Savitri Devi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi determines to unveil the secret of 10th floor

Savitri Devi 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi feeling as if she saw someone and asks who is there. She finds old patient writing Diary on the board. She calls him uncle and asks what you are doing here? Uncle gets shocked and couldn’t speak. Pragya thinks Sanchi didn’t come till now, she has become Isha today. Isha says lets go and check. Sanchi asks him to calm down and makes him remember her, says she is Dr. Sanchi. Patient remembers her. Isha and Pragya come there. Sanchi asks what happened to him. He signs her that someone cut his tongue. Pragya notices burnt mark on his hand. Sanchi is shocked and says somebody burnt his hand too. They ask him to come with them.

Sanchi, Isha and pragya are about to take him to room. Patient runs seeing Adarsh. Adarsh catches him and takes him from there. Sanchi,

Isha and Pragya search for him. Pragya says he is not in washroom. Sanchi says why did he run?

Gayatri asks Dr. Malhotra what they are going to do during their 15th marriage anniversary. Dr. Malhotra says he will invite everyone, all celebrities etc. Gayatri says she wants to marry him infront of people. He laughs it off and says just now he got Priya married. Gayatri says nobody knows about their marriage. He refuses and sleeps. Gayatri thinks she will convince him somehow. Adarsh scolds guards and says you know what to do. The patient shouts as they take him to room. Adarsh says nobody can be alive after knowing this truth.

Khushboo’s father comes to her and gives her food parcel. Sunny comes there and asks dog to bite his chachi without any worry. Dog snatches her food parcel and left. Sanchi finds Diary written on the poster/board. She says we shall search it. Isha says there is something wrong for sure and dangerous too. Jaya tells that it is raining. Ashok says khushboo is outside. Jaya says lets go and check. Jaya asks her to take umbrella. Khushboo refuses. Ashok asks Jaya to come. Vikrant comes to Priya and opens the rope from her neck, says it is 6 am. Mr. Chawla says they shall get Vikrant treated. Vikrant comes and says he is happy that Priya managed to stand till 6 am. He says once he wakes up, they will have breakfast. Rukmini scolds Priya for making Vikrant angry. Priya feels disgusted.

Jaya asks Khushboo to leave and says we will not accept you. Suman comes and asks her to come inside. Khushboo refuses. A boy comes and says she can stand here for a month. People starts call her Devi and gives her jewellery and money. Sanchi, Isha and Pragya hear some intern telling that he found his lost phone in the lost things. Sanchi, Pragya and Isha come to the room. Pragya bribes the supervisor and gets the diary. They see the number and think that there is something wrong on 10th floor. Isha says it is a restricted area. Pragya says they shall take Veer’s help. Ms. Fernandes sees Dr. Kabir searching bouquets on net. He says his friend likes someone and wants to gift her something. Ms. Fernandes understands that he is talking about himself. Dr. Kabir thinks to give her book.

Dr. Malhotra comes home and calls gayatri. Vaidehi says she is unwell. Gayatri pretends to talk to herself and says for people, she is his second wife only, and then says her husband think about her, but she has to think about people. Dr. Malhotra hears her. She says she is depressed. Dr. Malhotra asks her to leave her stubbornness and goes. Gayatri tells Vaidehi that she will convince him.

Priya tries to message Dadi. Vikrant comes and asks her not to message Dadi. He tells her that a man is keeping eye on Dadi, and if she tries to do something then she can’t see her Dadi again. Priya is shocked.

Veer and Sanchi makes the kids patients realize their mistake. Sanchi asks them to say sorry and end the fight. Veer hears her. Sanchi asks Veer if he knows what is on 10th floor. He says he didn’t know as it is a restricted area. Sanchi asks for help. Veer says he will not help her and that’s why going to camp.

Dr. Malhotra and Mr. Chawla spot Sanchi indisguise of a peon. Mr. Chawla asks if he (she) is going to 10th floor and asks him to come out. Sanchi nods no and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really feel very bad for Dr kabir…now he will seen only for 2 sec….as don’t have any hope for sabir i am not going to watch this show any more
    Rashmi sharma is only able to make saas bahu drams like shatiya

    1. same here Divya…..i am huge fan of kanchi & i dont have hope that the lead pair is kanchi….today i just read the written update & i have stopped watching the serial…..

