SDCH- Pyaar Ki Kahani – Part 4

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Part 3 here

So let’s start the story

Pyaar Ki Kahani – Part 4

Recap: Some fun time. First day of class

After some time pragya, isha, veer and garv meet and prasha leaves towards canteen and veer and garv towards emergency ward to save their beloved friend from riya.

Record Room

Sanika were doing their work when suddenly rishika’s phone beeps with a message while reading a wonderful smile crept her face and she leaves from the record room while sanchi was still busy in arranging the files.

She was unaware that her sister left without saying a word to her.
While arranging she calls her but not getting reply turns and doesn’t find her
“It’s strange she went from here and did not even say that she’s going out. Hmm.. It must have been important that she left without even informing. Anyway i’ll do this now” thought sanchi and started to search for some files when suddenly there was power cut and record room filled with darkness and sanchi screamed due to fear.

While kabir was going from there and heard a screaming sound from record room and went inside to check. As he entered inside and was seeing who was the person but he could not see her face as it was dark and was moving towards her and as soon as she saw that someone came inside she ran and hugged him tightly due to fear while he was silent in shock and then heard her murmuring please don’t leave me i’m afraid of darkness.

Listening to which he too reciprocated the hug and whispered saying her “Shhh… calm down i’m here with you no need to worry. Just relax. Ok”

Outside the record room Rishika and Vinay gave high-fi to each other and texted to the gang and said that the plan worked.


Pragya, Isha, Veer, Garv and Vinay meet in canteen and then Vinay texts Rishika

Messages on

Vinay: Hey! Just come fast to the canteen.

Rishika: But why?

Vinay: Just come dear coz we’re gonna play a matchmaker role.

Rishika: Okay. We’ll be there.

Vinay: Oh! Madam not we only you. Don’t even try to say anything to your sis and come here right now.

Rishika: But why she can’t come?

Vinay: Are you acting to be dumb. It’s gonna be a love test of Sanchi and Bhai so just come here.

Rishika smiles and leaves the record room.

Messages off


Rishika: Hi guys. So what are you peps planning.

Isha: Nothing just some trouble for Sanchi.

Veer: We will close the electricity of record room.

Vinay: And then I’ll make Bhai somehow pass by the record room.

Pragya: As you know Sanchi will scream due to her phobia.

Garv: And we have to make them come close.

Rishika: Okay then I’ll be seeing their reactions.

Vinay: Me too.

Isha: And inform us. Ok?

RiNay (together): Done

End of flashback

Rishika enters the record room followed by Vinay and goes near them and makes snapping sound which bring them out of their dreamland and they back out due to embarrassment.

Rishika: You ok na?

Sanchi: Yeah

Kabir: I didn’t knew that you are afraid of darkness.

Vinay: Bhai yeh toh bachpan se he darti hai.

Suddenly then power comes back and darkness disappears

Sanchi: Thank god!!!

Rishika: Thank you sir. If you were not here then don’t know what mess would have created here.

Kabir: It’s fine. You both can continue your work. And my dear brother a special reward for you.

Vinay: Wow!! That’s great. Love you Bhai.

Kabir: Yes. 2 hours with them in record room. Enjoy.

Vinay: That’s not done.

Kabir: Continue your work Dr.Vinay
With that kabir leaves and they continue the work.

The gang keeps doing something or the other to bring them close which happens A little and then they end up getting punishment from Dr.Kabir
This procedure goes on for few weeks.

Today at Classroom

Dr.Kabir comes and inform them about their first tests which are going to start after a week and says that the one with highest marks will be the head intern and wishes luck to everyone and then leaves and the interns continue their duty.

The week went on by completing their duties, studying and clarifying doubts.
But with some pranks by the gang.

Day of exam

Everyone are in their respective places and Dr.Kabir is the proctor. He comes and distributes the papers and the exam goes on.

After two hours exam is finished Dr.Kabir collects the papers and say that results will be announced by evening. Now you all may resume your duties. And moves out.


Pragya: Finally yaar done with the exam. Feeling really relaxed.

Isha: Haan yaar. Now I don’t have to sacrifice my beauty sleep for studies.

Sanchi: You and your beauty sleep are too much Isha. I just wish to top this time.

Rishika: I too wish the same. Just imagine “The Head Intern Dr.Sanchi Mishra” you will be working with JIJU all the time yaar. So good naa.

Prasha: Exactly yaar. She’ll be roaming around our JIJU.

“Yes yaar working with Dr.Kabir all the time. Too good” said Sanchi lost in thoughts

“But Sanchi no one mentioned the name of Dr.Kabir they said jiju. So my bhai their jiju, then should I call you BHABHI” said Vinay coming from the back.

After listening to him she snapped out of thoughts and was blushing. Seeing her blush they started to tease her again and she left the place getting annoyed and the gang started laughing.

Time skips to evening


The interns are sitting in the class and chit-chat is going on. Class becomes silent as Dr.Malhotra enters the class along with Dr.Kabir
Everyone greets them.

Kabir: Now i’m going to announce your results
Isha 89%, Garv 86%, Pragya 88%, Riya 82%, Vinay 93%, Rishika 95%, Veer 90%, ………………

And now the one who got the highest score and earned the position of head intern is Sanchi Mishra with 97%. Congratulations Dr.Sanchi
So being the head intern you may choose any one from the class as your assistant.

Sanchi: Vinay

Kabir: Alright then, from now onwards Dr.Vinay will be your assistant.

With that they move out.


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