cheesy lines.

S: agar ithna hi cheesy hai tho, why are you blushing????

R(turning around here and there to see if anyone is there): how do you know I was blushing?????

S: I know everything sweetheart.
now don’t blush more, I may come there any minute.

R: Sanky, u r too much.
ok bye. meet u in college.

S: wait, wait, wait. don’t cut.

R: hmmmm. what?

S: I love you.

R(smiling): I love you too.
see u soon.

@ college

Sanskaar and Naynish were standing near their cars when Ragini came up to them.

N(elbowing her): tho kabse chal raha he ye sab?

R: what??

T: don’t act. Sanky told us everything.

Ragini started blushing and Naynish started to pull the legs of both.

Inside classroom

Ragini sat on a bench and when Sanskar was about to sit next to her Tanish sat there as he didn’t wanna sit next Nayna as he was miffed with her and Nayna also didn’t give up and took Sanskaar from there and they both sat in another bench right behind the other two. while Ragsan gave each other a helpless look, Naynish showed each other thumbs up. Tanish was continuously talking, sometimes even illogical things, due to which Ragini wasn’t even able to look at Sanskaar properly. but Sanskaar who was desperate to talk to her, threw chits during the class, without Naynish noticing it.

@ practice hall

the practice was going on full swing and everyone was too much indulged in it. after the practice session Naynish left and Ragsan was about to leave, when Ragini excused herself to the washroom. so, Sanskar who was sitting idle took out his guitar and started playing it. the tune he played was one of his own composition. he was so immersed in it that he didn’t notice Ragini at the door enjoying it. she silently went towards her violin and played the same tune on it with little changes of hers. Sanskar lifted up his head and then both were playing the tune with synchronisation, looking in each others eyes, and it looked like a perfect piece of art.

R: did you compose it??

S: hmmm

R: it’s really awesome I just loved it.

S(looking into her eyes): but it only got its life when you change the notes a bit and when we played it together.

Sanskar was walking towards her and she was moving back blushing. she then hits the wall. Sanskar came leaning towards her and whispered in her ears.

S: you look really very cute when you blush.

she blushes even more and he caresses her cheeks.

R(low voice): Sanskaar…..

S: hmmm

R: I think……

S: you think……

R: we should leave (she pushes him and took her bag)

S: what???
(pouting and making a fake annoyed face) how unromantic.

R(laughing at his cute face): ab chalo.

they then walks out. while Ragini was about to get into her car Sanskaar asked her for a dinner date, to which she complied.

@ GM

there was the sound of car horn outside the gates and Ragini left bidding bye to her parents. she had told them that she was going out with one of her friends.
she sat inside the car and Sanskaar drove off. they were chatting the whole while and in between she asked him were he was taking her to which he told her not to ask questions as he was planning the date and it would be a surprise for her.

he halted his car somewhere. as it was dark, Ragini couldn’t figure out where it was. both got out from the car. cool breeze was touching her, making her hair blow. she was admiring the climate, when Sanskaar held her hand and walked along with her. she could hear the ruffling of water wind, which made easy for her to realise that she had been brought to a beach.

The place was cool and the moon’s light was reflecting in the water making the water to glitter. They walked on the sand, hand in hand, with the water sweeping their legs then and there.
both were completely silent, enjoying the moment. the silence prevailing them spoke for themselves.

They were walking the breadth of the shore, until Ragini noticed a small white table with 2 white chairs opposite to each other, that was situated in between 4 poles and a small roof fully decorated with white cloth. the whole setup was shining due to the lights that added its beauty and the table had a beautiful candlestick with aromatic candles in them, placed in the middle of the table.

Sanskaar held out his hands and she placed hers in it, smiling.he then took her to the table and pulled a chair for her and also settled himself. they then served themselves with the food that had been already arranged on the table. Ragini noticed that everything was her favourite dishes. they relished their dinner, talking with each other, enjoying each other’s company.

after their dinner, Sanskaar asked her for a dance.

R: but there is no music.

S: there isn’t the need of any music, when we are together. Its played in here (pointing towards his heart).

he held her by her waist and her hands were resting on his shoulders. they danced on the perfect rhythm, lost in each other. later Sanskaar held one of his hands in hers and Ragini rested her head close to his heart and they both continued dancing.

After a while

Ragini was sitting on the sand with her legs stretched and Sanskaar lying on her lap. she was ruffling his hair by one of her hands while the other one was being held by Sanskaar.

R: you know what Sanky, this is the best day of my life. this is something even beyond my dreams.

Sanskaar sat up and held her both hands in his and both were looking at each other.

R(continuing): I really wish time to stop here. everything seems so special, so good. I will not have any complaints even if I die today and I…..

S(tearing up): don’t you dare talk about death, because I want to spend my whole life with you, cuddling next to you, sharing the smallest of the small happiness and sorrows with you, being the sole reason for your smile and the armour of your pain.
before you came into my life, everything was normal even though I knew something was missing, but after your arrival I felt like I’ve got my missing part. I felt myself complete. I found more ways to remain happy.
Ragini, earlier my life was good, but now it is great. I won’t be able to imagine even a minute of my life without you. promise you will never leave me and you will always be there with me.

R(tears were oozing out from her eyes): I promise you Sanskaar that I won’t leave you ever in my life. (she wipes her tears and also the single tear that had escaped Sanskaar’s right eye) Sanky, girls are meant to cry not boys. aur vaise bhi, it doesn’t suit you.

S(cupping her face and smiling at her statement): I loved you Ragini. I really really love you.

R: I love you too Sanskaar.

both sat there holding each other’s hands with their foreheads teaching each other and their closed, for quite some time.

after some time they left the place with Sanskaar dropped her at her house and he proceeded to his.
both then freshened up and changed to their night dresses and were lying on their beds deeply immersed in each other’s thoughts.
after a while, Ragini’s phone rang flashing Sanskaar’s name on it. she picked it up immediately.

S: why haven’t you slept till now???

R: even u didn’t sleep.

Ragsan(together): actually, I was not feeling sleepy.

both then laughed at this.

S: actually, I can’t wait for it to be tomorrow, so that I could meet you.

R: but we met only now and you started missing me???

S: haan, what should I do? when my gf is this beautiful, then how can you expect me to be not desperate to meet her.

they talked for a while after which both dozed off.

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