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Here is today’s episode.
The task continues with Arjun. But he mistakenly touches the wire so a small blast happens and some burnt particles come out and are about to hit Sanyukta but someone holds it.
Sanyukta becomes numb seeing Randhir holding those particles as after two long years she suddenly gets a glimpse of old Randhir. Shanaya and Aryan also become shocked not getting anything (guys in my ff nobody knows about Sandhir’s past relation, as Vidhushi’s has not happened yet.). Sanyukta thanks him controlling herself and goes from there as the task has completed already.
Its night and Sanyukta is talking with Aryan like other days but today she is lost somewhere. Aryan suddenly says that Randhir is a good person mentioning about his saving her. Sanyukta simply nods. Aryan finds Sanyukta’s behaviour to be little wired bit keeps quite. Sanyukta at once understands Aryan’s doubt and starts talking normally.
She intentionally says that she is worried for upcoming tasks and Aryan thinks that she was lost for this reason only. So, Aryan cheers her up.

At the same time, Randhir comes there and he sees both Sanyu and Aryan together. He is greeted by Aryan and joins them as Shanaya also ends up being there and requests him to join them with her. He at once listens Shanaya’s word to show Sanyu that how importent Shanaya is for him. But he himself gets uncomfortable looking at Sanyu’s and Aryan’s closeness. Though he tries hard to pretend normal but he inside his heart feels burning sensation.
Randhir gets confused and names it hatred towards a selfish person. He makes an excuse and goes from there.

After sometime all goes to their respective rooms. Sanyu feels disturbed and again comes out and starts pacing here and there.
Here Randhir also feels agitated and goes out. He sees Nirmaan solving an equation. He answers Nirmaan who looks at him and says “You know what Randhir, I don’t like any one to interfere in my work.”
Randhir becomes to some extent perplexed and says sorry to him.

Nirmaan smiles and gives him a cup of coffee. He says “Your case if different. I like your attitude. Tell me, what you think about the team members.”
Randhir becomes quite surprised with Nirmaan’s question but answers that all are good.
Nirmaan says in heart you are my weapon Randhir to make Sanyu out of here. I know you and Sanyu have past connection as you two were in same college. But I am sure about one thing that you two aren’t in good terms. So, I am sure that you will help me,
Nirmaan asks suddenly, “What do you think about Sanyukta, I feel that she deserves to be lead astronaut.”
“Sir, if you think so then you are wrong. She doesn’t deserve to be lead. She only thinks about herself, not about the team.” Randhir almost yells.
“You know Randhir, when I was a student, there was a friend of mine who was genius in other’s eyes but only I knew that he never deserved what he got. Coz he used to manipulate other for his own need. You know what my teacher said me that day..he said me that you should throw out that person from that place which doesn’t suit him. Who gets chance by fluke should be thrown out from there otherwise a deserving person will lose his fair chance and moreover a rotten tomato can make the whole basket of tomato rotten.”

Randhir looks at Nirmaan and recalls Parth’s accident and Sanyu’s denial for letting him drive says in heart that “I will do exactly this with you Sanyukta. I will make sure that you get out of task and ISRC as well.”
Nirmaan smirks while Randhir leaves from there.
While going to his room, Randhir bumps into someone and holds her by her waist. His heart starts beating seeing his Sanyu. But he drops her intentionally and composes himself.
“Now what are you upto? Whom will you sacrifice this time to become lead astronaut? Do whatever you want but I will not let you succeed. If it is needed I will tell everyone your truth.” He pauses for a while and again starts “You know what, Sanyukta Aggarwal, what you have got till now, you never deserved that. You are a selfish person who never cares for other’s emotions, who can go to any extent for her success. You can even kill anyone for your ambition. But this time I will sure that you are thrown out from here”
Sanyu listens to him silently. Though she feels like getting stabbed, still she says “I think that you tried to do the same several times when we were in college, but you never succeeded. I will make sure that you fail this time too”

Saying this, Sanyu leaves from there. Randhir fumes in anger but goes from there as well.
Next day, all gather in lab for the next task.

I am stopping here for today. I know this part is quite boring. Actually as I stopped writing in the middle, so I lost the flow. I will try my best to make the next part interesting.
Thank you for your valuable comments on past episodes.

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