  2. plz rashmi sharma JI aap kuch aisa Karo ki sanchi Dr kabeer se help karne ke liye kahe or do no ek dusre se pyar karne lage plz I like kabeer and sanchi plz.

  3. I think this reshmi sharma don’t know whom to pair saanchi is only suitable for kabir because they both look mature where as veer doesn’t look mature. If they didn’t pair kaanchi I will stop watching this serial. Because I don’t want see kaabir heartbroken.

  4. Sandra19

    cvs plzz majority of the fans needs kaanchi….u shd consider our feelings also…. without our ur trp chart will be a flop…….kabir shld propose saanchi and she shld agree to it….i think veer shld be paired with isha or some new entry….ay be saanchi’s relative nd all……priya shld leave vikrant and come to sanket………all i want to tell is this much only without kaanchi no sdch for me nd my frnds….so plzz consider our feelings also……..

  5. Hopes veer goes for camp so that there would be kanchi scenes

    1. Mariyam Shoeb

      Fingers crossed

    2. All sabir /kaanchi fans plz join sabir fc on twitter and instagram and keep tweeting /posting comments to rashmi mam and colors that we want more of dr kabir and also sabir pairing. Sanveer fc has 750 followers, whereas sabir fc has only 350 followers on insta. That is why the makers are going ahead with sanveer.

      1. Niyaaa

        Hey superfly i was also follower sdch on fc but jo cvs kar rhe h usse dkh kar mujhe itna gussa aaya ki mne apne apko sdch fc se unfollow kar diya h wo bhi ek achche khase agressive comment k sth ab m wapis join nhi krne wali cvc jiska pair bnaienge dkha jayega m to sach m tired ho chuki hun fb per kanchi k liye cmmnt kar kar so m sorry if u hurt but its over yaar i cant handle anymore

  6. Mehbub ur Rahman

    I want sanveer to be together for always in the serial

  7. Please pair Kanchi…..i love Kanchi more than sanveer ….if you pair sanveer then there won’t be any reason for me to watch sdch…..I think majority of the viewers like Kanchi as a pair so Rashmi mam I humbly request you to pair Kanchi

  8. Today I am feeling so bad for me and other kanchi fan.h um logo surf fan fiction ko por ke mon ko sant karna pare ga????

  9. Plz make it kanchi

  10. Love kanchi they look perfect together veer look very immature to sanchi they are better as friends

  11. May be Kabir will first fall for sanchi but she with veer then malhotra will do something to make veer leave sanchi kabir will be there for her in the end it will be kanchi

  12. Give some kanchi scene at least while veer is away

  13. Kuch Aur Ho Na Ho Our Mr.Khadus Is Falling For ‘His’ Ms.Khadus.I Think There Should Be Background Song ‘Divana Kar Raha He Tera Rup’ For Kanchi Scenes.I Have Much Hope There Will Be Kanchi, Kanchi And Just Kanchi.

  14. Niyaaa

    Hey guys if u all r kanchi fan plz follower bano savitri devi college n hospital on facebook instagram and rashmi mam k twitter account pe unhe msg send kro support kro kanchi pair ko m jab facebook per kanchi pair k liye comment krti hun to mujhe sanveer fan jyada dihte h so plzzzzz unhe btao ki kanchi fans unse jyada h kuch to ye tak comment rte hain ki agar kaanchi pair bna to show flop ho jayega etc etc n that time i feel very bad guys show some support join sdch on social sites its my humble request to all of u

  15. Plzz paired kanchi

  16. hamarA kabir you ban gaya lover boy

    Love my Kanchi

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    I think CVs themselves are confused who to make the pair Sanveer or Kanchi? Initially i was okay with any, but now I will be really frank and honest Sanveer is god but Kaanchi is best for sdc&h. It would be something really diff if kaanchi becomes the lead pair hope they don’t disappoint kaanchi fans cause in the start of the show it was mentioned that kabir will be paired with Saanchi, if they exchange it to veer they are not keeping their words
    And RS has this very bad habit to change pairs , has capabilities to make an amazing or unique show but she ends up adding illogical stuffs and just spoil the show.

