SECOND CHANCE (Chapter 10)


@ RSA college

Sanskaar, Nayna & Tanish walked through the corridors a found a place for themselves to start their action. they were looking for freshers to start their tantrums. After a while, when Sanskaar was busy talking with a friend of his and Nayna was on call with her mom, Tanish noticed a girl in blue floral short dress walking through the corridors and he was sure that the girl was new there, which means she was a fresher. he thought to call her and did the same. at first she just looked around and begins to proceed and he called her out again. this time she approached towards him and he looked at her from tip to toe. just then Nayna came back and stood in front of her

T: r u new here????

Girl: yes

T: name?

Girl: Ragini

Sanskaar who was talking, felt strong soothing wind hitting him and he heard a girl’s voice saying “yes”. even without him knowing it, he was drawn towards the voice. he wanted to see her face and was trying hard to do it, but Nayna was standing straight infront of her blocking his vision.
then he heard her saying “Ragini”. so that might be her name, he thought.
when Nayna bend down to take her fallen pen, he got a quick glance of Ragini and he was left dumbstruck seeing her. he felt as if he wanted to ooooooostay like that, staring her for the rest of his life.
he was brought back from his trance by the voice of the boy with whom he had been talking. he bid bye to him and was walking towards his gang without even tilting his glance from her even for once.
but just then the dean showed up and asked her to leave, muttering to himself “iss budde ko bhi abhi aana dha”.
Sanskaar noticed the dean greeting her and he took her with him. “Damn” Sanskaar cursed under his breath.

inside the classroom

the lectures were going on. sansakaar and Nayna sat together as Nayna had her usual silly fights with tanish and hence she was pissed. Tanish was sitting all alone and he was continuously trying to distract Nayna, to which she was passing death glares.
but Sanskaar was not at all noticing all these, he was not even listening to the lectures. he was lost. lost in his thoughts of Ragini. even he was unaware why this girl , whom he had seen just a while ago was able to occupy his thoughts to this extent and this unsurity was driving him crazy. He wanted to talk to her, atleast say a hello.
Sanskaar was continuously thinking about Ragini that he didn’t notice the dean entering their class, and only got to know about it when Nayna elbowed him. then the dean began to speak.

D: so, my dear students, this is the first day of your second year classes and I want you all who had been a bit lazy previous yr to concentrate more on studies.
also I would like to tell you all that from today you will be having a new colleague. she had done her first year MBA from London’s most reputed ABC college and is someone who could give a tough competition to u all as she had been the topper of her college and I welcome miss Ragini who would be your new colleague from now on.

Ragini enter the class and stood beside the dean without any particular kind of expression on her face.t Tanish bit his tongue as he saw her as he had taught her to be their Junior and even Nayna recognised her. but our Sanskar was just lost her and was really very happy that she would be studying with him, in the same class.

D: so, Ragini you could sit beside Tanish.

“oh fish”. Sanskaar said under his breath. this is for the first time that he is feeling really bad for the fight that occurred between Nayna and Tanish (naynish) because they always used to sit together, but today because of their stupid fight, Nayna was sitting beside him or else it would have been his chance to sit beside Ragini. Ragini walked up to Tanish and sat beside him.

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