Savitri Devi 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir stoops more low and hurts Veer again

Savitri Devi 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi talking to Veer’s pic while looking in her mobile and says he will always be in her heart and thoughts, whatever she did was for his betterment and will always do. Ria talks to Gayatri and tries to make her get her memory. Savitri and Priya come there. Savitri says it is good that you called her here and asks her to tell if she needs anything. Ria says ok. Savitri asks about Veer. Priya says he is still sad and is in his room. Savitri blames Sanchi for his condition. Veer thinks of Sanchi and a fb is shown. Sanchi telling Veer that the moon will connect them together whenever they do n’t have a network. Tu Mila song plays…He drinks wine.
Dr. Kabir shows their marriage invitation card to Sanchi. Kusum takes it and says she will keep in the temple. Dr. Kabir says

he will give the second card to special people. Sanchi asks who? Dr. Kabir says, Malhotra. Sanchi says I am doing what you are saying then why this drama is needed. I can’t harm Veer more. Dr. Kabir says he will hurt more.

Veer coughs and spits something due to excessive drinking. Savitri asks him not to worsen his condition for a betrayal girl. Veer asks her not to tell anything to his Sanchi. Dr. Kabir comes there and says Sanchi is not yours, but mine. Savitri asks how dare you to enter my house and asks them to leave immediately. Dr. Kabir says Dr. Malhotra and you have done so much for me, and I came here to take your blessing before starting my new life. He tells Veer that he tried to keep his Sanchi happy, but his love has won from him. He feels pity for him and says Sanchi is your ex-wife, so you deserve this info. He tells Veer that Sanchi and I are getting married after 3 days. Veer is shocked and looks at Sanchi. He is shattered and is about to fall. Priya holds him. Dr. Kabir gives him invitation card and says don’t think of coming but. Veer goes to his room.

Priya follows him. Savitri says I didn’t see shameless people like you and says first you both have ruined his life and now came to sprinkle salt on his wounds. She tells Sanchi that when you got married to Veer, your mum cursed you that you will never be happy and today this mother curses you never to be happy with this cheap man. She says I believe Mata Rani will not let the injustice happen. Veer tells that his Sanchi can’t betray him. Priya says I know that you love Sanchi a lot, but she doesn’t deserve your love and asks him to fight with the situation. Veer pushes the glass and gets hurt. Priya shouts his name. Sanchi tries to go, but Dr. Kabir asks her to come. Sanchi pushes him and runs to the room. She sees Veer hurting his hand with the glass piece and is injuring himself. She sees glass bottles kept there. He sees her and congrats her for marriage. Savitri asks Sanchi to leave her house. She pushes her. Dr. Kabir comes and holds her. He asks Savitri to stay away from his would-be wife and says you have no right to talk to her like this. He takes Sanchi from there.

Ria tells Gayatri that she loves Dr. Kabir a lot and now he is marrying Sanchi. Gayatri hears their names and says she can stop this marriage. Ria asks her not to give her false hopes. Gayatri thinks I have something to stop Dr. Kabir and Sanchi’s marriage. She gets her memory back and understands that she has the proof.

Veer confronts Sanchi and asks why did she punish him to get Dr. Kabir and asks what is in him which he doesn’t have. He asks her to tell him. Dr. Kabir comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally! Veer and Sanchi get married in Colors’ Savitri Devi College & Hospital
    By TellychakkarTeam 26 Jun 2018 01:39 PM

    MUMBAI: Colors’ Savitri Devi College & Hospital (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) has kept the viewers entertained with the drama around Veer (Varun Kapoor), Sanchi (Swarda Thigale) and Dr. Kabir (Vikram Sakhalkar).

    The current drama revolves around Ria telling Gayatri (Sonica Handa) that she loves Dr. Kabir but he is getting married to Sanchi. Gayatri decides to stop the wedding and Ria keeps her hopes strong. The drama also showcased Veer confronting Sanchi as to why did she chose Dr. Kabir over him and where does he lack.

    In the episodes ahead, will come in as a surprise as Kabir will take Sanchi to court and they will get married!

    A source informs, “After tying the knot, Kabir and Sanchi will return to the Malhotra house and on seeing them as a couple, Kabir will throw Veer out of what once was Veer and Sanchi’s bedroom. On the other hand, Gayatri will be seen on the verge of remembering everything.”

    Per iss mein I have doubt agar kabir aur sanchi ki shaadi hui hai phir caption mein vEer and sanchi to get married kui hai

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