    Hope this show doesn’t disappoint me in the end like swaragini. Same for swaragini had high expectations specially for Ragsan, I liked swasan equally too but I just don’t like the swapping of pairs and that’s not the problem. The problem is once paires are swapped the story becomes nonsense at one point of time in most cases. It’s not the problem with pair but with the story.
    Sdch started well and love the medical scenes I don’t know what’s the point of showing khushboo and vikrant scenes, for Vikrant I do get the point perhaps cause he is a psycho so this can be related to the hospital later on but what about khushboo? That scene is just waste of time.
    I just hope the pair is Kaanchi. Fingers crossed. I actually love Kaanchi’s chemistry more. I realised one thing the some of the pair that has more chemistry has less romantic scenes. I am not saying Sanveer has no chemistry they do have chemistry but kaanchi has a better chemistry but this show is so far showing Sanveer scenes more which is the truth it is so sad kabir’s character is given less importance these days even khusboo gets more scenes than kabir sometimes so disappointed.
    And yes I want Sanveer to be BFFs(best friends forever)

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Good* not god autocorrect ?

  18. I want kanchi….

  19. You people are saying veer is immature but actually reality ye h ki veer dil ki sunta h..apne kafi emotional h vo..aur es poore show ki Jan hai..aur Han lead actor bhi vhi h agr aap kanchi fans ko aisa nhi lgta h toh veer k bina es serial se Kuch episodes ko dekhne ki CVS se demand kriye SB smjh aa jayega…Jin kanchi ko aap support kr re h vo toh apne dailouge bhi thk se nhi bolte h..Han Mai Manta veer sanchi k sath buccha lgta h PR eska mtlb ye nhi h ki aap sanchi ko Kabir k sath imagine krne lge..etni gandi chemistry dikhti h dono ki…bilkul bhi spark nhi dikhta dono hi acting nhi kr paye apne charecter k sath..Kam se kam JB veer sanchi k sath hota h toh vo akele hi apne dialouges se char Chand LGA Deta h aur sanchi ki gltiya bhi chup jati..serious nhi toh Kam se buchpna hi shi dono k beech bonding toh dikhti ki Jan toh hmesa sanchi aur veer hi rhenge phr chahe pairing kanchi ki ho ya phr sanveeri ki..kanchi ko Milana h toh CVS ko veer ko negative shed Dena Hoga aur veer ko negative hm dekhenge nhi veer gya toh show gya chahe toh krke dekh lo CVS log

    1. Niyaaa

      O plz chup kro yahan bat mahaan adakari ki nhi ho rahi pair k bich spark unki chemistry ki ho rhi h or yahan sab jante h ki kanchi is the best pair veer gud in acting but individually not as sanveer pair baat sirf veer bachcha lagne ki nhi h bat h ek comfort zone ki ji kanchi m dikhta h n itna gussa aa rha h to akele veer ko lekar ek show kyun nhi bna lete gussa hamein bhi aata h jab kabir ka ek scene bhi episode me nhi dikhaya jata to hum kya krien cvs ko ya dusro ko kuch bhi bolna suru kar de so shut ur mouth jo bhi pair bnega wo bnega na tum rok skte ho na m so wait n watch

  20. Mariyam Shoeb

    Kanchi is far better than sanveer

  21. Niyaaa

    Or rhi baat kabir ki acting ki toh uski movies dkhna pta chal jayega usse acting aati h ya nhi agar naam na pta ho to m bta deti hun calender girls vodka diaries and kaabil acting dikhane k liye script ki jarurat hoti h jab scene hi aise 2 ya 4 sec k wo bhi sirf glare dikhane k liye to koi kya kar skta h

  22. Today kabir’s scene was very cute…. Finally Dr.kabir is falling….I hope kanchi becomes the main lead

  23. kanchi is better than sanveer
    and today’s episode kya dikha rahe ho and what about sanchi’s mission????

  24. I want kanchi…no kanchi no sdch

  25. I want Veer and Kanchi together as it will happen cos of the story and also their parents having past. ????

  26. i want to kill vikrant

  27. I am rooting for sanveer they are magical couple ??

  28. Love ❤? sanveer

  29. Veer is better suited for Sanchi. Dr. Kabir appears too old for Sanchi. He is boring. In fact this serial is becoming boring. It is another love triangle story.

  30. lovishsanskruti

    I m shipping kanchi

  31. Too boring…
    I think this show will lose its rating after the new shows which has more love concept.Varun as usual good in his character.

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