Savitri Devi 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman’s husband bringing Vaidehi to his house. Suman says this is our house. Vaidehi asks driver to turn the car. Suman’s husband says no. Jaya asks her to get down from the car. Vaidehi says she will call Gayatri. Jaya accuses her for adding phenyl in the chaklis, and tells the women that she is the same woman who added phenyl in the chaklis and played with everyone’s emotions. Vaidehi asks her to let her go, and have pity on her. She asks the women to do whatever they want, as she is their guilty. Pushpa applies black color on her face. Ashok comes and says she is my Madam and helped me. Jaya says she added phenyl in chaklis and also helped you start business to ruin me. Ashok says this can’t happen, this is not true. Jaya says you will not do anything as she has broken

many families trust. Pushpa says we shall get her arrested by Police. Pushpa puts chappal’s garland in her neck. Vaidehi cries and tells that Jaya is saying right and that she accepts her crime. She asks them not to call Police. All women say that they will call Police. Jaya says she has learnt the lesson let her go. Vaidehi is about to sit in car. Other woman asks her to go by walk. Vaidehi goes.

Veer sees Sanchi having difficulty to write with her hand. Sanchi says don’t know how the syllabus will be finished, as she had two medicines and feeling sleepy. Veer thinks to help her. Dr. Kabir calls Nurse Fernandes and asks her to take printout of question paper and seal it. Veer sees Nurse Fernandes taking the printout of question papers, and thinks to take it for Sanchi. Nurse Fernandes sees papers empty in the machine and goes to get it. Veer comes and takes the question papers, but seeing Ria coming there, he keeps back the papers. Ria is about to take papers, but Dr. Kabir and Nurse Fernandes comes just then. Ria gives him some file and goes. Dr. Kabir asks Nurse Fernandes to finish the work. Veer manages to get out of room. Nurse Fernandes thinks if someone is here.

Vaidehi comes home and tells Gayatri that Jaya painted her face black and humiliated her. Gayatri says I asked you not to go. Vaidehi says she will not be at peace until she ruins Jaya.

Vikrant tells Priya that he is so lucky as she is in his life, and says you might be feeling same. Priya says yes. Vikrant says he wants to take bath. Priya asks him to go. He says he don’t want to leave her. Priya says she will wait for him. Vikrant goes. Priya thinks water is empty and thinks to bring from kitchen.

Jaya calls Sanchi and asks about her exam preparation. Sanchi says good and says she will pass with good marks. Jaya says I know. She tells that the woman who added phenyl in chaklis is punished by the women, and tells that she is Dr. Malhotra’s mum in law. Sanchi says you should have got her arrested. She thinks Dr. Malhotra conspired against my mum and thinks she will make hospital, the way her Papa thought.

Rukmini asks Vandana to convince Priya. Priya comes and tells her that she don’t believe on all this. Servant gets Gayatri’s call and thinks I have to play my master card. Veer comes to Sanchi. Sanchi refuses to listen to him and asks him to go. Veer keeps the question paper in her bag, and thinks she shall check it once.

Vikrant switches on the fan and thinks Priya went out of room. Fan is about to fall on him. He gets up from bed at the right time. Fan falls on bed. Vikrant calls Priya. Priya comes to room. Vikrant hugs her. Rukmini tells them that Pandit ji’s talk is right and says Priya shall keep the fast. Vandana calls her selfish and says she will not forgive her if anything happens to him. Vikrant gets angry and asks her to keep strict fast and says he loves himself more. Jaya calls Sanchi on video call and wishes them best for exams. Sanchi and her friends pray to God. Sanchi takes her bag in which Veer kept the question papers. Vaidehi cleans her face and gets angry saying she will not leave Jaya. Gayatri asks if she is mad? Vaidehi says she is mad about the humiliation. Gayatri says we will take and asks her to go to parlour and relax. Vaidehi thinks she will not wait anymore and her plan is ready. She will ruin that jaya.

Sanchi asks Isha and Pragya why they have bandaged their hands. Pragya says they tied bandage so that she don’t get alone. Sanchi finds micro chits in the bandage and asks if they will fulfill responsibility to treat patient this way. Pragya says we are not intelligent like you. Sanchi says we shall be happy with whatever marks we get and tells that this way they will know how many efforts they have to take. In the exam hall. Veer thinks if Sanchi saw the question paper. Sanchi comes. Veer asks if she checked her bag and the thing in it. Ria hears him and gets doubtful. Sanchi asks what he is talking about. Dr. Kabir comes and says time has come for the exam. Everyone writes the exam.

Dr. Kabir stops Sanchi and asks if she is planning to cheat by putting chits in bandage. Sanchi tells that she is really hurt. Veer says I have bandaged her hand. Dr. Kabir asks Veer not to save his friend and asks Sanchi what happened to her when she talks about supporting truth and breaking the rules for it. Pragya and Isha tell that she is really hurt. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to remove her bandage. Sanchi shows her hand. Dr. Kabir sees wound on her hand and feels bad. Veer tries to bandage her hand. Sanchi refuses and writes with injured hand. She submits the answer sheet. Dr. Kabir takes the answer sheets and says results will be out by evening.

Servant calls Gayatri and tells work is done, bahu is keeping fast. Gayatri thinks now you will know what is real pain.

In the evening, Dr. Malhotra comes with Dr. Kabir to announce the results. He tells Isha and Pragya got 75 percent, Veer got 76 percent, and says Sanchi topped with 89 percent. Ria thinks how can average girl can get 89 percent. Sanchi smiles.

Ria shows question paper from Sanchi’s bag. Dr. Malhotra tells that he is rusticating Sanchi from the college. Sanchi asks him to take her oral test. Dr. Malhotra says he will ask 10 questions. Sanchi begins answering the questions.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice going. Good; jolly good.

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  4. oh my sanku looks so cute and innocent
    and his care for sanchi is just awesome
    eagerly waiting for sanveer 🙂

  5. WardhaRosYY

    Stupid Veer, Saachi got trapped because of him again and heartless Kabeer told her to remove her bandage. God! Saachi I pity you.

    1. Actually kabeer listen pragya n esha saying that they will use bandage n hide micro chits to cheat sohe thought that Sancho also using the trick…that’s y he Did so…….

  6. Excellent.. Savitri Devi College serial just that Why are they showing Priya a tragedy queen .. let Gayatri get a dose of her own medicine with something to Vikrant.. and party..

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