Mere Angne Mein 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani thinking what all happened. She cries. Ashok says I have proud of you, have sweets. She says no, Nandu and Charni faced a lot because of me, I m selfish. He says it happens in self esteem fight, you did right, you taught a lesson to Amit, have laddoo, I made it myself. She eats laddoo and takes his blessings. Kaushalya gets tea for Shanti. Raghav buys vegetables and says I m following the values of Shanti, its bahu’s first rasoi. Shanti says it won’t happen. He says I learnt this from you, it will happen.

Shanti says for a left out woman, my son is dancing on my head. Kaushalya throws the vegs and says first rasoi won’t happen. Raghav asks her to pock the vegs. She refuses. He asks again and holds her hand. He asks her to pick the vegs. Kaushalya picks the vegs. Shanti looks on. Raghav thinks Shanti and everyone don’t see Aarti’s goodness, I have to support her, even if they get annoyed. Preeti asks Raghav will he go against everyone for that girl. He scolds her. Shanti says this first rasoi won’t happen. He says it will happen, if anyone has courage, stop me and show. Kaushalya cries and says that girl did magic on him. Shanti asks her to stop crying.

Raghav goes to Aarti. Aarti sees Riya’s pic. Raghav tells about the first rasoi rasam. Aarti says I m not your bahu, Riya was, is and will always be your bahu. Raghav says she is Shivam’s past, you are present. She says everyone is calling me a stain. He says even if moon has stain, it glows the next day. She says out looks good in just books. He explains her. He asks her to make something good in first rasoi, and leave everything to me. He goes. She feels sorry and thinks she can’t wear this, as I don’t accept this relation, I wish Shivam comes home and frees me from this relation.

Preeti asks Kaushalya not to cry. She consoles Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks her to leave. Pari asks them not to fight, Aarti is doing her first rasoi, don’t take tension. Pari and Preeti think to spoil her first rasoi. Kaushalya asks them not to do anything. Pari says Aarti made the food. Preeti says no, she did not make sweets yet. They spoil the milk and think how will Aarti’s first rasoi complete without sweets. Aarti thinks it will be abshagun if I don’t make sweets, milk is split. She worries.

Raghav and Mannu dine. Kaushalya, Shanti and everyone look on. Raghav and Mannu praise the food. Raghav asks Aarti to get sweets. Preeti and Pari say now Papa will know what Aarti did. Kaushalya asks them what did they both do. Raghav asks her to get sweets for Mannu. Shanti thinks Raghav has to lose to me, I will make Charni leave.

Aarti asks Rani to help her. Rani says Shivam got haldi and mehendi of your name, don’t you think its Lord’s sign, accept this relation. Aarti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hope ki ab focus namita & golu Singh per kare unki story per CVS writers plz namita ke sasuralwale koi dikhaye something different story golu is made nmmis love fall in love etc

    1. AMNA_star

      23 days left till the show finishes so why to bring an ew story

  2. i want kaushlya and pari to suffer for all their sins they have done! when will they be punished?

  3. Aarti should kill them and steal the baby and raise it as her own.

  4. Nice episode. What is Aarti fretting about someone who left her for another woman and through her physically out.

  5. I’m also looking forward to Nimmi and Golu story line. It might be that he changes the small minded attitude of Shanti and co. The stupid thing about this serial is that the women all have short term memories and even the someone has spoken to them they just act like they just zoned out and just carry on one track. Hopefully Golu will open their minds abit

    1. AMNA_star

      23 days left and they will not show their story if they do OLNY like 2 mins per max in each episode so no offence

  6. OMG Why kaushalya is behaving so weird. she doesn, mind calling Aarti “JHOOTAN” Is she blind that her own daughters are also jhootans. and this dadi, too much, scolding nandu for defending Preeti and other side she behaves with Aarti in opposite manner disgusting

  7. Where is Shivam excited about his first meeting with Aarti

  8. Aastha1

    God sake raghaw ji got into senses that he is man of house and the ladies are doing same things with aarti which they did with riya.. hope shivam makes them realize this

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